Why do we say “I know it by heart”, when we know something?

Whenever we know something 100%, when we know something like the back of our hand we say I know it by heart. When we know something by heart it means we repeated it a lot in our heart. See we repeat it in the head not in the heart but why do we use the heart as the epicenter of the expression. The process of repeating in your head is called learning by rote. Rote is from the latin word Rota and it means wheel. It is an analogy of repeating something in our heart many times to learn it, like a wheel that keeps rolling. The Greeks thought that it was from the heart we think and not the brain.

Did you know that the Greek language used in current day Greece is completely different from the ones used in the Forums of Athens millenniums ago by the Ancient people.

The Use Of HDMI Connectors

HDMI, which is an abbreviation for High-Definition Multimedia Interface. It is starting to become a common thing in a normal household, even though it’s still somewhat considered an advance form of technology. It has rapidly become a favorable alternative to analog standards such as Radio Frequency (RF), Coaxial Cable, S-Video, VGA, PCs and Video Game Consoles.

To make use of the HDMI function you will need a good knowledge on how to make it work and need the tools essential for it.

There are four types of connectors, Type A & B are in HDMI 1.0 Specification, Type C is HDMI 1.3 Specification and Type D is 1.4 Specification.

Type A

Type A has 19 pins and bandwidth support for SDTV, EDTV and HDTV modes. The Type A connector is electrically compatible with single link DVI-D.

Type B

This connector has 29 pins and this can carry double the video bandwidth of Type A. For use of high-resolution displays for the likes of QXGA which have the resolution capabilities of around 3840 x 2400. Like its predecessor Type A, Type B is electrically compatible with single link DVI-D but it has no actually no use as of now.

Type C

This connector is defined for the 1.3 specification thus rendering it useful for portable devices. It has 19 pins.

Type D

This one somewhat resembles usb key, it has a defined 1.4 specialization. It is even perhaps hard to compare a usb it looks more like a mini usb.

What Is A Sinus Headache?

A disease it is or maybe some kind of virus? It is more like a infection than a disease but still something bad for your body. Sinus Headaches are something very painful to have; they not only hurt your entire head but sometimes even below the head. The pain is dull and is felt throughout your head, in your cheeks, eyes and some other parts. What it is, it occurs when inflammation occurs in your air filled cavities around your eyes, noses and cheeks. Sinus headaches hurt you when you bend over, it will make you feel wake that is one of the obvious symptoms. The other symptoms are similar to migraines so it’s hard to identify a sinus headache. Also they start in the morning when you wake up and normally get better in the afternoon, but sometimes they just get worse.

Some Signs of Sinus Headaches:

-Pain in some specific areas like in some of your head parts.
-Face gets tender to touch.
-Headaches just start after you get a cold or some sort of related infection.
-Sudden temperature changes, example: your body feels oddly cold or you get feverish warmth.


Sinus headaches are often preceded by Sinusitis (congestion and inflammation). Healthy sinuses allow mucus to drain and circulate easily in your nasal corridors. When your sinus is infected by Sinusitis, your sinus is inflamed, some areas get blocked thus making it that your sinus can’t drain mucus properly. They provide a perfect situation and place for fungus & bacteria to become stronger.
Risky Factors may include history of allergies, frequent swimming and diving, climbing & hiking.

Picking Fishing Trips

Fishing is a passion that sometimes costs a lot but the fun and experience isn’t anything like any other hobby. There are many things you can do in fishing, a sport and a hobby it is, you can just go straight fishing or an alternative. Fishing trips are the perfect activity in the summer, you can go visit a beautiful country and have fun with your hobby at the same time.

But to pick the sort of fishing you want you need to know some things. Here are the types of fishing trips you can embark on Saltwater fishing, Freshwater fishing and Amazon fishing. These are all different experiences of fishing and will all be different trips, choosing them will be hard but will depend on your disposition on certain things.

Saltwater Fishing Trips

This kind of fishing really depends where you are; sometimes there isn’t much life in these kinds of waters. Places in Africa and the Americas are really interesting for this sort of fishing. I said it depends where you are to but I recommend taking a trip if you never had done any technical fishing before. Trips will include some sort of a guide, who generally has done the trip millions of times and knows the water like the back of his hand.

Freshwater Fishing Trips

Freshwater trips are the most common, where do most people fish professionally? In the Northern hemisphere, which has the biggest reserves of freshwater on the globe. Lots of freshwater trips in the US and Canada. This kind of fishing is easier than the other forms of fishing but surprisingly most fishing competitions are held in this form. Less adventure and less surprise but more for the family , kids.

Amazon Fishing

Acute Angling are of the best trip givers for fishing trips in the Amazon. I state it as a form of it’s own cause the experience is an entirely different one. You will see things you have never seen, even for a journeyman fishermen who has been to many spots, I was blown away by the Amazon. If you got the cash, Amazon fishing is the real deal.

It really all depends on what kind of experience you’re looking for, each and everyone is different from the other. So if you want something fun this summer, pick one of these activities.

How to Pick A BBQ Grill Cover?

With the summer in the horizon and the sun coming out soon, you will probably get your BBQ out. But you won’t always be using it! You will surely need a reliable cover to prevent it from getting dirty or the rain rusting it out. There are two types of BBQ grills, electric, charcoal and gas. Charcoal is getting older and getting behind while Electric is getting more popular. The Gas type being around the middle and still useful.

BBQ Grill Cover For Charcoal
Charcoal BBQ’s are the ones that get dirty really easily. Because all of the charcoal dust and other burnt materials collected inside, if you want good protection for this kind of BBQ use a Weber Vinyl cover. If the dust goes on the inside of the cover you can just dust it off. Some other covers get stained by Charcoal but not this vinyl cover by Weber.

BBQ Grill Cover For Gas
Unlike the Charcoal one, this BBQ type doesn’t get that dirty. But the rain might affect some of the mechanics. So any sturdy cover that helps against the rain would a cover to get. A weather resistant and element resistant cover is what you’re looking for. I am not going to talk much about electric BBQs since they still aren’t mainstream but some cover similar to this would do.

Whatever the BBQ type you have a cover will be essential for its survival.

Tips & Tricks: Lower Your Cholesterol

In this world shattered by economic crises and all the injustices going in the third tier countries, a virus is affecting a lot of people in the northern hemisphere. What is this virus, disease? Is it the dark plague of the 21st century predicted by Nostradamus? What Am I Talking About? What else…high cholesterol. The disease that has over a 100 million Americans restricting their diets is slowing growing but not much people have paid attention to its sudden grown. The other country which has been greatly affected by this sickness is the Land Down Under, Australia, which in 2001 had over 1 million people consisting of high cholesterol.

Before spewing out more stats I would like to enlighten you on what really defines a person with high cholesterol and what cholesterol really is.

What is Cholesterol? A chemical compound that is naturally produced in your body, it has various important uses in your body. It helps you digest fat, it is used to make Vitamin D and some hormones. It builds cell walls which make the system inside your body work properly. These cell walls work as a natural filter outside of each cell. Like I said earlier your body produces enough Cholesterol from the liver alone, it produces around 1,000 milligram that is a solid 1 gram per day. That is enough cholesterol for one day but so many meals contain it that it is actually hard to avoid, such as cheese. In an average person’s day he should have only 20% of his overall cholesterol from outside of his body. And the other 80% from the inside. But the problem is actually being around those numbers most people with high cholesterol go around 40% or in some serious cases even much higher.

Cholesterol isn’t naturally bad, they help make things tic inside your body then why are they associated with many heart and artery diseases. There are two kinds of Cholesterol LDL and HDL, the former being the bad one. LDL lipoprotein deposits Cholesterol on your cell walls which make your artery walls more thick and make passage for some fluids more difficult. The Good One, HDL, prevents this process which is called atherosclerosis.

Lower Your Cholesterol

Here are some tips and good foods to consume to lower your cholesterol!

Oat Meal And Oat Bran

If you’re someone with high levels of LDL(bad cholesterol) you might want to give these babies a try, especially the Oat Meal which has soluble fiber, something that reduces LDL slowly. For those with a serious case of LDL, here are a few other LDL Killers: kidney beans, apples, pears, psyllium, barley and prunes.

Mix up Oat meals with oat bran or fruits like banana, which will make for a more intensive attack against LDL. These oats decrease the absorption of Cholesterol in your body as long as you have more Fiber in your diet than Cholesterol.

Walnuts, Almonds and Other Nutties

For sometime walnuts have been hailed as the great food that heals any blood issues, though not exactly true but not far from the truth. Walnuts contain polyunsaturated fatty acids which help keep your blood vessels healthy and strong. Almonds and other such nuts have similar effects on your blood vessels.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids

The name doesn’t make it sound like such a good thing but out there in the nature, this is perhaps the best substance we could consume. Omega 3 Fatty Acids do something extraordinary no other substance do as good. Omega 3 reduces blood pressure and blood cloths. Blood cloths which don’t start dangerously but end up deadly.

Those are some of the most effective and natural processes to lower your cholesterol.

Preventing Acne Tips

Acne is it something relevant? Yes it is, especially in our north American society which promotes products that boast the chances of having Acne. About 85% of people around the age of 17-24 have or had some form of acne once in their lifetime. That is about 17 million people in the States alone who have acne. So the problem is everywhere but what are some of the subtle ways of preventing it? Here are some of the better tips on Acne Prevention.

First before I suggest some tips, you need to know what acne really is and not what the stereotype says. Most people will tell you that don’t eat chocolate or you just don’t wash your face as often, using those points to point out the reason of your acne or someone else’s. Acne is caused by overactive oil glands in your face or any part of your body which is covered in skin; in this case all of our body is covered in skin. So yes we could have acne anywhere but most often it’s in the upper body and mainly the face. Acne surfaces more often in Teens, especially when they’re in puberty which is why we associate Acne with Teens. Acne is a bit like everything else in life that is good and bad.

If your family’s genetics have always had acne, probably you will have it too; there will be exceptions but not many. I knew a friend who had a normal amount of acne for a teen but none of his siblings had any at all. So don’t just blame Acne on your genetics. Now that we know about this reaction a bit, let’s look at some of the ways to prevent it.

Prevent Acne Tips

Wash Your Face!

Yes washing your face actually helps but not in the way most people actually think it does. You have oils on the surface of your skin and a good way to dissolve any oil is to use water. These oils and dead skins on your face basically worsen the acne that is presently there. But over washing your face might expand the problem even more, so be careful how much you wash your face.

Don’t Use Lotions

Yes Lotions might seem like a good idea but some of them are way to oily and if they’re not that they aren’t nonacnegenic. If they are nonacnegenic it basically means you could use them and they won’t have any effect on your acne.

Wash Your Face AGAIN!

Yes wash it again but now more specifically, if you’ve done some hard exercise which may have caused a considerable amount of sweat, be sure to wash your face again. Any kind of hard exercise, sport, workout or anything which may lead you to sweating calls for you to cleanse your face with water. Sweat might clog your pore and effectively make your acne worse than its current situation. You don’t just sweat from the face but from many other areas so that is why it’s recommended to take a shower after sweating a lot, other than the hygienic reasons.

Hair Products AVOID THEM!

Some people just can’t live with their hair spray, gel or other hair product but for those people who have acne and use these products STOP immediately. Unless you are very carefully and avoid the contact of these products with your face you may run the risk of worsening your acne. These products contain oils which may lead to acne being more present on your face.

Tight Cloths?!?

If you notice acne popping up on your back, abdomen and chest, you might need to avoid tight cloths which may cause irritation.

These are a few basic tips that can get you rid of your acne. But if you have a massive breakout of acne, contact a dermatologist which will lead him to prescribe you to some acne medication.

Why are winners called Champions?

There are champions in every sport and every competition. In tournaments, in events and every kind of competitive activity. Like in boxing, a champion has to defend his belt against opponents. The word has a historical meaning as great it actually means today… Deprived from the latin meaning Campus, which was a field where battles were held. Hmm something similar like a school Campus. Back to the champion’s origins, the word went to French then English in the 13th Century. The word had the meaning of “fighting on behalf of someone for another” or “one who defends a person or a cause”.

Here is a few formats that determine champions…

In combative sports or any non  team based sport, there is a contender and fights the title then going on to defend the title each time he participates. That is the Title Match system.

Then there is the obvious Tournament system, there are brackets or groups and the winner has to win every time to become the champion, except in team based sports.

There are a few more, Playoff System which is used in National Hockey. League system which is often used with playoff’s in North America.

Truths About Male Cosmetic Surgery

Truths About Male Cosmetic Surgery surgeries

Cosmetic Surgery has become the 21st century’s new favorite pastime. It has taken over other pastimes such as shopping, sports and many others. Just to prove my point here is a look cosmetic procedures have increased by 233% since 1997 in the United States, which isn’t even considered the capital of cosmetic surgeries. In 2008, women had 92% of the cosmetic surgeries in the States but men had a total of 553,946, which include procedures such as Liposuction, Eyelid Surgery, Breast Augmentation and Rhinoplasty.

Here are some things you should know about Male Cosmetic Surgery.

Men have the right to do these procedures like women. For too long have they suffered with what they got. There has been an increase in male procedures in clinics around the world.

In some parts of the world, cosmetic surgery is given as a gift to teens by their parents. Cosmetic surgery is bigger in some places and is sometimes a hot bed there, where you can get surgery in any local clinic. Around the world, people accept it less or more in some places.

Technology today is making things easier and give people more choices. Some procedures may help you live an easier life, if your nose gives you hard time breathing then get a job done. If you have back pains reduce your breast size, all these possibilities exist to make for an easier and healthier life.

Male Cosmetic surgeries are widely accepted and you should get one if you’re in need of one.

What Is Severe Anxiety?

What Is Severe Anxiety?

Severe Anxiety is a major concern throughout the world and especially in rich countries which is somewhat ironic. People who have everything they need to live and prosper. Having morale, mental problems are kind of weird when you think about it. You have everything to conduct a good life but something inside of you stops you from doing that. Severe Anxiety is a major disorder that occurs in some people who have behavior related troubles and such. Anxiety leaves you in dismay, fear and with unpleasant feelings all the time.

People with severe anxiety are often depressed and unstable. They have difficulty concentrating and doing the simplest of things. It is hard to communicate with them and get the message to them.  Anxiety is uncontrollable but can be eased with some relaxing exercise that is what doctors suggest or heavy medicine. Like people with depression, those with the severe anxiety disorder often have the thought of hurting themselves, thinking that will fix their current state. Most people with anxiety know they have it but they need someone else to get them treatment. It sounds odd but that is how anxiety works, you can’t do the simplest of things, every decision feels harder than it actually is. If you know somebody with anxiety getting them help is the first priority. Getting them on pills is not a very suitable idea; it might leave them even in a more severe condition.

Severe Anxiety is a mental disorder and should treated as one. Don’t try to be a licensed doctor and heal your friends let the pros do their jobs and you do yours as a friend. Anxiety isn’t like a bad habit that you can get rid of easily. If you know someone and are frustrated by how their progress is going don’t do anything about it. Some patients are afraid of drowning in very small amounts of water and other stuff like that but you need patience and skills to deal with them not frustration.