Interesting facts about Honey

In this modern age where the concept of reducing the intake of sugar is gaining importance and people across all walks of life prefer to substitute sugar with sugar-free substances, the importance of honey as a sweetener is losing ground.

One more thing that supports the alienation of honey is the fact that honey, in comparison with sugar, does not have more nutrients. Traceable amounts of vitamin B, minerals and amino acids present in honey are just the same as available in plain sugar. Moreover, a single tablespoon of honey contains as much as 1,110 kilojoules of sweet content in comparison to just 815 kilojoules in a tablespoon of plain white sugar.

In the circumstances, should we discard honey once and for all from our consumption? Do not jump to such conclusions at once? Honey has some unique medicinal properties that are worth considering before discarding it altogether.

Before considering the unique medicinal benefits of honey, let us dwell for a minute on how we get this honey. Honey is nothing but the remains of the nectar collected from the flowers after moisture in the nectar evaporates. In addition to sugars such as fructose and dextrose, honey contains little amounts of pollen, proteins, wax, minerals and vitamins. In order to collect the nectar from the flowers, transport it back to their hives and store it in hexagonal wax cells of honeycomb for feeding the young bees, it has been found that bees cover a vast area across a 10-kilometer radius. Thus we get the honey from the honeycombs of the bees.

With this little prelude about honey, let us consider its medicinal benefits.

If you are experiencing a sore throat with pain, a little amount of honey added to hot lemon or a cup of tea would be sufficient to get instant relief from that sore throat.

It is but normal that when we get hurt or wounded, we resort to an antiseptic cream in addition to the healing the wound. You might be surprised to know that honey is a very good antiseptic alternative, as it contains hydrogen peroxide as well as a compound called propolis that is effective in killing bacteria. Bacteria survive on moisture content in and around a wound, and the high sugar content in honey sucks out the moisture from the wound and thus arrests the spread of bacteria. Application of honey as an antiseptic for wounds is more effective than other antiseptic creams. It is for this reason that some of the manufacturers sell dressings that are impregnated with honey content, which aids in speedy recovery from wounds that are hard-to-heal otherwise.

As useful medical treatment, doctors preferred the usage of Honey in many cases. It is found that honey is used to treat a number of gastro-intestinal complaints. It has been discovered that usage of honey helps in not only reducing the symptoms for ulcer but also assist in quickening or reducing the healing time for patients suffering with ulcer.

Six simple tips to fight insomnia and enjoy sound sleep

One of the most common diseases most of us encounter at some stage is insomnia or sleepless night. When struck with insomnia, you will be affected by any of the following things – a) you do not get sleep as soon as you lie on the bed – you tend to just lay down on the bed, toss and turn either side but could not get sleep; b) you get sleep as soon as you lie on the bed but the continuity would not be there – you might wake up frequently for no specific reason; and c) you wake up from bed much too early without a complete sleep and once woken from bed, you do not get sleep again.

The primary reason why one gets affected by insomnia is either depression or emotional stress. The after-effects of insomnia or sleepless night will be much worse the next day morning. You will not have the freshness you would love to have. You would feel irritable and somber the next day morning.

This is a common phenomenon and there is nothing to panic about the issue of sleeplessness or insomnia. Some simple tips can be tried to overcome this sleeplessness and make your next day morning a fresh and great one, both mentally and physically.

  • It is advisable to avoid a large meal late in the evening. A big meal usually requires a minimum of 3 to 4 hours to digest in the stomach. A big meal late in the evening and immediately going to bed would be an invitation for the groaning and grumblings in your stomach that would deprive you of a good sleep.
  • It is advisable not to take spicy food or food containing sugar such as chocolates especially before going to the bed. The caffeine content present in chocolate might affect your sleep.
  • Try to have a banana or a slice of turkey or chicken before going to bed. Either of these items contains amino acids that are used by our body to produce serotonin, which helps in getting sleep. Do not overdo that as more of these will deprive you of the sleep – one single banana or a small slice of turkey would be sufficient.
  • A glass of warm milk along with a couple of biscuits would also do the same thing as a banana or a slice of turkey or chicken will do for you to get a good sleep in the night. You can also try to have a spoon of honey with a glass of warm milk instead of biscuits.
  • Do not take coffee or such other caffeinated drinks within four hours of your normal bedtime. Depending upon your affinity to these caffeinated drinks, you might be deprived of sleep due to impact of caffeine. One should also avoid smoking a cigarette within four hours of going to bed as the nicotine content in cigarette might affect your sleep and cause insomnia.
  • Preparing your bedroom also has an effect on your sleep. Instead of directly going to bed for sleep, it is advisable that you lie down on the bed for a while, review all the things that took place during the course of the day and take a little time to think about the activities in store for you tomorrow morning. A calm soothing effect these thoughts give you will take you to a sound sleep. Switch off the TV in the room and try to hear some soothing melodious music at low volume in your audio system.

Practicing any one of the above-mentioned suggestions would help you get a sound sleep, devoid of insomnia, and make you get up fresh the next day morning.

I don’t suffer fools, and I like to see fools suffer

Okay, this title may seem a little malicious. The main idea is the true fact that there are many out there that actually get a rise at seeing other people suffer. We walk a fine line of knowing it is not a good thing to ridicule, to being the cause of others pain. But when they cause the pain for themselves we have a tendency to find it a way to feel better about ourselves because at least we think we don’t make those kinds of mistakes. And what is even funnier, is that when we do make those kinds of mistakes we find it is entirely a different situation then the suffering fool we made ourselves feel better over. This is a case I’ve seen time and again. I knew something was wrong but couldn’t quite put my finger on it. I finally realized it is a tool, a jagged tool we use to feel better about ourselves or to bond with others by pointing out others problems. We seem willing to do anything these days to feel acceptable even at the cost of someone’s suffering.

Having experienced this state myself, I found it to only go in a vicious circle. As we know, what goes around comes back around, as Justin Timberlake puts it. Some call it karma. What ever it is it always comes and bits you in the butt. Thankfully, I am a person who really wants to learn to be better. I took the time to figure this one out. It is also not so easy to break this habit. Especially when people around you want you to participate otherwise you are not in the holier then thou group, until the shoe is on the other foot, and those same people are putting you out. Have you ever thought it may be a test of courage on your behalf? If you pass you may move up a space or draw a special card?

This habit has unfortunately contributed to the loss of compassion and understanding we should have for our fellow mankind. We are eating the backs of people with this manner. Breaking down another’s spirit, so to speak and I don’t want to be in that line when that comes back around. Do you?

Yes, there are people out there that may make it easy for you to think this way. But this is a habit we have to change. Just because we take time to recognize another’s suffering doesn’t make us a fool. It makes us the wiser. It doesn’t take away from our lives. Even, just being patient on another is an act that will come back to you.

Take some time to really look over your self. I bet you will see you are not that better off. If you have the non-sense or even the time to be so careless towards another person, you must not be doing so great yourself. People of stature (e.g. as people of distinction and importance) are too busy doing things that are of importance. Now, I’m not trying to get on your back about this. I just hope we would think about what it is we are thinking when we see another person in an unfortunate predicament. Stop and take a moment and see what is going on in your head. Are you laughing and thinking what an idiot? Or, are you figuring on a way you might be able to help or at least point them in the right direction? Isn’t that how you want people to think when you are in the same position?

It Is Not The Men In My Life, It Is The Life In My Men

I finally got the idea and hope that by sharing it with you it will help you move on to building the life you deserve. I think most women have experienced a difficult relationship sometime or another and felt that it has held them back in life. Sometimes this is a continuous cycle for some women and it may lead us to blame our men, who we feel aren’t doing their part to make our lives wonderful. I used to ask myself why is it so hard to understand and deal with men.

I spent a good part of my life trying to create my ideal life with my man that I just could not get to materialize, then one day I looked up and realized my life was slipping away and all the things I wanted to do were not happening. Of course I wanted to push blame because if he would just get into my plan we could live that ideal life. And I found the more I pushed the more he pushed back. We were not getting anywhere. And for once I did the smart thing and stepped back. I did some figuring. I wasn’t going to withdrawal nor was I going to give up on the person I committed to. I had to go at this a whole other way. I needed to understand the life that was in my man. Well, one day I was just taking a walk and admiring a beautiful day and then it just hit me. Knowing a man’s upbringing is very vital to knowing the kind of man he is and guess what? We have to except this and what it has made him. Now, I now this isn’t always easy. Trust me I know first hand. But once I was able to do this and care for him and all that he was, I was able to put this issue aside.

It was not the man in my life. It was me. I was so busy trying to mold him, I ignored who he was. I was so busy scolding him I turned off my compassion for him. And we wonder why they run away. Okay, some even sneak away. Yea, it’s bad, you know what I mean.

I was overlooking the real challenge at hand. Instead of ignoring the life in my man, thinking I knew better, I should have been looking on how to unfold the layers that preserved the amazing man I new he was.

Life is hard in some way or another for everyone. But we have to take responsibility for our roles in each others lives. It is something we have to give to, not take from. I realized that I had to become the woman that the kind of man I wanted deserved. I stopped focusing on changing my man and started focusing on what I wanted to be. And there are challenges there, too. But if you really want it you will overcome the difficulties with patience and compassion. When my man realized I was busy with something else he started to wonder. Then the tables turned. I had his attention and he started to look at me in a whole other way.

There are painters

There are painters who transform the sun into a yellow spot, but there are others who, thanks to their art and intelligence, transform a yellow spot into the sun

What do you see when you look at the sun?  Do you just see a glare in your eyes and put on some sunglasses and go about your business?  You run around all day trying to make ends meet and at the end of the day feel as if you will never make it.  You get up the next day and do it all over again.  Or, do you close your eyes and take a deep breath and allow the wholesome rays of the sun to warm your face?  And as you stand there peace of mind befalls you and the world lets you in on a secret.  You are inspired!

The great secrets of the world that have helped us advance in life have been brought through inspiration by people who were not afraid to reach beyond and pull it back into our reality.  Creating and developing their inspirations for the world to see.  Where would we be without these kinds of people?

Why is it some people are able to overlook or make simple something that is obviously so great?  Here is my theory:  I believe it has to do with the core of a person.  Interestingly enough not all people want to neither see nor bring to life something that seems so powerfully great.  It may overwhelm them and cause them fear unknown.  There are also people who suffer from soulful conditions that do not allow them to be able to share something great with others.  Since they are unable to open their minds to this greatness it is a skill that enables them to convince the weaker to stay at their level.

The reality that there are different kinds of people in this life that want different things and not all of them want to go beyond but, rather stay stationary where things feel safe and under control, but as the nature of the world shows us, everything works in cycles and is ever changing.  Things move, shift, and change without us.  We have to move with it or our made up worlds come tumbling down eventually.  This is a fact we cannot deny.
It is evident in our world today as our climate changes and our environment suffers because we want to continue living one way.

And thankfully to those who do not fear and know the answers lay in change, are the ones who look ahead and bring back the balance of our lives through inspiration.  They are not afraid to adventure and discover what lies ahead.  They are willing to make the mistakes in order to make the corrections that lead to solutions.  And what is most important is the fact they do all this without a thought or concern for themselves.  The gift of inspiration is award enough and to see others benefit from it is icing on the cake.  These people do not claim the outcome for themselves, they know the inspiration came from somewhere else but only was relayed to through them.  They are the ones that look at something that may seem simple and can see the potential of what it was meant to be for you from the world.  Something great!

What is dysthymia, or mild depression, and how to overcome it?

One of the most common ailments that most of the people experience or suffer at some point of time is depression. It is true that even people like Winston Churchill, Ludwig Van Beethoven and Vincent van Gogh have suffered from this depression at some point of their life. It is due to this reason that some psychologists call depression as a common cold of emotional disorders.

What causes depression in the first instance? A bitter experience of a traumatic event might lead to depression. Alternatively, may be, for no reason, one feels sad and empty leading to a state of depression. Mild depression, also referred to as dysthymia, is quite common among people and there is nothing to panic about. This mild depression can be overcome easily with little efforts of the person suffering from the disease. Usually this mild depression lasts for not more than two weeks and as such, there is no cause for panic or visit to a doctor.

Some simple measures that can help one person overcome the mild depression are discussed here.

1.Mild depression might be due to an adverse impact on the mood of a person. A large number of research studies have revealed that frequent exercise of the body can be a powerful mood enhancer. People suffering from mild depression should consider taking up a brisk walk or some sort of aerobic exercise for about 20 minutes continuously three times a week. It is left to the choice of the patient to decide on the workout – it might be brisk walking, lifting weights, cycling, or jumping using a skipping rope – anything would do. The important point is that one should sweat it out to realize the vital benefits of exercise.

2.Lack of carbohydrates in the daily dosage of food consumption might also lead to mild depression. The chemical serotonin, which is responsible for regulating the mood in the brain, in found in abundance in foods like fruits, vegetable, whole grains and beans. Reduction in the intake of these foods, probably as part of the weight-reduction exercise, might also affect the mood and lead to dysthymia. As such, one should be conscious of his or her food intake and ensure that adequate quantities of carbohydrates are consumed.

3.Consuming more of fish and related foods is advised for overcoming mild depression. Fresh tuna, salmon and trout, containing omega-3 fatty acids, should be preferred as these foods are essential for normal brain functioning.

4.One interesting thing that people, suffering from mild depression, are advised to do is to take a piece of paper and record the feelings that emanate during depressive mood. Stress is laid more on recording the most painful feelings. It has been discovered that people recording their feelings for about 20 minutes a day have found themselves free from mild depression much earlier than expected. They experienced tremendous improvement in their wellbeing and mood within the first few days of writing out their feelings. The interesting aspect is that they are advised just to write and do not think on what they are writing.

Mild depression, or dysthymia, is a common disorder and there is nothing to panic about this depressed feeling. Implementing one or more of the above-mentioned tips might help a person overcome the disorder.

Four simple measures to overcome anxiety

Do you feel worried, but not sure what is the cause for the worry? Then, it is possible that you are anxious or caught in an anxiety attack. Anxiety or being anxious is nothing but a reaction either to a threat or to danger that is vague and even unknown. Other possible ways in which anxiety reveals itself include sweating, rapid heart beat, unwanted thoughts or behavior, poor concentration, shivering, irritability and shallow breathing.

Anxiety is different from worry in that there might be some definite reasons behind a worry causing out of fear, while in case of anxiety, there is no specific reason for fear in the first place.

What causes anxiety?

Contrary to general worry, anxiety attacks come on suddenly and with overwhelming force. Anxiety attacks are most likely to occur after a period of unusual stress. One needs to bear in mind that this emotional of anxiety will be frightening but mostly harmless. An anxiety attack is only a panic attack and is definitely not a fatal one or one having serious consequences.

The best way to overcome anxiety is to stay as calm as you can, try to regulate the breath and allow the attack to just follow its course.

In cases of anxiety attack, while it is advisable to consult a physician if the anxiety is for a prolonged duration, resorting to doctor’s assistance could be the last resort and simple remedial measures could suffice. The following six simple steps can be explored for overcoming anxiety.

Breathe slowly and deeply

An attack of anxiety can be quickly brought under control if one regulates his or her breath. In order to regulate the breathing, or simply slow down and deepen the breathing, one needs to sit down, put his or her hand over the abdomen and inhale slowly such that the belly expands beneath the hand placed on the abdomen but the shoulders do not rise. The inhaled breath should be held for about four to five seconds, and then very slowly exhaled out. This will yield instant results. One is advised to follow this simple method until the anxious mind calms down.

Sip a glass of warm milk

Drinking a cup of warm milk is found to be very useful in relieving anxiety to a great extent. If one can add a little amount of honey or malt to the milk, it would be much better. A type of amino acid called tryptophan, which is used in the production of the brain chemical serotonin that enhances feelings of well being, is found in adequate quantity in milk, and hence drinking a cup of warm milk will help in increased production of serotonin chemical.

Soak away your cares

During period of anxiety, one of the most pleasant ways to calm down your senses is to have a bath in lukewarm water. A little bit of lavender oil added to the bathtub containing lukewarm water enhances the effectiveness of the bath. Both the body and the senses get relaxed and the sense of anxiety appears to vanish in thin air.

Exercise and meditation

When faced with an anxiety attack, it is advisable that one takes a break from the normal routine and goes on a brisk walk for 30 minutes or indulges in some aerobic exercises. Exerting oneself either by a brisk walk or doing aerobic exercises will spur the release of endorphins, a type of chemical that facilitates in the improvement of mood and also block pain. Indulging in some sort of meditative activity for a period of 15 minutes is also very effective in relieving anxiety and restoring normalcy.

How to get relief from cough without resorting to medication

One of the most common disorders that not only annoys a person suffering from it but also irritates the people around you is Coughing. The primary reason for cough to attack a person is either a cold or flu. Cough is the result of an infection of the upper respiratory tract that causes swelling and irritation of the upper airways.

Cough is normally classified under two different kinds. One type of cough is a wet cough, a productive one in that yields mucus, is caused generally by allergies, cold or other respiratory infections. Another type of cough is the dry cough, also referred to as unproductive cough, which is caused primarily as by cigarette smoke, fumes, dust or some other form of irritation. The dry cough irritates more and makes a person cough more.

Cough is one of the most common types of diseases and normally clears up within a maximum period of 7 to 10 days on its own. If the cough is severe, prolonging for more than 10 days, and is followed by chest pain or high fever, it is necessary to seek doctor’s advice and medication as it may lead to serious illness such as pneumonia. In all other cases, it is not necessary to visit a doctor.

In order to avoid the irritation that follows a cough both for the person suffering from it and the persons around him or her, some simple remedial measures might be tried out.

  • 1. A person suffering from cough might try out some boiled sweets. The hard sweet in your mouth will increase the production of saliva and causes you to swallow more, and in the process, suppresses coughs.
  • 2. Some homemade syrup might be tried out to get relief from coughs. One such homemade syrup is a mixture containing 2 tablespoons of lemon juice and one tablespoon of honey, for which a pinch of cayenne pepper is added. The honey in the mixture will help coating the throat and soothing the irritated nerves, while the lemon present in the mixture will help reduce the inflammation. The cayenne pepper in the mixture helps in quickening the healing process through increased circulation in the region.
  • 3. Usage of onion also reduces the irritation and relieves from cough. Take six medium sized onions, peel off and chop it. Put it in a bowl set and add four tablespoons of honey into it. The mixture of chopped onions and honey is then heated on a saucepan. The heated mixture is to be covered and simmered for two hours. After that, the mixture should be strained and intake of one tablespoon of the mixture once in two or three hours will provide relief from cough.
  • 4. A mixture containing 5 or 6 cloves and a cup of honey should be kept in the refrigerator overnight. In the morning, the cloves in the mixture should be removed and one tablespoon of the mixture should be taken. This will provide relief from cough as the clove content in the mixture dulls the pain and the honey soothes the inflammation.

Following any one or all of the above-mentioned simple methods might provide the much-needed relief from coughs.

Five useful tips to eliminate bad breath instantly

One of the irritants that dent your self-confidence, especially when you are in a meeting or asked to address a gathering, is the bad breath from your mouth. People tend to back away from you when you talk to them because of the bad breath emanating from you It might be true that you had brushed your teeth well in the morning. However, bad breath can be caused if you, knowingly or unknowingly, take a dish, which contains garlic, onion, blue cheese or pepperoni. Other reasons for bad breath include among others, smoking habits, gum diseases, and not brushing the teeth and floss frequently,

You need not rush to a doctor to rectify bad breath. Of course, if the bad breath lingers on for a prolonged period in excess of 24 hours, or in case your breath smells sweet or fruity, it would be advisable to consult the physician and get appropriate medication.

If caught in bad breath, any or all of the following five tips can be followed to get instant relief.

  • 1. One of the primary reasons for bad breath is a dry mouth. A cup of water swished around your mouth will provide you an instant relief and your breath, after intake of water, will be a bit more acceptable. Water will temporarily dislodge the bacteria in the mouth and reduces bad breath considerably.
  • 2.Whatever may be the food you intake, it is always advisable to much the piece of parsley that is left over in the plate. Chlorophyll, a well-known breath deodorizer with germ fighting properties, is found in abundance in parsley and a little intake of parsley, especially at the end of the meals, will negate the ill aspects in your lunch and helps in keeping your breath fresh and good.
  • 3.Eating an orange is a good way to eliminate bad breath instantly. The citric acid present in oranges will help in stimulating the salivary glands and encourage the flow of breath-freshening saliva.
  • 4.If one could not get hold of orange to peel and eat, it is advisable that you eat whatever is available and affordable. However, caution should be exercised not to intake foods that contain garlic, blue cheese or onions. Eating encourages the flow of saliva that can help overcome the bad breath.
  • 5.Yet another suggestion that would help fight bad breath is to clean the tongue at frequent intervals. As an instant measure, one can vigorously scrape his or her tongue over the teeth. Scraping the tongue allows one to dislodge bacteria and rinsing the mouth after scraping will reduce or eliminate bad breath.

By following these simple steps, one can eliminate bad breath in his or her month for a temporary period.

Seven simple measures to tackle body odor naturally

One of the common concerns for every one of us is to ensure that the body odor does not smell bad driving away persons away from us. Excessive concern over body odor also negatively affects the self-confidence. It is for this very reason that we prefer to use antiperspirants and deodorants to mask body odor.

What causes body odor in the first instance? The cause of body odor in our body is the release of certain types of sweat. There are two types of glands in our body that are responsible for producing sweat following a strenuous work out or basking in hot sun. One is called the Eccrine gland, which produces clear, neutral smelling sweat that, in turn, cools our body on evaporation. The other type of gland is the Apocrine gland, which is responsible for secreting a substance on which the bacteria thrive or feast upon. This apocrine gland is concentrated mostly in the armpit and the groin.

The common substance that blocks the sweat glands is referred to as antiperspirants and the substance that neutralizes the body odor is referred to as deodorants. In addition to the usage of deodorants to mask body odor, one can consider some or all of the natural approaches discussed herein to mask odor.

  • 1.One can consider wiping a little amount of vinegar using a cotton wool pad onto the armpits, which will help reduce the amount of odor-causing bacteria. However, caution should be exercised and vinegar should not be applied immediately after shaving.
  • 2.Witch hazel can also be used for deodorizing. A little amount of witch hazel might be splashed on the skin or rubbed on the skin using a cotton wool pad. The refreshing smell of witch hazel not only arrests body odor but also instills more self-confidence.
  • 3.A little bit of corn flour or bicarbonate of soda might be dusted on part of the body that is causing problems or releasing bad smell. While corn flour and bicarbonate of soda absorb moisture, bicarbonate of soda also has the special ability to kill odor-causing bacteria.
  • 4.In order to keep away from body odor, it is advisable to change the shirt every day. During hot, humid or warm conditions, it is better that the shirt is changed more than once, preferably twice a day – in an effort to keep away the body odor.
  • 5.Presence of hair in the armpit is one of the reasons for release of body odor. It is advisable that the hair in the armpit is shaved off at frequent intervals to eliminate the ill effects of body odor.
  • 6.Rubbing a little amount of lemon juice on the skin and letting it dry is also an effective way to body odor. Citrus fruits such as lemon are capable of changing the level of pH present in the skin and thus make the skin acidic. Odor –causing bacteria might find it difficult to thrive on an acidic environment and as such, the probability of bacteria creating body odor is considerably reduced, if not fully eliminated.
  • 7.Chlorophyll has a powerful deodorizing effect. As such, it is advisable to consume more of leafy green vegetables, which have rich content of chlorophyll. It is also advisable to take chlorophyll tablets made from plants such as blue-green algae to fight body odor.

These simple measures are effective in fighting body odor in a natural way instead of just relying on deodorants.