Fun Facts about Lowes

Lowes is a retail chain of home improvement stores. It was started by Lucius S. Lowe in 1921. It was then inherited by his daughter Ruth in 1940. She sold it to her brother and he and Ruth’s husband were in the war so Ruth and her mother ran the store. They also carry appliances and these stores operate across the U.S. and Canada. The company’s annual revenue is around $46.9 billion. The company was established in 1946. The headquarters are located in Mooresville, North Carolina. Lowes President is Larry Stone and the Chairman is Robert Nib lock. The staff totals close to 210,000 and they are part of the Fortune 500 and rank at number 48. Lowes stock is at 40,000 products! Lowes operates stores in all 50 States. They expanded into Canada in 2007 and opened a store in Hamilton, Ontario. Lowes is the second largest hardware chain in the Unites States behind Home Depot but ahead of Menards.

Globally they are the second largest chain again behind Home Depot and ahead of the United Kingdom’s B&Q. The company had notions, dry goods, horse tack, snuff, produce and groceries. Then they bought a second store in 1949. The brother Buchan started the Lowes Food chain in 1954. By 1962 Lowes operated 21 stores and had a revenue topping $32 million. Lowes was competing with The Home Depot and had to become a big box store. Lowes has grown nationally with the purchase of Eagle Hardware and Garden in 1999. Lowes is organized into divisions regions, areas and districts and then the individual stores. A store can have anywhere from 80 to over 400 employees! Lowes decided to change their tagline from “Lowes Knows” to “Lets Build Something Together.”

In 2006 Lowes partnered with Marianne Cusato and drew out affordable house plans for the hurricane victims. They built the Lowes Katrina Cottage that can withstand hurricane weather. The main voice on their television commercials is the famous actor Gene Hackman! Lowes also sponsored the radio broadcast booth for the New York Yankees. Lowes has purchased the naming rights to Lowes Motor Speedway. In Canada there were three initial stores and then three more opened. Now there are additional stores under construction and scheduled to open in 2009. Each store represents an average investment of $20.5 million! Lowes was involved in some lawsuits that involved the employee payment system.

FedEx Fun Facts

FedEx came from a term paper written by Frederick W. Smith in 1965. It was about economically inadequate passenger route systems used by airfreight shippers. He wrote about shippers needing a system designed for time sensitive airfreight which would later be called FedEx. FedEx began in the 70’s with 186 packages. It began with 14 small aircrafts delivering 186 packages. FedEx is short for Federal Express. The shortened name came in 1994 after years of customers using an abbreviated word. FedEx actually contains many different companies! The FedEx headquarters is in Memphis, Tennessee.

Federal Express handles more than 3.2 million packages daily and is the largest operating company in the FedEx family. FedEx ground ships more than 2.6 million packages a day. Together the companies ship over 5 million packages to customers around the world. The company has grown substantially since the first 186 packages! FedEx was the first company with overnight package delivery. They were the first to have the hub and spoke system in which all shipments are flown to a central hub, sorted, loaded and dispatched. It was the first company to have its own carrier, planes, crews and ground fleets. They were the first to have air express carriers that offer delivery after 10.30 am, next day delivery in the fall of 1982.

FedEx was the first company to launch a television ad in 1974. It was the first to equip delivery vans with technology to track packages. They had the first over the phone and real time package tracking in 1981. They were the first to offer time definite service for freight. They were the first with Saturday delivery. This company flew its own planes to Japan. Overnight letters started with them and they were the first company to reach $1 billion in revenue in 10 years of starting up. FedEx offered customers the convenience of calling for a pick up or dropping off a package. It was the first air carrying company to put computers in its vans when it debuted the DADS-Digitally Assisted Dispatch System- in 1980.

They were the first to have money back guarantees and proof of delivery. The company developed a Clearance Facility to sort international packages and clear imports through customs. They brief their employees through a closed circuit satellite and now have 141,000 worldwide! Did you realize that FedEx carries just about everything including sharks, Ferraris, Windmills and other interesting items.

Fun Facts on Playboy

Playboy started with its founder Hugh Hefner. Playboy’s first issue went on sale December 1953. It sold 54, 175 copies at 50 cents each! The first magazine had 44 pages. The original name for the magazine was Stag Party! There was no rabbit as a mascot, it was a buck. Hugh Hefner changed the name to Playboy at a friend’s suggestion after the name Stag Party was already in use and it was a trademark issue. The first edition actually featured a nude photo of Marilyn Monroe that Hefner bought from a local calendar printer. It also contained a story about Sherlock Holmes by Sir Conan Doyle.

The famous rabbit logo has appeared on every cover since the second edition in January 1954. The first centerfold was Marian Stafford who was in the March 1956 issue. Pamela Anderson has been on Playboys cover more than any other model. She has been on the cover 10 times between 1989 and 2001! Seven men have appeared on the cover, N-eter Sellers, Burt Reynolds, Steve Martin, Donald Trump, Dan Akroyd, Jerry Seinfeld and Leslie Nielson. Then Playboy launched into merchandising in 1956 when it started selling cufflinks shaped like the logo. As of 2003, 602 women have been playmates!

Hefner himself actually has 112 pairs of silk pyjamas. It is all part of his image! Playboy launched into television in 1982. The same year Hefner’s daughter Christie took over as president of the company. There are 18 International editions of Playboy around the world. They are in Brazil, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Mexico and The Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovenia, Spain and Taiwan. However the magazine is banned in China. However, the companies’ largest product license deal is with China’s Chaifa Investment Ltd.

Playboy opened the first of its famed Clubs staffed by bunny clad females in Chicago in 1960. However, they had to close them due to a severe economic downturn in 1986. Hefner called the bunnies, “a thing of the past.” Hefner is so popular he has an animal species named after him called “Sylvilagus palustris hefneri.” According to Playboy magazine more women will talk dirty during sex then men! After the actress Drew Barrymore posed for Playboy in 1995, the director Steven Spielberg sent a note that read, “Cover yourself up” along with a quilt and a copy of the magazine with all her pictures changed so she was fully clothed!

Fun Facts about La Senza

The company opened in 1990 and now has over 300 stores across Canada. The word “senza” comes from the Italian for without term in musical notation. There are also 487 stores in other countries under the brand. It is owned by Limited Brands of Columbus, Ohio. The company is based in Montreal, Canada. They carry fun fashion lingerie at affordable prices and let women wear something sexy and provocative. La Senza says that 53% of women don’t wear the proper fitting bra. Along with that a whopping 70% wear the wrong size of bra! However, getting the right fitting bra is essential for proper posture and appearance. It was founded in 1966 as Suzie Sheer and it targets women age 18 to 35. However, it is also catering to the tweens.

The concept is similar to that of Victoria Secret which is also owned by the same company. In the United Kingdom and Ireland the stores are separately owned since 2006 by Lion Capital. The store also has other labels like La Senza Girl, La Senza Express and La Senza Spirit. The company recently launched the line Lola and Coco that is aimed at high school and university students. In 2008, Robin Antin creator of the Pussy Cat Dolls was asked to design a line of lingerie for La Senza. She said the collection is flirtatious, fashionable and fun! La Senza has had controversy. Parents and critics claim their La Senza girl line is too sexual for young children. They were also faced with a law suit by Victoria Secret.

In 2003, Eva Herzegovina sued them for breach of contract when they didn’t pay for a catalogue shoot because they did not like her appearance. The company owed her 36,000. In 2006, La Senza had profits of $4.1 million or 30 cents a share which was up from the last year. Sales actually increased to $96.7 million over the period. The company had a write down of $1 million to compensate for their Silk and Satin Stores. The fact is that La Senza is all about cleavage for women. They have colourful bras and panties and even a double gel bra for extreme cleavage. In the collection you can even find neon colors like yellow, pink, blue, purple, coral, lilac and aqua. If you like muted shades you can choose from gold’s and iris. The newest model to be part of the La Senza team is Petra Nemcova. La Senza also believes in giving money to different charities. They are also the top store for lingerie.

Tim Horton’s Fun Facts

Tim Horton’s was founded in Ontario in 1964. However, it was once owned by Americans. Tim Horton’s is more popular then McDonalds! They focus on quality, freshness, value and service and are the largest quick service restaurant chain in Canada. At first the company only offered two products coffee and donuts. The original creations were the Apple Fritter and the Duchies. They were the most popular choices in the 60’s and remain two o the most popular today. Then in 1976 they came out with the Tim bit and today it is available in 35 different varieties! Then all the other products came out but the biggest draw is Tim Horton’s coffee. It is a special blend. With the addition of the roll up the rim game the coffee is a huge draw! Customers have been rolling for 23 years now!

In 2008, over 88 % of major prizes were redeemed. When you win a vehicle it is not leased it is yours to keep! In fact customers have won over 150 vehicles, 2.6 million in cash and over 500 televisions. There have been over 6 million in vehicles and 2.7 million in home entertainment gifts since 2001. In 2006, at least 92% of the prizes were redeemed. The popularity of Tim Horton’s comes from their advertising. They came in 11th for the top advertisers in the largest variety of Television ads category. The most Tim Horton’s in Canada are in Moncton, New Brunswick! They have 22 full sized Tim Horton Restaurants even though their population is quite small. Did you realize that the uniforms the servers wear were made by a high class designer?
They were made by Stephan Caras in 2001. At the time they were thought to be crisp, clean and stylish. However, this job was not given high priority on Mr, Cara’s resume! The founder of Tim Horton’s first restaurant died in 1974 when his car hit a cement culvert in Ontario. He was driving at over 100 km per hour and his blood alcohol was twice the legal limit. Tim Horton’s is more popular then Dunkin Donuts. We have all heard that the coffee has msg or nicotine that make us all addicted to it. However, that is just an urban myth. In fact, Tim Horton’s coffee contains no additives at all! The coffee is made from Arabica beans and put through a Swiss Water method to remove caffeine from the decaffeinated coffee.

Fun Facts about Wal-Mart

Wal-Mart is the world’s largest retailer with $345 billion in sales in 2007. There are more than 4,000 stores in the US and more than 2,700 more in Argentina, Brazil, Canada, China, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Japan, Mexico, Nicaragua, Puerto Rico and the UK. Wal-Mart has 61,000 suppliers and spent $200 billion on merchandise in 2006 and they supported more than 3 million American jobs. More than 176 million customers visit Wal-Mart stores worldwide each week! In the U.S. alone it is 127 million per week! Wal-Mart employs 1.8 million people worldwide and 1.3 million in the U.S. It is the largest private employer in the U.S. and Mexico.
In 2006, 25,000 people applied for 325 jobs at a store opening in Chicago! The average wage for full time is $10.51hr. There are more than 150,000 Hispanics, 225,000 African Americans, 36,000 Asians, 16,000 Native American, 235,000 associates 55 and older and 815,000 women working at Wal-Mart’s! A study actually found that Wal-mart saves households more than $2,300 a year. Now the company has an environmentally friendly initiative which is where they are doubling the efficiency of its trucks becoming 100 percent supplied with renewable energy. So there is zero waste in their stores.

In 2005, the company donated $245 million in donations to charities and organizations around the U.S. including more than $32 million in direct cash to aid relief efforts for Hurricane Katrina and Rita. The Chronicle of Philanthropy has named them the number one corporate cash contributor in America! Unfortunately, when Wal-Mart’s started moving into urban areas it racked up over 12,000 lawsuits! In the 70’s they agreed to close their stores on Sundays then began to open them and later kept them open 24 hrs a day! They promised they would never sell alcohol and now the they are the largest retailer of spirits in the U.S. Wal-Mart’s have a massive presence in Canada, Britain, Germany and Mexico as well as Brazil, China, Korea and Puerto Rico.

In America alone more than 900,000 people are employed by Wal-Mart and no stores are unionized except China! They are the largest retailer in the world and had over $165 billion in sales in 1999. Forbes magazine named Wal-Mart the 400 Richest and described them as the discount stores that froze out the competition. The fact is that Wal-Mart dodges taxes a lot! American spends $36,000,000 every hour and every day at Wal-Mart! It is the largest company in the history of the world! Wal-Mart is so rich they could probably bail out Wall Street!

Fun Facts on RCA

The person who claimed to be the inventor of the television is Russian Vladimir Zworykin. In 1929 David Sarnoff founder of RCA asked him to develop TV for commercial use. It took 20 years and $50 million. Before his death at 92 he said the technique was wonderful and beyond his expectations. However, he said he would never let his children watch any of the horrible programs! Nipper is the name of the RCA dog! He was a fox terrier. RCA was founded as the Radio Corporation of America. It was an electronics company from 1919 to 1986. The company brought the program transcription discs to the world in 1930. Sales were difficult because of the depression.

The trademark is owned by the French conglomerate Thomson SA through RCA Trademark Management. The trademark is used by Sony Music Entertainment and Thomson SA, which licenses other companies too. In 1939, RCA demonstrated an all electronic television system at the New York World’s Fair and developed the USA’s first ever television test pattern. Before RCA all companies involved with radio in the U.S. were merged to facilitate the war effort. All production of radio equipment was for the military.

RCA started as a publicly owned company by AT&T and GE. By 1926 the company had grasped the market on commercial radio. Then they purchased the Victor Talking Machine Company the world’s largest manufacturer of phonographs including the “Victrola.” It then became RCA-Victor. Then the company got New World Rights! They got the famous Nipper Trademark. They added sound to film. Then in 1949 the company developed and released the first 45 rpm record to the public. RCA declined with the death of David Sarnoff. It was one of the eight major computer companies through the 60’s but abandoned them in the 70’s.

When Sarnoff and Zworykin visited Farnsworth’s laboratory the Mormon inventor scoffed at selling the company and Farnsworth’s services for a pithily $100,000. So Sarnoff turned and said,” Well there is nothing here we need anyway!” The record industry was good for RCA with stars like Elvis Presley popping out records. In fact RCA grossed over $66 million and sold 8,000,000 records after Elvis died in just 6 days! The RCA television was featured on the show Bonanza. The term “cutting a record” comes from the process of the diamond or sapphire tipped stylus cutting the vibrational grooves into the master disc at the beginning of manufacturing.

Fun Facts about Reebok

Reeboks are a British brand of athletic footwear. It was founded in 1895. The name was found in a dictionary and won in a race by the found Joe Foster as a boy. It traces its origins to a spiked running shoe created in the 1800’s. J.W. Fosters shoe was so popular that he created a company. By 1979 Reeboks were officially introduced to the United States. It grew in popularity with the Freestyle Athletic shoe designed for aerobics. The founder of Reebok is Joseph William Foster. The original name of the company was Mercury Sports. Reebok was purchased by Adidas in 2005. The official sponsor is the National Football League. The brand has been worn by famous runner like Harold Abram and Eric Liddell in the 1924 Olympics. They are the official shoe supplier for the NFL and Major League Baseball. The company also endorses individual athletes including Allen Iverson.

One of the most famous shoes was the Reebok pump. The shoes were introduced in the late 80’s and included an air bladder that could be pumped up with air for a snugger fit. They became a fashion statement in the early 90’s. Reebok signed Yao Ming in 2003. It was the first time they had won an endorsement battle against Nike. Reebok almost signed Lebron James to a $75 million contract until Nike got him for $90 million! Reebok spent $25 million promoting the Dan vs. Dave decathlon battle. Reebok signed Allen Iverson to a lifetime contract in 2001. He gets $7 million a year! Reebok distributed charm bracelets with children’s shoes that were laced with lead! Now they have to pay $1 million dollar fine.

Now Reebok is trying to strive ahead of the competition again with a running shoe that will let you work out while just wearing it. The easy tone shoe will work your legs without that trek to the gym. Reebok is in actuality a subsidiary of Adidas. The name actually comes from the Afrikaans spelling of Reebok a type of African antelope or gazelle. The company began in the United Kingdom. Reebok is also branching out into board games shoes! It is inspired by the Monopoly game and will feature dice, tokens chance and community chest cards, houses and hotels etc. There will be detail on the laces, lace lock, prints, colours and overall design element.

Fun Facts about Nike

Did you know that the creator of the Nike Swoosh was only paid $35 dollars for the design! The CEO of Nike is the sixth richest man in America. He is worth 5 billion dollars and profits off sweatshop workers. Nike has never been in the red! Nike is the biggest shoe company in the world because it operates in countries where it is illegal to bargain for better wages and conditions. Nike pays Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods and Monica Seles a combined total of over 60 million to brand themselves with the swoosh symbol. The original name for Nike was Blue Ribbon Sports. The name Nike comes from the Greek goddess of victory. Ilie Nastase a tennis star was the first athlete to sign with Nike.

The first Nike was the Nike Tailwind followed by the Air Jordan. The Nike Air Sole does not actually have any air in it. Nike actually has many marketing names like Nike Golf, Nike Pro, Nike Air Jordan and more. The company has factories in 45 countries. The first product was bases on Bowermans waffle design where the sole of the shoe was made by the pattern of a waffle iron! Unfortunately, Nike has a history of using inhumane labour practices for their products. Their factories violated the local minimum wage laws and forced overtime. They subjected workers to criminally dangerous and brutal sweatshops! The company supported military dictatorships that crush labour unions. Nike has around $15 billion in revenues.

They are the world’s leading designer and marketer of athletic footwear, accessories etc. They produce around 50,000 product styles a year and sells in 160 countries! The company has 28,000 employees! Nike’s operations contribute to 1.36 million tonnes of CO2 each year! Nike is even trying to target the Native Indian population. They have come out with a shoe that fits most native Indians feet. During research it was found that most Indian have a wider and taller foot than the average shoe accommodates. The Air Native is wider with a larger toe box and thicker sock liner. The Jordan XV11 was the most expensive shoe ever at $200!

The Air Force One was the first shoe to use air technology in 1982. Nike is always striving to be bigger and better. They are currently working on a running shoe that can show you are heart rate, temperature and hydration levels.

Fun Facts about LG

The company was established in 1947 with a chemical company in Korea! LG is a global leader for technology, electronics, communications and appliances. LG is actually 5 business units-Home Entertainment Mobile Communications, Home Appliances, Air Conditioning and Business Solutions. Global sales in 2008 were 44.7 million! The LG expanded into home appliances in 1958 under the name of Gold Star Electronics Company. In 1995 the company was renamed LG which is Lucky Gold. In the market place LG stands for “Life’s LG is best known for Televisions, washing machines, microwaves and phones. LG phones come with features like flip, sliding and swivel. LG also deals in 3G technology as part of their phone packages. The phones have high resolution cameras, music players, document viewers, memory, GPS features and internet access. Good.” The thing about LG phones is that they are at low prices and have good quality for customers.

The newest release for LG is the Rumour. It is a full keyboard handheld available to Canadians. It is designed for people on the go. Did you know that 8% of Americans are wireless only! LG has a watch- phone that is 14mm thick with a screen measuring 36mm diagonally. The surface is tempered glass and the casing is metal. The strap is available in leather and carbon fiber. The LG touch screen phones reached 7 million units at the end of the second quarter this year. The LG Viewty reached 2 million units and is popular thanks to the 5.0 megapixel sharp camera and easy touch screen interface. The most beautiful phones ever launched in the history of the mobile industry is the LG shine. Each one of these phones is high tech and loaded with the latest technology.

LG was the first company to release a touch screen phone. It is called the LG Renoir. It was named after the famous French artist because it has a powerful camera. The camera can support 262,000 colors and there are three buttons on the front for ease of use. You can record up to 120 frames per second allowing you to replay videos in slow motion if you choose. LG has a phone that they copied after a banana! It is fashioned after the curves of a banana and fits your face better and more comfortably. There is no doubt that LG phones are new and packed with features and are constantly striving to come out with newer and better phones.