What is the Toast Of The Town?

The expression had became a popular saying by the 18th century. Feasting wasn’t done regularly in the 18th century unlike the middle ages which it was done constantly for battles won but by the 18th century this rare tradition had become more common and even an art. The core of this event was drinking wine among many other things. The people throwing the feast would give toast to others and give them presents sometimes. When the host toasted for someone, most of the time it was for a beautiful women, if the beautiful women agreed to the toast, they would then become the toast of the town.

Now these days this expression is used for a variety of meanings, like if a director has a successful film with a film actor the media will say ” the director has made the actor into the toast of the town.

Why is a black cat crossing your path “bad luck”?

If you believe in such superstitions you actually believe in witchcraft. For those who haven’t heard the superstition, it goes like this, if a black cat crosses your path it gives you bad luck. And if it’s done in a Friday the 13 it can give you even worse luck. The legend came to be in 1560s, in England, a father and son threw stones at a black cat who scared them in the night. The cat ran limping away inside a suspected witch’s house. The next day the suspected women was all bruised up and limping. So people actually started to believe that cats were witches and started to burn all suspected witches. Executions of innocent women continued till the 17th century.

From 1400s to the 1700s are 400,000 innocent women were murdered, executed because of this mass hysteria.

How Did 7-Up get it’s name?

It all began in 1929, the year of Saint Valentine’s massacre, Charles L.Grigg of the town of Saint Louis, Missouri, was selling lemon-lime soft drink with a catchy slogan which was “Takes the Ouch out of Grouch”, it became an overnight sensation in that part of the world. Lithium was one of the key substances in the drink which made it what it was, though lithium was a powerful anti-depressant too, the ingredient was scraped off around the 1940s. One of the drink’s objective was to calm the mood of a person, no wonder it had anti-depressants in it. The 7 was a reference to the 7 ounces of Lithium and up was for the bubbles that came above.

One of the myths about Charles L.’s life was that many people believed him to be an albino. Which was why there was a red dot on the logo of 7up.

Why was the Rubik Cube created?

In 1980, Rubik’s Cube became as popular as anything in the world when it was created. It could be compared to Barbie as one of the most successful toys ever created. The Rubik’s Cube was created by an Hungarian inventor Professor Erno Rubik, he had created the cube for a mathematical purpose, it would be used by his students to solves problems and etc… After realizing that his students found a lots of fun and that it could potentially be sold as a toy came to him as an idea. Not only was the idea amazing, it was uber amazing, it sold 2 million units alone in Hungary. So only one could have imagined what kind of bomb it would have been in much larger countries, which it was. Introducing it to the West world, made Erno the first self made communist millionaire. Another great thing to note of his feat is that he became rich really quickly something that doesn’t occur often.

The Rubik has forty three quintillion configurations, which is a really big figure, writing it out could take some time in real life. 43,252,003,274,489,856,000

What do the coloured flags mean in racing?

The colored flags in racing have a certain meaning. We always see in races, someone waving a flag that has multiple colors. There are about 7 flags, they each have a meaning. So while driving, the racer needs to remember what all these flags mean and when he sees one he needs to react to it. The first three flags have a pretty straightforward meaning that anyone with knowledge of driving rules would know. Green flag means the start of the race, Red Flag means stop for an emergency, Yellow Flag means don’t pass. Now the tougher flags, the white flag means the leaders are starting their final lap, the black flag means there was a rules infraction, a blue flag with a sideways stripe demands the racers to slow down and the last flag is the checkered one which means the race is done.

Did you know NASCAR is the only sport organization founded and owned by a family. Also some of the NASCAR tracks can hold up to 190,000 people in the US, bigger than any none motor sports arena.

Why are nightgowns called “Pyjamas”?

Nightclothes and nightgowns first appeared  as a loose-fitting cloth, full length unisex. Their creation was done in the 18th century, the negligee took the form of a lounging garment for women, while long loose pants and long loose shirt called Pyjamas replaced long gowns for men. Pyjies were designed after harem pants from Iran, that is why the word is composed of Iranian words. Pae: means leg in Persian and Jama means clothing.

Some theories suggest that the word comes from the Hindi language, during the reign of Briton in India. They were introduced to the British civilization in the 17th century.

The Origin Of The Tooth Fairy

One may think that such a solid ritual would have quite an epicenter of an origin. But the truth is far from that, a baby tooth would be placed under the pillow you would place under your head, then overnight the Tooth Fairy would place money under that. But the true myth is a compilation of several stories from old European Customs.  In Venice, it was the story of an old witch who would do the job of giving money for teeth. In France, it was the Virgin Mary that gave candy or money for teeth of the young. Some cults buried the tooth underground, others threw it at the sun for good luck or to please the gods. The fairy, like all other fairy was an Irish custom, so when they arrived in North America in the 19th century, the custom of the Tooth Fairy carried over.

Why are all-terrain vehicles called “Jeep”?

In 1937, the Army had created the vehicle for traveling purposes in difficult areas of the world. Four-wheel drive vehicles which could climb or move over hardcore areas. They named it G.P at that very moment there was a cartoon called Popeye it was a famous show, there was a new character in the show, he was called Eugene The Jeep. He was a weird little pet for Olive Oil, when other characters called it they called it “jeep”. The army men saw the character in the show and brought the two words together. The vehicle was only called jeep from then on.

The G.P at the start meant government purpose or General Purpose. They named it after the pet of Olive because it could solve impossible problems much like the G.P which could maneuver over difficult terrain.

How did Barbie get her name?

Barbie has somewhat became an cult in our society, kids know more about Barbie than their next math homework. How did Barbie get her name and how was she created?

The Story Behind Barbie

Barbie was designed by Ruth Handler, whom named it after her daughter Barbara, who somewhat was the cause of the creation. Ruth noticed that her daughter enjoyed playing with paper dolls. Most of them were young people, so Ruth thought about making a doll that was an adult. She had noticed her daughter would give the young dolls the roles of adults that is why she came up with the idea. She proposed the idea to her husband Elliot who was Co founder of the company Mattel, he and the other execs didn’t like the idea, they thought it wouldn’t sell well. While Ruth clearly thought that there was a place in the market for adult dolls. When the Handlers went on a trip to Europe, in Germany Ruth noticed an adult prostitute doll named Bild Lili, the doll was doing well in Germany with kids and adults. Ruth gave one to her daughter and brought a few models for the company. After seeing the success it had in Germany, Mattel started producing these in the US. By 1959, Barbie was in most stores, she became a hit. Later Mattel released Barbie’s boyfriend, Ken, who was named after the Handler’s son.

Why do some Eastern Countries use Chopsticks?

Ever wondered why are chopsticks so prominent in the East, especially China, Japan and Korea. The tradition started a long time ago, many ask why didn’t they just use standard cutlery like the Europeans or vice-versa. The Chinese did consider the practice of cutting a carcass on a table a bit barbaric. A Chinese proverb said the following “We sit at the dinner table to eat and not cut up a carcass.”, the meaning was eating should be simplified and so foot was cut into tiny pieces before being served or put on a meal. Since then Chopstick became the perfect utility to bring small pieces of meat to your mouth.

In most eastern countries where Chopsticks are used, they each have a different kind of chopstick. Most people use chopsticks for most meals but rice is a very common dish so spoons are used too.