Interesting Facts About Aruba

Aruba is an autonomous region but is part of the Kingdom Of Netherlands. It is close to the east of Venezula. The first inhabitants were from a tribe of natives called the Arawak, they lived in the coastal area of Venezula, they were repeatedly attacked by the Carib tribe in the mainland of Venezula so they escaped to the island nearby, which is Aruba. The Island was close enough to the mainland so they could return for supplies they couldn’t find on the island. Even though the travel on canoe was hard on the sea current that is very near the hurricane belt.

When the Italian Amerigo Vespucci was on a expedition, he spotted an small island next to Venezula, he said the houses were made on water like in Venice in his home country of Italy.

In 1499, it was conquered by Spain but later Spain left the Island for other lands and the Dutch took it like they took all the other Islands in the area. In 1990 it claimed independence from the Dutch but still have some relation with them.

Other facts include: The island is a bit bigger than the state of Washington, over 1.5 million people visit this small island north to Venezula every year, in a report, done by the American Gov, it is thought that the majority of population consumes cocaine.

Fun Facts About Olympique De Marseille

The most successful club in all of France, one of the powerhouses of football in Europe and national football. But in the French football associations entire history, there hasn’t been a club as successful as Marseille only Lyon, PSG and AS Etienne come near. Here are some facts about it.

  • It was founded in 1892 by Rene Dufaure but it was officially known as Olympique De Marseille only in 1899.
  • They have won 8 league titles and 10 Coup De France.
  • Their greatest achievement is winning the Champions League in 1993.
  • But they have been a shadow of their former self. For a decade they haven’t won anything. Their best season in a long while was 08/09 where they finished 2nd place over rivals Lyon and also qualified for the Champions League.
  • They won their first professional title in 1937 in their current stadium Le Velodrome..
  • In the 80s to the early 90s they had one of the best squads in Europe, they had players like Jean Pierre Papin, Didier Deschamp, Rudi Voller, Eric Cantona.
  • In 1999, they added the gold color in their jerseys for their 100th anniversary and still have it to this day.
  • They have been in two in UEFA Cup Finals, they are the only French team to win the Champions League.
  • The Club’s motto is Droit Au But, which translates into Right To Score/ Goal.
  • Roger Scotti holds the record for the most appearances, 402.
  • Most g0als are held by the Swed, Gunnar Andersson, 187 goals.
  • Jean Pierre Papin has only 3 goals less than Gunnar.
  • Their home game song is Jump by Van Halen, it’s played before every home game.
  • Their goal song is Puff Dady’s Come With Me.
  • They have many other amazing records like, allowing the least goals in a season, which was 21 in the season of 91/92.
  • They also hold the record for most away wins with OL and AS Etienne, which is 12, in 72/73.
  • They also have the best top scorer in ligue 1 ever, who had 44 goals in one season, in the season of 71/72.
  • In their stadium, The Velodrome, they have 3 sections, 1 for casual fans, 1 for ultras and 1 for the relations with other clubs, the sections called AEK-Livorno.
  • Their main rivals are PSG, who are in the biggest city of France, Paris and Marseille being the other big city club. PSG and Marseille would duke it would before Lyon took the dominance in the France. They are pretty close to each other. PSG has a stadium capacity of 40k in their Parc Des Princes. Marseille have the biggest stadium in France, with a capacity of 60k, The Velodrome. Whenever these two meet about 3000 cops are to present in the grounds around the arena.

Fun Facts About Olympique Lyonnais

French football is considered one of the best in all Europe, they always have players from all over the world, Brazil, African Nations and many more. On top of that they now have been producing great home grown talent. Here is a few facts about France’s greatest Club, OL, Olympique Lyonnais.

  • Nicknames include : Les Gones, Lyon and OL.
  • Founded in 1899.
  • Their stadium is in Lyon and is called the Stade Gerland.
  • It was first apart of the Lyon Olympique Universitaire but then the association got split in two.
  • In 1964, after they changed their association, they won their first title by defeating Bordeaux, 2-1, it was the Cup Of France.
  • It took 29 years for them to get relegated from ligue 1, in 1983, they stayed there till 1987.
  • Current Chair Jean Michel Aulas took over in 1987, he wanted to get European qualification in 5 years,  in 1989 they came back into the Ligue 1. After three years there they finished in the 5rd spot. Which was enough to get them into the Champions League of that year, 1993.
  • They got second place in the league in 1995 and several good games in the Uefa Cup. This lead to French company Pathe investing €15million in the club, taking control of 34% of it.
  • In 1999, Sonny Anderson was brought to the club, from Barcelona, The Brazilian helped the club win their first league title in 2002.
  • They had won that season by only a point but after that season they won each league season till 08/09 in which Bordeaux won the league, Lyon finishing 3rd, 9 points behind Bordeaux.
  • They have also been featured regularly in the Champions League, going as far as the quarter finals in 2001.
  • Their classical rivals are AS Saint Etienne, because in the 60s Etienne was one of the finest clubs in Europe and the world. The only club coming close to them was Real Madrid at the time. They dominated the French League and Europe..The club’s city are separated by only 50miles. When Etienne was winning titles Lyon was struggling and now Etienne is struggling and Lyon winning, though the rivalry has still been fierce as ever.
  • Lyon do have other rivals, like Marseille mainly because they were one of the teams to pressure Lyon during their reign in this decade, PSG, Bordeaux would be also considered rivals.

Interesting facts trees reveal to archaeologists

What do you know about a tree?

  • A tree is one that provides shelter to a person from the sun.
  • A tree is one that provides good fruits for a person to eat and live – something like mangoes, guava, lemon, and such other things.
  • A tree provides shelter for many birds and other creatures.
  • A tree inhales carbon di-oxide and gives out oxygen that is responsible for keeping the man alive in the world.
  • Trees are responsible for protecting the land from the heat of the sun on to the earth.
  • Cutting trees indiscriminately will imbalance the harmony and might affect rainfall and lead to drought and scarcity of water
  • Wood from the trees can be used for making furniture, ships, boats and such other things

Trees do have more than most of the things that you know about them.  The age of the tree is much more.  Some trees are said to have more than 500 years, if not more.

They teach a number of things about the climatic conditions in which they grow.  Modern discovery about the trees by the archeologists reveal many startling facts that throw light not only on the way of life of our ancestors lived but also the challenging atmosphere and climatic conditions they have faced in their life.

Tree is an ideal mirror of the weather and climatic conditions in the past. As the tree grows old, the trunk portion of the tree gets thickened.  Not only will they thicken, but also develop some sort of rings at the end of every year.  By merely counting the rings of the trees, one can judge the life of the tree.

The rings around the tree also reveal some other interesting facts.  If the rings are wide in a particular year, then it is an indication that the said year had enough rains.  If the rinds were relatively narrow, then it is an indication that the said was a dry year with little or no rainfall.

A specialized field of studying trees – called as dendrochronology – can help archeologists put up a date on the period when wooden structures that are excavated, since trees are mostly used for making these wooden structures in the ancient period.

Why Do Diners name the deal of the day a blue plate special?

In the late 1800s, the first fast foods were perhaps invented, they were wagons that would contain kitchen and everything to prepare a meal. They were called diners because they looked like the diners in a railroad car. These nice little rides brought the blue plate in the great depression of 1930s. Someone invented plates with three different compartments one for potatoes, meat and greens. Easy to use, easy to eat, easy to buy, it instantly became a hit in the lands. These plates were blue that is why the deal of a day is often called a blue plate special.

Now this term is often used in bistro’s, restaurants, cafe’s and nearly every food service. Since than America has been in love with these easy to eat meals and easy on the pocket too..

Why is a cup of coffee called a cup of joe?

In 1913, The US navy use to have the same habits as the British Navy. Drinking too much rum. They would drink rum every hour or so, that was the tradition. But it soon changed when the Secretary that year was Joseph(Joe) Daniels, a non-alcohol man, he prohibited any alcohol on any American navy ship. The coffee was the strongest drink for the sailors, they didn’t like it but nothing else was much better. So they started calling their coffee mugs a cup of Joe.

Did you know rum was often used by the politicians in that era to persuade people to vote for them. They would often treat them with Bumbo(better rum than the navy’s) at the elections.

Why is someone who is dazed said to be Groggy?

Someone who is hazed or confused or dizzy is often said to be dazed. They see your groggy because you might be drunk from the grog.  Back in the 18th century, a British Admiral E. Vernon tried to change the drinking habits of his sailors by modifying their rum with more water in it. So it would prevent them from getting too drunk. The old admiral use to wear a grogram coat and was known as Old Grog. Grog was often used to describe rum but not so often these days.

Also a nice fact is that George Washington’s brother Lawrence Washington was on one of Vernon’s ships. Though he wasn’t George’s actual brother but rather his half brother.

Interesting facts about Capoeira

Have you heard of a sport that involves martial arts, music, and dance as an integral part of the game? It is Capoeira – an art form that is part of Brazilian culture and is also the national sport of the country.

Historical records reveal that this unique sport has been brought into Brazil way back in the 16th century by the slaves from Angola. Basically it is a combative sport disguised in a dance form with music.

According to some historians, the game of Capoeira emerged as an emotional outlet for the slaves to get relief from their oppression both through violence as well as art forms of music and dance. Because of the violence, the game has been banned in the second half of 19th century. Since the beginning of the 20th century, the game has been revived and treated more as a sport and cultural art form in Brazil.

What is Capoeira?

Capoeira is a unique sport in which the combative martial art skills of African slaves and the music and dance of Brazil are entwined. The game takes place in open area where the participants in the game form a big circle called as Roda. Some of the participants start playing music or singing the folk songs. Participants enter into the circle or roda in pairs and perform acrobatic skills in tune with the song and music. The acrobatic skills and fighting between the participants in the circle include elbow strikes, feints, sweeps, kicks, body throws as well as head butts.

While a pair of players perform in the center of the roda, the other participants sing and clap their hands in tune with the music and the songs sung, in an effort to encourage the players in the ring.

The unique feature of this sport is the music. The style and tempo of the game is determined by the type of music. There are a number of forms of music – slow music or fast-paced music beats. As part of the music, songs are also sung by the participants, which do not have any specific poetic form, but mostly narrative, where one person calls and the other person replies for the call. The subject matter of the songs might be varied from historic facts to famous players in the game.

Though Brazil is renowned for Football in sports field, Capoeira retains the popularity among the masses and rightly declared as the National Sport of that country.

Fun Facts About Haiti

Haiti has been on the news a lot recently not for the good reasons though, sadness and catastrophe have taken over the island. People all over from the world are helping them right now. Here are some great facts about this little Island.

  • The First natives of Haiti were the Taino Amerindians.
  • It was discovered in 1492 by Christopher Columbus.
  • In about 25 years the Taino natives were all gone, because of diseases brought by the Spanish or just them killing them meaninglessly.
  • The Spanish called this area Hispanyola.
  • The Spanish gave control of the colony in 1697 to The French, hence why they currently often leave to French parts of the world.
  • It soon became one of the wealthiest colonies in the west because it’s sugar cane, wood and other natural resources. This was only achieved through Slavery and environment degradation.
  • In 1804, they were one of the first black colonies to declare independence.
  • They have always been politically unstable, in 2004 they exiled their president Jean Bertrand.
  • Haiti is in the middle of a hurricane belt, from June to October, tornado’s and such are common.
  • In Haiti, whenever there are drought periods, earthquakes are soon to come.
  • The Northern part which the Spanish didn’t give away in 1697 is The Dominicans.
  • Haiti is mostly catholic with 80% of the population practicing that.
  • 9 million is the population but the amount is unstable due to major deaths etc..

All that you should know about the CCIE BootCamp

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