Over The Toilet Storage

Creative Use of over the Toilet Storage adds Breathing Room in Small Baths

Tight fits can be a big problem in bathrooms. One great way to make a small space seem a bit bigger is to use over the toilet storage for those important items that need to be stored in the bathroom. Today there are plenty of clever and creative options for storage over the toilet in bathrooms.

Of course the benefit of storage above the toilet is not limited to small bathrooms. Even larger baths can be short on storage space and using the area above the toilet will not take up any valuable “floor space” in order to provide it.

Types of over the Toilet Storage

There are several different storage devices that can be used in the valuable real estate above the bathroom toilet. Consider these different styles for storing your bathroom essentials.

  • Shelving Units – these no frills shelving units provide storage and/or display for bathroom items without leaving a huge footprint behind. They take up very little additional floor space and provide a “clutter free” appearance that doesn’t make the bathroom look overcrowded.
  • Cabinet Units – these units are usually more visually appealing and offer the opportunity to hide some items or at least not leave them as exposed as typical shelving units allow. Hint: When using these units in a small space is to use light colors or have the cabinet units painted the same color as the walls in order to provide a visual illusion of more space in the room.

Benefits of over the Toilet Storage

Whether the bathroom is large or small there are plenty of benefits for having over the toilet storage. Store extra towels, soap, toothpaste, and other products within easy reach because this type of storage is so easily accessible. The limits do not end here though. It is also common to store linens, paper products, and countless other bath creams, potions, and lotions.

The greatest benefit though is that proper storage over the toilet provides ample opportunity to get these things out of sight and off the floor because it isn’t necessary to buy floor cabinets and shelving units where they may be stored. More floor space in most small bathrooms of today is rarely a bad thing.

Bathroom Storage Strategies

Depending on whether or not the bathroom is a main bathroom that guest frequently use, a guest bathroom, or one that is dedicated  solely for the use of children there are different things you can do to make even the plainest storage over the toilet a little more visually appealing.

One common strategy is to use baskets. Baskets can be used to store items that need to remain out of sight but within easy reach in a bathroom. In kids’ bathrooms it is even possible to have one basket per child so that each kid has his or her own space for special bath items.

Another strategy is to use the shelves for flat storage of linens, towels, and bathrobes, and cabinet storage of some sort for additional storage of personal bathroom items.

Whichever strategy you follow the clever use of the real estate above your toilets is a great way to make bathroom storage practical and aesthetically pleasing.

Origins Of The Wedding Ring

We have engagement rings and wedding rings, the two have different purposes. Some big institutes believe it was a tradition invented by the Barbarians. They were thought to be using it to use it to lure their captors into marrying them. Others give the credit of this custom to the Romans, who gave the bride a key which looked like a circle, which would signify that half her husband’s wealth belongs to her. Another belief  is that the Egyptians created this custom, because they lived circular things, they thought it meant eternal life so they used it in weddings.

The rings were only made in metal before but now they have come to take different shapes and forms. The origin is thought to be in the continent of Europe but it has spread around the world.

Why Do Brides Have Veils On?

Ever been to a marriage, if so you probably have seen the bride having a transparent veil on covering her face. Where does this tradition of covering up the face come from? It has some deep history behind it and I will tell it to you.

Although veils for women are often associated to the Muslim religion, it comes even further back before the religion was ever invented by Mohammed.  It was invented at least three thousand years before Mohammed’s religious revolution in the middle east. Outside of the middle east the veil had became transparent and translucent. It was to remind the woman that she was beginning a new life, a life of submission toward her husband. The tradition was invented in 400 bc or something near that date and it predates the wedding dress by several centuries.

Why do people throw confetti’s in Weddings?

Confetti’s everywhere in big events? Why, why in big events such as a big sport event, a world cup and a wedding why do we use it, ok we use to make the events more spectacular and the victory more sweeter. The main goal of weddings were to produce children so the crowd would throw symbols of fertility such as wheat grains. The Romans took it a bit further with, they baked the wheat into cakes for the couple. They were to be eaten together and the tradition was known as conferriatio which means eating together. After that cake eating moment, the guests would throw honeyed nuts and dry fruits at the couple, this is where we got our tradition of throwing confettis.

Why Does Being Turned Down Mean Being Rejected?

I hope everybody has heard this proverb, atleast once if you live in an english speaking country other than India because they don’t really speaking English or do they? If have never heard this term or are foreigner here is what it means… It means being rejected by someone your making advances at. Everybody knows what it means but nobody knows why use this word when it’s figurative sense means something completely else.

The term has a more ancient origin than you might  imagine, when a couple would go have a dinner or a fancy date of some sorts. These dates required chaperons so the romance wouldn’t get to hardcore before marriage or anything serious. When things started to get deep or intentions were to be made, the chaperon would put a mirror face up on the table. If the girl liked the boy she wouldn’t touch the mirror.  If the girl didn’t like the advances the boy made she would turn the mirror down and the boy.

What is the origin of the Engagement Ring?

Everybody knows what an engagement is, if you didn’t here is a little bit of info for you. An engagement is a promise to marriage, it is a lead up to the marriage of a promising couple. This happens after the proposal and is also used as preparation time for a marriage. It only happens when the marriage could possibly be very big.  Now back to the origins of the engagement ring, which is the feature of this article.

The engagement ring was first introduced by the Venetians, it was a ring with the diamond in the middle of it, it was highly valued because the Venetians had just discovered the rare item that is the Diamond stone. It’s rareness was discovered in the 16th century. Marriage related gifts didn’t include rings until 800 BC, when Pope Nicholas 1 stated that the ring must only been given from a man to woman when marriage was the intent. He had also thought about the possible roadblocks that could come before the marriage. If the man called the wedding off, the jilted bride would keep the diamond ring but if the bride called it off, she would return the ring and be ordered to live in a nunnery.

Antiquity at Its best the Bombay Chest Way – An Unbiased Review

A chest is the first choice for complimenting a home décor. Nothing can just overvalue this piece of furniture. Bombay Chests are designed to bit the bill with utmost sophistication and style. There are variants of chests that you can purchase and place it in any part of the house. You can choose from painted Bombay chest, mirrored Bombay chest to even antique Bombay chest. Each chest is customized and individually designed to befit your most valued part of the house or apartment. This furniture adds pizzazz and class to your space. Apart from this, you can save a lot of space by storing your clothes, personal goods and your jewelries in the chest. Bombay chest of drawers is one of the designed chests that have many compartments and they are manufactured preferably to be placed in one’s bedroom or personal space. I prefer placing this variety in my foyer because I can then be able to tuck my keys, purse and other nick knacks all safe and sound. Accent Bombay chest of drawers is made for the purpose of storage.

Types of Bombay chests

Bombay chests are great piece of art that will adorn your bedroom especially with an air of décor, chic and class. You can place one of them next to your bedroom wall and increase its beauty by adorning the chest with some candles, lamps or you can even fill the wall adjoining this work of art with framed pictures, paintings etc. All these placements together will add a new and colorful life to your room.

You do not have to worry about the size of your room because these chests are available in all shapes and sizes, with several drawer options. They are more like dressers having squared and curvaceous lines with some real elegant designs on them. This is what makes it quite different from the regular dressers and the sole reason for their demand in the market. There are small Bombay chests, Bombay chest with marble tops and some that you can choose from various colors, like, red Bombay chest, black Bombay chest, white Bombay chest, cherry Bombay chest and more.

Collector’s Bombay chest

There are collections of original designer chest, like, Pulaski Bombay chest or Artist’s Originals that are known for their hand painted Bombay chest made from renowned and talented artists. The designs and paintings on these chests are in form of various shapes and forms, for example, stripes, floral, motifs, chinoiserie and some ancient art work too. These designer ones are more expensive and exclusive than the other Bombay chests and they are unique piece bearing its individual originality. They add bright and look to your room.

Bombay chest furniture is complimented with hardware, finished with metal antique, like brass, copper, silver or others, made with the finest woods ranging from the less expensive to the most expensive, like teak wood. The hand painted Bombay chests are the most popular and also expensive ones because they are part of the collector’s art and also antique most of the time. On the dependence of the work put into the chest and also the quality of the overall furniture, the price varies, which can be around $2,000 or more. But if you want to take the cheaper lane then you should visit the Bombay chest sale, where you can avail cheap Bombay chest or discount Bombay chest within convenient and reasonable price like $400 to $600. Bombay chests for sale can also be availed and taken complete advantage through carious websites online that have regular sales and auctions on these kinds of furniture and decorative pieces. Some of the best deals are made online, which I think is the most flexible way of getting everything you need with complete composure and satisfaction.

Rules and advice to be followed when making your purchase

There are some rules and advice to follow prior to your purchase because these are more like household investments that can either make your room look good or not. Whenever you are selecting a Bombay chest, whether a small Bombay chest, painted Bombay chests, black Bombay chests, French Bombay chest, marble top Bombay chest or Bombay chest nightstand you must always purchase from authentic dealers because there are many present in the market that dupe their customers with cheap Bombay chests or Bombay chest unfinished varieties. I have done through research and also coordinated and contrasted my room, keeping in mind the wall color, the room size etc prior to the purchase of the chest. So, you have to be cautious because there are varieties and numerous styles of Bombay chests available in the market that can make your mind go bonkers. All you have to is plan and prepare a list of features that you want your chest to have. With these details I’m sure you will be able to make a perfect choice.

Why do we hang socks at Christmas?

Have you ever wondered why we hang socks in Christmas and sometimes we get candies in them? According to the legends, the very first gifts St Nicholas gave were to three very poor girls who needed money for their wedding dowries. On Christmas Eve they hung they’re socks to dry by the fireplace but to their surprise. St Nicholas sneaked in their homes and put gold coins to help their dowries. The gold helped those girls to marry the men they loved. This has given us the tradition to hang socks and get goodies but not specially gold. The Italians would put lumps of coal for naughty children.

St Nicholas, he has been the person who has inspired Santa Claus. He has many names, The wonderworker because he has been know to create lots of miracles out of nowhere.

Exercise’s Benefits for Type 2 Diabetes

You can easily manage diabetes if you engage in an exercise program for it. This is because exercise has a great effect for the glucose levels of those who are suffering from Type 2 diabetes. Take for example, energy that is found in your muscles are channeled when you exercise and converts it into glucose. This glucose is then expended. At the start, the body only utilizes the glucose (which is converted through the muscles’ glycogen). This glucose is traced from one’s blood stream. As soon as you engage in a long term exercise routine, your body will adjust and prevent your glucose levels from dipping too low. Aside from this, there are also some additional hormones as well as glucagon that gets released. These all work in order to break down all of the stored fat located in your liver, thereby converting it into more glucose. Make it a point to exercise all the time, because then your body will improve a lot and get more sensitive to your insulin. Aside from this, you will also attain a much better sense of control on your glycemic index.

As previously explained, the exercise will have a great effect on your glucose levels. This is actually quite important especially for patients of type 2 diabetes. There are a lot of studies that indicate a better control of one’s glycemic index in diabetes patients, but only if they engage in regular exercise. Those who fail to establish a regular routine for exercise have results which are not as good. Thanks to exercise, you get to improve on your insulin sensitivity. This means you need to use less medicines and attain adequate control over their blood sugar levels.

There are times when type 2 diabetes sufferers are prone to hypoglycemia, which is a condition that can develop out of exercise. This is both after as well as during the exercise routine itself. But at the same time, patients who exercise poor management of their diabetic condition may also be high risk when it comes to hyperglycemia.

Many experts recommend around two hours and thirty minutes of exercise three days each week for moderate aerobic activity. You could also do ninety minutes of vigorous aerobic exercise.

Truthfully, the different types of exercise are not the issue as the length of time one spends exercising. Studies show that engaging in both aerobic exercise and weight training gives you more benefits in the end.

If you are high risk for cardiac arrest or engage in too stressful exercise, you should get cautioned and adapt to it slowly.

About the Author – Su Rollins writes for reactive hypoglycemia diet , her personal hobby blog focused on tips to prevent and cure hypoglycemia using the right diet and nutrition.

If the French haven’t created The French Fries Who has?

If the very country that is named after it hasn’t actually created, who has? It is their neighbors the Belgians who are the big fries maniac. In fact it is their national dish and they have been eating them in huge buckets long before The KFC’s fry bucket. They have this tradition for just absolutely eating fries for everything since the 1800s. The French have also said they invented it since it is a french tradition to cut dishes very thin. The problem is that the Belgian claim has been around long before that French technique. But the biggest french fries producer in the world is from Canada, a company named by McCain, very popular in Canada, there base is in New Brunswick but they have over 30 potato processing plants around the world.

Did You Know? That the Canadian company  McCain has plants in all 6 continents, since 2005 it was named the second biggest private company in Canada. And it is worth around 6 billion dollars…