5 Most Famous People in the World

1 Tiger Woods- Considered to being the most famous person today in the sports field, was born in 1975, on December 30. His achievements hold him to be among the top successful professional golfers, also being the highest paid athlete in 2008. His fame is credited to being the highest rated watched golfer on television, known in history.

Tiger had parents totally devoted to him, with two half-brothers, from his fathers’ first marriage. Tiger is not his birth name, but a nickname his father gave him, after he gained prominence in national and junior golf, so the nickname stuck with him.

2 Bill Gates- He is from a family of entrepreneurs, known for making strides in business and finance and was born in 1955, October 28. His father is an attorney and his mother was a school teacher. At an early age, he had an interest in software, and proceeded at the age of 13, to begin programming computers. As a young teenager, he partnered with a friend and ran a small company, in Seattle.He bought his computer to count the traffic in the city.

Along with this friend, before graduating from Harvard, they planned to develop a software for personal computer use. His company called Microsoft became well known for his business deals and their operating systems for computers. In New York city, the Microsoft corporation announced that Microsoft Windows is the next generation operating system.

3 Oprah Winfrey- She is known as a top actress, producer, magazine publisher, literary critic and a media personality, born in 1954, January 29. Known world-wide for her talk show, becoming the highest rated program ever, of its kind. According to some people, she is the most influential woman of the world.

She was born to a single mother in rural poverty, experiencing a difficult childhood. While still in high school, she procured a job on the radio and  then at the age of 19, co-anchored the local evening news. The way she ab-libbed her delivery, she soon received a transfer to the talk show area, and the rest is history.

Later in her career she focused on spirituality, self-improvement and literature. Some people criticized her for some of her methods, but because she is also known to promoting the helping of others, who are less fortunate, she is a woman who is admired.

4 Nelson Mandela- He was born to a chief of a South African tribe in 1918, July 18. He was imprisoned for trying to overthrow the government with violence. He spent years enduring hard labour, along with seven others and sentenced to life in prison. His reputation grew, as being a black leader and a symbol of resistance, as the anti-apartheid movement became stronger. He would not compromise his political position to gain his freedom.

He was released after spending 27 years in prison. He then became so involved in his life’s work to attain the goals, then became the president of the African National Congress, elected a year later.

5 Madonna- She was born to a father, who became an engineer, and her mother, an x-ray technician and formerly a dancer, in 1958, August 16. As she grew up in a very strict Catholic family, (five siblings) and  her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer while she was pregnant with Madonna’s youngest sister. The cancer developed, as treatments couldn’t proceed because of the pregnancy, and after the birth, her mother died when she was only five.

Her drive for perfectionism and high achievement, gained her to be a disciplined, accomplished dancer, a cheer leader, straight A student and then she went on to graduate before the other students in her age group. She was offered a full scholarship in a dance program and went on from therein her singing and dancing career.

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5 Animals Discovered in The 20th Century

There are a few animals mankind has only know for few years and in this post I will tell you which ones.

1.Okapi, were thought to be discovered by the Occident in 1900. That year Sir Harry Johnston sent skins and skulls of the Okapi back in London to validate his claims. In 1901, they thought the Okapi had some kind of connection with the giraffe and the zebra, because of his stripes. Nowadays they are very rare in the wild but some of the bigger zoo’s in the world will surely have one.

2. Pygmy Hippo, a famous German animal dealer created a zoo in Hamburg. In 1909 Hagenbeck (zoo owner) sent Hans Schomburgk to Liberia to check for “a huge black pig”. Hans did spot the animal but he thought they were related to hippos and not pigs. He couldn’t catch one so no one believed him. He said they were 30feet large and had shiny black skin. 3 years later he proved them wrong when he did capture one and bring him back to Germany.

3.The Kouprey, a wild ox like animal. First scientist thought it was just a variation of the Gaur or banteng but analysis on one proved otherwise. But because of the war of Vietnam. In 1988, a bunch New York researchers saw a herd of 50 Kouprey but were unable to capture any. The kroupey is currently considered critically endangered.

4.Sao La, British biologist John MacKinnon said ” it is a cow that behaves like a goat.”. This animal lived in North Western Vietnam, where it was thought to be a forest goat. It is larger then a goat but smaller then a cow, it has razor sharp horns 30inch each. They are thought to be around 120 still alive in the wild till now.

5.Komodo Dragon, the Dragon was unknown to science and the world until a man flying a plane landed on the island of Komodo. When he returned to land he told tales of how these creatures were living dragons and would devour anything. Not many believed him until a team went and captured one.

5 Amazing Extinct Animals

Our planet has been graced with many great, unique creatures though a few have disappeared because of their inability to adapt or because of human activities. Here are a few of them that have been completely extinct but sometimes rediscovered later.

1. The Cahow, the small headed sea birds that once lived all along the coasts of Bermuda, were thought to be extinct for 330 years. But in 1951, January 8, the bird was rediscovered by an British scientist, David Wingate. Under his surveillance the Cahow population grew slowly but effectively till this day.

2.Dibbler, the marsupial mouse who was thought to be extincted since 1884 till 1967. When an Australian naturalist caught one in a trap. By luck, it was a female who then gave birth to 8 little ones. Since then they have been kept in captivity.

3.The Dwarf Lemur, the small tree dwelling primate with big watery eyes. In 1875, they were reported to be extincted. But then in 1966 they were found in Mananara, Madagascar.

4. The Ivory billed woodpecker, described by naturalists as the greatest of all the woodpeckers. It had a wingspan of 30 inches, the largest for an American woodpecker.  They were very few left for many years but in 1944 this woodpecker was official considered extinct. Until in 2004, Gene Sparkling, a kayaker, saw one in Arkansas, it was later confirmed by many other naturalists.

5. Mountain Pygmy Possum, the small marsupial was considered to be extinct for 30,000 years until a doctor caught one in his kitchen, in Australia, 1966. Three more were then discovered in 1970. Talk about a comeback from the death.

Interesting facts about Pato – the national sport of Argentina

The word Argentina, in sports parlance, immediately brings to memory Diego Maradona, and now Lionel Messi – the newly crowned European Footballer of the year. Both are great footballers representing the country. But football is not the national sports in that country.

The national sports of Argentina is Pato. The game of Pato had been in existence from the beginning of the 18th century, played both in a competitive manner as well as in amateur pastime, especially in the fairs and during weekends. Pato had witnessed innumerable controversies over the past and had even resulted in innumerable deaths of ducks used in the game in ancient times.

The game, in its new version, has been recognized as the National Sport by the Government of Argentina in the year 1953, and since then the game is played in the new version.

What actually is the game of Pato? It is an interesting game that entwines two different disciplines – polo and basketball.

The game is played between two teams – with each team having 4 members. The members will be riding on the horses. The other interesting aspect of the game is the ball, having 6 handles of convenient sizes.

The idea of the game is that a player should pick the ball by its handle and throw it through a vertically positioned rings placed on either side of the ground just as goal posts in football. The ball, made of leather and having six handles, weighs between 2.3 to 2.8 pounds.

The player, who takes the ball in the field by the handle, should outstretch the arm in which he is holding the ball, and should use the other hand for controlling the reins of the horse. If a person does not outstretch the arm in which the ball is held, it would treated as foul. The outstretched arm gives an opportunity for the other players to snatch the ball before being thrown through the vertical ring.

Another most interesting aspect of the game is the tugging, where the struggle takes place between the player holding the ball and others trying to snatch the ball. In such circumstances, both the players should not be sitting on the saddle of the horse but should be standing on the stir, holding the ball in one hand and use the other hand for controlling the reins of the horse.

Handling the ball in one hand, controlling the rein, and standing up on the house while on a mission to throw the ball to the vertical ring makes this game the most interesting one, not just for the players but also for the spectators.

In modern game, nets are provided in the vertical rings for holding the balls. At the end of the game, the number of balls in the nets determines the winning team.

In ancient times, live ducks were put up in vertical ring posts that lead to killing of the ducks on being hurt by the balls. The more ducks killed determined the winner in ancient games.

Making a Serviceable Quilt on A Shoe String Budget

I’m no expert, but I have been quilting since I’ve been 11 years old, and I’m now 65. I guess that means that I have a little bit of know-how when it comes to making a quilt. Keep the pattern simple, quilts were originally made to keep people warm.

Start by having a color scheme in your mind, find out what the persons favorite color is and go from there. Make sure that all the colors go together, but if they are the ones they like, then the color choice will work. I had a teenage boy who wanted blue, purple and yellow and I questioned (only in my mind) those particular colors, but when it was finished, it looked very nice. After all, they were his favorites, not mine, so that’s all that mattered.

The next part of the process, to decide which kind of material is best for how they want to use their quilt. They might want a more serviceable quilt, so in that case, it needs to be made from a material which can withstand repeated washings. One of my passions is to use materials which would ordinarily be thrown in the garbage. Blue jeans, for example, may not be worn anymore, but they still have some wear in them, so why not use their material for making a quilt? They will stand up to almost any kind of wear and tear.

Making the pattern is the next part, and keep it simple. Buy yourself some grid paper, so you can draw the pattern and have that to refer to, as you sew the pieces together. Have some pencil crayons of different colors and draw the color in the square and that will become your quilt block. Let your imagination go crazy, or copy a pattern from a book. Each square will be a block, so draw the outline of your quilt to the size you want. Remember you will take away some measurement with the seams, so plan on that being taken from your final measure.

Remember, the seams will be thick, so if you are using denim, do not make the pattern too small or intricate. Cut the jean material into whatever size of block you want. Stack them according to the color, follow your grid and then sew them together. The easiest way, is to do a row at a time, marking off each row as you go. When you are finished all the rows, then it is time to start sewing them together.

Pin each block at the seam, so that the join will perfectly line up with each other, right sides together.  Now sew them together. When you have all of them sewn, press the seams flat. Turn the whole thing over and press again on the top side. Pressing is important.

You have now finished your first quilt top. If you don’t have or know someone with a frame, place it on a table, upside down, then put quilt batting on, then the backing material. Flannelette works well with denim. Turn the whole thing over. With a length of crochet cotton, put that into the eye of a darning needle, put the needle through all the layers, then bring it up to the surface. Tie a double knot.

The easiest binding is to bring the backing material to the front, cut to 3″, fold it over the front, and sew it down. Your quilt is finished.
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7 Super Foods – Pure and Simple

1  Green Food- These foods are full of rich nutrients, especially wheat grass and barley grass. The benefits from these young grasses will revolutionize your life, as they will lower your blood pressure, keep your immune system in check, lower your cholesterol and keep cancer at bay. On top of all these beneficial attributes, they are high in chlorophyll, which helps in disease prevention, plus keeps the internal odors down significantly. Another great thing about these small grasses is they will diminish your bad breath. They can be found in health food stores in the form of a supplemental pill, from dried ingredients, or can be juiced from the green form.

2  Hot peppers- Chili peppers are especially high in properties which will combat heart disease, they are analgesic, anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory. The compounds contained in these hot peppers are anti-oxidants and vitamin C, with twice as much as in citrus fruits. These peppers may be put in almost any dish that can be made to receive these nutrients to help in having a more healthy body.

3  Beans and lentils- World wide these foods are used in so many dishes, because of all the benefits received when they are consumed. First of all, they are low in fat, high in fiber, so are wonderful foods for anti-diabetic diet, as they are released into the blood stream very slowly. One other great thing about these foods, and everyone will be interested in this, they are anti-aging. You will feel full longer, and have more energy. For each meal, eat 1/4-1/2 cup of these beans or lentils.

4  Nuts and seeds- Are you interested in losing weight and not having any hunger pangs? How about a food that can reduce the sagging skin and wrinkles? Nuts or seeds will do all of these, so if you feel hunger creeping up, have a handful of nuts, very filling and totally satisfying and of course very healthy for you. You can use them in so many ways besides eating whole, ground on your cereal, put into a salad and the list goes on.

5 The family of allium- They consist of; scallions, garlic, onions, chives, leeks and shallots. These foods protect the liver as an antioxidant, will prevent cancer, eliminate carcinogens and toxins from the body. Whenever possible it is advised to eat these in their raw state. They will lower the blood pressure, cholesterol, and raises the good cholesterol.

6 Acai- This is a little red berry from an Amazon palm tree, containing nutrients and is the most energy -packing power food in the world. These berries have a taste similar to chocolate and berries combined, and can be found in most health food stores as a juice. The most recommended form though is an unsweetened pulp, but is difficult to find. Their healthful properties are endless and the most beneficial of all foods.

7 Yogurt- This food is known to promote the very best health properties. These are called functional foods, cultured and fermented milk products, which have been around for generations. These ancient foods have been here for that long for a reason, and we need to pay attention to this fact. They are considered probiotic, which means they will help in the fight against infectious diseases.

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