Why are you men called “guys”?

This word has a sad and evil, cruel story to it. Every 5 November, the British celebrate the 1605 foiling of a plot to blow up the parliament buildings by Guy Fawkes. As part of the festivities, an effigy of Fawkes dressed in rags and old mismatched clothes, it was paraded through the crowded streets of the British town, then burned on a bonfire. Since then anyone with ugly cloths was often called a guy but when the word traveled overseas to the States who had no relation to the British parliament the word was used to refer any average man.

Did you know that Guy Fawkes participated in a plot to kill King James 1 because of his tyranny and religious idiocy. But the plan didn’t go so well. He also wanted kill Jame’s family too.

Why is a big cup called a “mug”?

Mugs are cups which are used to drink large amount of liquids and is most commonly used to drink coffee, although it’s not unknown to be used by beer drinkers. “A mug” is also said to be a picture of a prisoner or just a person’s head. Mugs have existed since the time of the old Chinese nation, around 2000 BC, but other civilizations have used it too. In 18th century, drinking vessels were called mugs because they were shaped into people’s heads, like famous pirate’s heads or famous authorities from the town. Now these cups are called “Toby Jugs” and cups with faces or random designs are known as “Mugs”.

Beer is not often drank in mugs because Mugs are usually used by people who drink hot liquids like coffee and tea etc… Ancient mugs were made out of anything, bones, sand and many other raw materials.

Why is something special called “the apple of your eye”?

People always have something special and there are many ways to call your special one or special thing. For most people it will be the line that is “the apple of your eye”. This expression dates from a very long long time, in the old days people thought the eye ball was solid and spherical like an apple, so that’s what they called it. Therefor anyone or anything compared to your eyeballs, would instantly be something  very special to you. In the bible it even talks about it, Moses says “He found him in a desert land, and in the howling waste of wilderness; he encircled, he cared for him, and kept him as the apple of His eyes.

Another famous line of the bible is “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

Nothing Sells Like a Lady Electric Shaver

There is a huge difference in using a disposable razor and a lady electric shaver. The former offers you short term service which is reasonably priced for a disposable item, and yet the cost will accumulate in the long run. Electric shavers, on the other hand, offer you not only fast and excellent shaves, but are also a good investment in saving your precious time and money in the long term without the annoying skin irritations. If you want your mornings to be efficient and carefree, why not take a consideration into looking at a wide variety of ladies electric shaver online or at your nearest local store?

There are hundreds of lady electric shavers to choose from. Unlike disposable razors, a lady electric shaver is fast and user-friendly. You do not need to worry about bleeding legs, allergies from skin irritations and rusty razor blades. With electric razors, shaving has become an easy task. You can use the wet or the safety razor which has the elongated handle with razor blades that extend effectively. These kinds of lady electric shaver usually have epilators included with it which helps in plucking out hairs. Wet shavers are effective -you can even use it while in the shower. In addition, wet shavers do not require gels or shaving creams – just shave away and it is done.

Some people might consider going for waxing. Although it certainly is an efficient way to get rid of unwanted hair, waxing is awfully painful and may sometimes cause infection. Some physicians warn people with diabetes or those with poor blood circulation about the risks of undergoing waxing due to health concerns. Therefore, you would want a painless and more efficient way of getting rid of unsightly hair from the legs. A lady electric shaver guarantees a fast and infection-free shave.

Some lady electrical shavers offer vitamin E treatments which is good for the skin. These help reduce skin irritations and make the skin even healthier. Some models offer safety head clips which prevents children from accidentally hurting themselves from the razor blades. Modern styles of electric shavers include a mechanism that removes a bulk of hair being shaved-off. There are also electric razors which give a perfect cut to the edges of a haircut! Women always entertain the idea of spending less while enjoying the little things in life.

In the past, electric razors were viewed as ‘a man thing’. However, after having much rework and redesigning, women like you and me can find affordable ladies electric shavers that suit our taste and style. A lady electric shaver is affordable for anyone, and you may want to consider buying one as a gift for your loved ones.

The only disadvantage of lady electric shaver is that it is powered by electricity or rechargeable batteries which have to be plugged in. However, electric shavers are energy-saving which makes batteries last longer. Because of the many advantages over the disadvantage, lady electric shavers are considered a great and intelligent investment in the end.

Why do we say “that takes the cake”?

The meaning is pretty simple, often said in competition when someone really does something exceptional which surely means they win…But the actual origins of the saying comes from the parties of Afro Americans in the dancing halls around the US. Afro Americans in the Old South would show off their dancing skills in dance halls, these contests, if you can call them that, were called Cakewalks. Because the participants were to dance around a cake in the middle of the hall which the winner would get. The participants were people of any race, any gender and couples for most of the time. A panel of judges would watch the dance, with the winner than decided. He/She would take the cake. Normally the most innovative and elegant dancers would take the coveted cake.

Why is A Canadian Pint Bigger Than The American?

It has nothing do with  Canadians  chucking down more beer or is it ? Let’s just get that clear, that is just a stereotype, a positive one somewhat. The reason might be more historical than you might think, would you believe it if the American Revolution didn’t happen, Americans would be drinking the same amount of beer as the Canadians? This is actually true, Canadians use the liters to calculate liquids. When the British introduced the imperial gallon, Americans who didn’t really have a good relation with the British refuse to accept the new rule, which nearly everyone applies. American Pride for once didn’t pay off? Did It?

Did you know why the British Empire has influenced so much in our current life? It is because at one time in history they controlled around 1/4 of the earth.

Canadian Beer or American Beer?

Many Canadians are very proud of their beer,  but is it really that better. Actually it is and it isn’t, it depends on your taste if you like a harder taste or lighter. The country in the Great North have a beer that has more alcohol than that of the American one, but many analyst believe the more crisp taste comes from another factor. The ingredient is the big factor, the Canadian one is brewed with 50% more malt barley but it’s American cousin is more composed off corn which doesn’t help the taste.

Also some beer purists like the more alcohol which the Canadian one offers in greater quantity than the American beer. The Average Canadian beer has an alcohol per volume content of 5% and the American beer of 4.5%. The light Canadian beer has a rate of 4%, while the American one is at 3.8%. The British/European beer still beats all those stats with an average of 5% alcohol.

Why is enchancing food flavors called “seasoning”?

In old France, which was known as the Gaul, people had found out that letting some foods age would allow them to become more delightful. The French called this newly discovered phenomenon, the Saisonner. After being conquered by the Normans, the British took some of their words such Saisonner which became to be known as the seasoning process. When the crusaders came back from the crusade around the 13th from the mid east, they brought spices with them. So seasoning just took the meaning of anything that modifies tastes.

Did you know how the church recruited so many soldiers, most weren’t even trained but because the church promised them their past sins were to be forgiven.

Why do fish food always come with a lemon?

You would call me a fool and say the answer to the question is taste enhancement but that is not the origin of the lemon besides the fish. Before people thought about consequences all the time, not so anymore because our security is always handled by someone else. Earlier in time, about six hundred years ago, people weren’t protected by others so they had to do it themselves. Some people swallowed bones of the fish by accident and it was a myth that lemon juice would help you remove the bone. At it was true, sucking on a lemon causes the throat muscles to contort,  therefor helping to dislodge any stuck bone.

Why is a sausage on a bun called a”hot dog”?

The sausage has been around for years but recently it has become very popular, thanks to it’s easy to eat, easy to make formula. It has a deep history, the sausage, it started out in Babylon one of the oldest human cities ever known. The other historical counterparts are the frankfurter, which a German butcher made in the shape of his pet dachshund, the Viennese wiener was another one. The Dachshund sausage is very similar to the current day one and that is why when it came to the States, it became an instant hit.  It became popular in 1904, in 1906, cartoonist Ted Dorgan couldn’t spell Dachshund, he had made a painting of it, he made a comical reference to how the butcher named it after his dog. He made a dog inside a bun covered in mustard, so he just called it a hot dog. And apparently the rest of the population found it hard to pronounce too, so everyone was happy with the name Ted’s ignorance spurred Hot Dog..