Can We Convert All Gasoline Stations to Battery Shops When Electric Cars Dominate the Market?

Electric cars are better for the environment and they are more energy-efficient than the gasoline-fueled vehicles. These cars produce lesser noise than gasoline or diesel-powered vehicles and their overall emissions in the environment are highly acceptable. However, the complexities involved in manufacturing them hinder automakers to make a mass production of these vehicles.

The electric-powered carmakers are assuming that drivers will recharge their cars in their home where it would be easy to find an electrical outlet. The problem is that many of the car owners reside in apartment type of homes where they have no garage to park their cars, so, they park them on the street. Therefore, recharging may pose as a great hindrance for their massive production.

If the owners recharge their cars from a coal plant, it would be harmful to the environment and it would add up to the existing pollution in the greenhouse, ozone and acid rain. Natural gas, nuclear and wind are best alternatives for the gasoline-propelled vehicles but their cost is higher and some of them are harmful to the environment. Electric cars are better for the environment than any kind of combustion engine and the cost of consumption per mile is lower.

The electric cars are cleaner even when they are charged in dirty electricity outlets, because of their high efficiency electric power trains. They don’t consume idle energy at stoplights and they are made up of regenerative braking which is not so difficult to make. Their mechanical parts are also limited which make them more economical to manufacture.

Electricity is available anywhere and its cost is practically lower than fuels, but we have to take into consideration the possible means that owners would prefer to use electricity for their cars. Electric cars use small amount of electrical power, but in general, the average car recharging could overwhelm the whole electrical system. Even if plug-ins suddenly becomes available in recharging stations, it could still result in a power problem.

Let us say 10 drivers in 1 area decide to recharge their cars at the same time, that would extremely affect the power grid in that particular area. In this case, the best solution is to improve first the electrical system in all areas. On the other hand, there have been many critics regarding the use of lead-acid and NiMH batteries in electric cars, ‘though the latest model electric cars are now using Li-Ion which is being abundantly used in laptops and cellphones. Battery recycling programs are now being considered and users are encouraged to use a companion house-top solar panel for recharging during the daytime.

The most significant benefit from the use of electric cars will be the reduced dependence on foreign oil, but the current economic situation is not conducive to buy an electric car because of its prohibitive price for an ordinary citizen.

If the price of electric cars is reduced to a level that can be reached by all people, and the power system is improved in all areas, then, the gasoline stations can be replaced by battery and recharging stations all over the country.

When You Reach 100 years old, will there still be Pollution?

Definitely, and many people will still be much around in 100 years time. There are some kinds of pollutions which cannot be avoided because they are part of human life and as long as there are living things in this planet, they will always be there. Every time there is something to produce to become a finished product, there are always wastes that are left that cause pollution.

Some wastes are produced as a result of making things that we need for a modern and comfortable life ‘though they create toxic waste that is not favorable for human life and add up to pollution. People during the early part of the industrial revolution did not manage the waste properly because there was an abundant room for throwing wastes and this was the easiest thing to do that would not bother anybody.

However recently, we have realized the bad effects of those accumulated wastes that caused health deterioration due to unsanitary use of the environment and wanton disposal of wastes. Today, we are now more careful on how wastes are being handled and disposed of to prevent further deterioration of the environment and widespread pollution.

Since it is no longer allowed to dump trash in the ocean and that no more countries are allowing their areas of jurisdiction to be used as dumping sites, new ideas are coming out to solve the problem on waste disposal.

Some manufacturers are now utilizing lesser amount of packaging materials and in many areas, wastes are now being recycled into new goods. There is a strict implementation now on proper disposal of empty plastic bottles and cans of softdrinks in open spaces. As a result, concerned individuals are gathering these wastes as many as they can and sell them to junk yards or recycling stations.

A special kind of waste which is radioactive and destructive to human beings but does not break into pieces for thousands of years to cause destruction and pollution is now being studied by scientists where to dump in order to isolate it from people and environment.

Water can also be affected by pollution but not all the water on earth is polluted. In other countries, people dig wells into the ground where they depend on for their drinking water. This water has remained unpolluted by human activities except for intentional tainting to cause pollution and use of unsanitary tools to fetch water from the well.

There are concerns also that the harmful effects of pesticides in the rural areas may penetrate through sandy soils towards the well and eventually contaminate the water. Another concern has been brought out that wells can go dry because of too much utilization of water in irrigation systems. But this problem can be solved by the abundance of water during rainy season.

Therefore, to prevent diseases that are caused by drinking contaminated water, people must build water treatment systems. But in poor countries where the cost of attaining one is prohibitive, the risk of contamination from bacteria and agricultural or industrial waste remains a problem. In such cases, water can be purified by filtering, boiling or through the use of chemical treatment in order to be potable thus avoiding pollution.

Does Lightning Strikes People who are bathing in the Rain Nakedly?

During thunderstorms, there is a great risk of being stricken by lightning if you are bathing in the rain nakedly because water and your own body which is made up of high percentage of water, are electrical conductors. You may not be aware of the danger that lightning has when you are wet and hanging around outdoor during a thunderstorm. As compared to tornadoes and hurricanes, lightning has been responsible for many deaths of people in the U.S.

Different from most people believe, lightning does not only come from the skies; it can also originate from the ground on the same direction of the clouds during a thunderstorm. When it comes from the clouds, it is not yet clear how the charge separates within the cloud that result to an electric field differential which forms the conductivity channels in the atmosphere.

Lightning is an amazing phenomenon that strikes anything that conducts a flow of electricity creating very strange effects during a thunderstorm. It usually strikes the objects located above the ground, but it can also affect adjacent objects, such as houses, power lines, people or animals. Lightning can penetrate your home through the electrical circuit.

Lightning occurs when a thunderstorm creates wide areas of positive and negative electrical charges causing friction between the evaporating water droplets and water droplets being dropped from the clouds. Air is a good insulator, but when the charged areas have built up tremendously, a stream of electrons escape from one area which is positively charged to an area which is negatively charged.

The flow of energy from the conductive path where the negative electrons flow to the area which is positively charged is so strong that it causes the air to explode in a wave of pressures. The energy produces light in this friction called lightning stroke, and can be in the form of a ground stroke or originating from one thunderstorm cloud area to another. The molecules present in the air during the lightning stroke are blown separately by the large amount of energy, and mix into other molecules and pure atoms.

During a thunderstorm, a cloud has been charged so much that it produces a build-up of charge on the ground under the same direction. When the ground area has become large and intense enough, it becomes a potential target for a lightning strike. High objects such as towers, trees and chimneys are primary targets of lightning since they are tall, and they can provide closer distance of path for the strike.

Objects which are not grounded properly can also build up charges more easily and can be prime targets of lightning strikes. But if you are inside the home having a shower, your risk of being struck by lightning is low. The risk is higher for a person talking on the phone during a thunderstorm, holding an electrical appliance, or anything that is connected to a power grid.

This is because the lightning that strikes those electrical wires may enter your home that can cause severe damage and injury to persons and properties. A case like this may be rare, however, but it is better not to use those appliances when there is a thunderstorm.

Can You Make a Volume of Oil Sink in Water like a Submarine to Hide an Oil Spill from a Tanker?

Any kind of material which has greater density than water will sink. Oil is lighter than water so, that means any amount of oil will float in water. That means oil cannot sink in water just like a submarine.

The problem is how to make oil dense than water or how to decrease the density of water, to allow the oil to sink.

In this case, you can make use of a kind of oil that has a greater density than water. Some oils may contain suspended solids which can make it heavier than water. Bigger objects with heavier weight will certainly have an increased density preventing them to float in water. In some cases, heat may be applied to let oil sink in water.

When some objects are heated, their density decreases, but the rates vary accordingly. A kind of oil which has a low coefficient of expansion may stay close to its original value when the density of water is reduced in heating. If the low density of water is obtained before it boils, you can be sure that the oil will sink.

If something floats or sinks in water, it has something to do with density. A stone is heavier than a piece of styrofoam of the same size. The density of oil is the same as the styrofoam, and the density of water is like the stone.

In the law of buoyancy, we talk about the buoyancy force that keeps an object float and makes another object sink. Objects that are less dense are moved in upward direction and those that are denser are moved downward. Since oil is on the same feature as a styrofoam that is less dense, oil is therefore moved in an upward direction, while the water which is denser is moved downward.

Therefore, in order to allow the oil to sink in water, you have to make its density greater to the point that it is more dense than water. However, that thing is very difficult to achieve in liquid form because you cannot squeeze it just like a styrofoam which you can smash altogether like a rock to increase its density.

So, to make it possible for the oil to sink, you have to mix it up with something solid. This is the same case with seawater being more dense than fresh water since the weight of the salt adds up to the weight of the water. The only way to make oil sink in water is by pushing the oil into the water with your hands, or mixing it up with another element to make it dense.

In the case of vegetable oil mixed with water, if you shake it up inside a sealed bottle, it appears to be mixed, but actually it does not. They just separate with each other according to density, and the oil will float on top of the water. Anything which is less dense than any fluid will absolutely float on top of it.

Can You Perform Sex while Laughing Out Loudly?

When humans cannot perform healthy sexual activity, their holistic health and well-being are greatly affected. Since humans are born as sexual creatures by nature, their mind, body and spirit do not work well if they are deprived of sexual desire and performance.

Fun and sex play a major role in a person’s mood because people are born to have fun, and sex is a primary ingredient to have fun and enjoyment. Man deserves to have a routine, robust expression of sexual desire and sex is fun that should not be imposed upon him nor give him any harm.

Cases concerning lack of sexual activity as well as lack of sexual libido are becoming a big problem nowadays due to stress, and the rate of erectile dysfunction and sexual appetite is fast increasing. We are all aware that the ordinary causes of sexual dysfunction are greater today than in the past. Apart from wrong diet and physical deficiency which play a major role in a healthy sexual life, the primary cause of sexual dissatisfaction is stress.

As man becomes adult, he tends to believe that he must be a responsible and productive person by portraying a formal or serious aura devoid of fun. Man makes the biggest mistake of believing that fun and humor are only applicable to recreational activities. The bad effects of becoming too serious in our lives are shown in symptoms such as bad health, stress, increasing pain, weak energy, declining creativity, and many more.

Sense of humor is a natural treatment to various health concerns and a powerful remedy to stress. A simple smile can signify a simple sign for sexual desire and a key to improved sexual satisfaction. A wholesome smile never offends anybody and it is a positive sign for fun, comfort and appreciation. In whatever kind of circumstances you are, smile is the best way to diffuse tension and stress, allowing a sense of humor to neutralize problems in a natural way.

Smile harnesses sexuality since it immediately reduces stress brought about by anger and disappointment, and provides you with extra energy and creativity. When a couple has a conflict, a simple smile would turn all the tension present in their argument into a sexual urge (men are expert on this) and women have no way but to give in, transforming the existing quarrel into a magical sexual activity.

Even if your smile is just a pretense, still it attracts a reciprocal action from your mate because a smile connotes an open invitation. If you always think that a smile is addicting and a form of virus that has a power to compel, you will certainly realize that it is easy to improve your sexual health, eliminate stress, and increase your energy that will induce your partner to reciprocate.

Smile and laugh within yourself and do not be bothered by what others believe what you are. By doing so, you gain the positive result of self-acceptance and you employ the philosophy of taking life lightly away from stress. If you smile and laugh frequently, it is easier to accept failures in life and let go. This way, you are not setting up your own expectations in the outcome of goals that lead to stress.

Supposing You failed in Your Exam, Could You Blast a Container of Gasoline by Tossing a Lighted Cigarette?

We usually see in movies a character tossing a lighted cigarette in a drum of gasoline and it explodes, do you believe in this?

To come up with a conclusion, an experiment has been conducted to know exactly if what is commonly shown in films is true or not. A lighted cigarette was tossed into the drum of gasoline and there was no blasting; the light of the cigarette was put off. Some people have cited experiences where they attempted to do the same experiment and found out that the lighted cigarettes didn’t get enough heat.

That is because there was no air in the drum to ignite the gasoline with a lighted cigarette. But if you fill the container with pure oxygen from a portable tank, pour a few drops of gasoline in it, then throw a lighted cigarette into the open container, gasoline will certainly blast off (but don’t you ever try it).

Another way to blast the gasoline is by puffing a cigarette close to the gasoline tank. This would mix the gasoline vapor with air which is enough to form a mixture than will ignite. Puffing of cigarette can ignite even a large amount of gasoline in an enclosed can, but tossing a lighted cigarette into an open container of gasoline will not cause even a small fire.

However, if you put up a slight heating outside the container at around 1.4 up to 7.6% gasoline vapor, that would result to an ignition. Outside these limits, gasoline cannot be ignited. If you want to try another experiment concerning this subject which is not really hazardous, puff a cigarette and place it over the opening of a pipe connected to a cooking pan with only a half liter of gasoline in it. It is certain that the explosion would be deafening.

This is because at some level above the pan, the tip’s temperature will substantially increase creating a mixture of vapor and air together. Therefore, puffing a cigarette over the pan at various levels above the gasoline will make an ignitable mixture.

If you make simple equipment which can generate oxygen that would pass through the cigarette and place it in the middle of a concrete slab, it is pretty sure that the air and vapor of the gasoline will mix together creating an explosive fire. There are cases, however, that even if you smoke a cigarette at various levels above the gasoline with an ignitable mixture, it is surprising that the gasoline will not cause ignition.

If you try to light some gasoline-soaked paper towels, and toss in more lighted cigarettes in it that will not burn the paper towels because there is no air to cause ignition.

Therefore, given the right atmosphere and elements, cigarettes can ignite gasoline; but tossing a lighted cigarette into a container of gasoline as shown in many films is not a possible way of doing it. However, this subject is being discussed only to ferret out the truth in film showing and does not intend to agitate an actual trial.

If your Friend is Fat, can She Chase You?

If you kick your friend, she will not be able to run after you because she has a lot of inertia, being stout. As a heavy-weight person, she possesses a volume of mass. Many people encounter difficulty in comprehending Newton’s laws, but although they may appear really complicated, they can be explained in simple terms.

In analyzing the 3 Newton’s principles, it is best to know 4 scientific terms such as force, mass, inertia and energy. This will be discussed in relation to each other. So, when you kick your friend, you are actually using some force. If she is stout, then she has a volume of mass in her body, and being fat, she cannot chase you because she has a lot of inertia.

Each time you kick her, some molecules are activated coming from your foot towards her body, and that is what we call energy. A tremendous volume of energy can be released through a nuclear bomb explosion, or a small amount can be involved just like when a brain cell of a person dies.

Newton’s 1st law states that if something has no movement, it will stay as it is, just like if you kick your friend, there will be a corresponding reaction from her. But if you don’t kick her, she will stay where she is, without reacting. She would just probably continue sitting in front of her computer, talking to the phone for hours, or listening to her new iPod. Thus, the 1st law of Newton is proven.

This law originated from the incident where an apple fell on top of Newton’s head creating a corresponding reaction from him. This 1st law is also known as Newton’s Apple Law.

The 2nd law created by Newton states that for every action, there is a corresponding loss in the amount of energy exerted, just like when you perform a rigorous exercise where you grasp for your breath. Hence, the 2nd law of Newton takes place. For many people, this may seem to be meaningless as viewed from a simple angle, but if it is viewed from a universal perspective, it will be surprisingly devastating.

If the energy in the universe gets depleted, life on earth will no longer be possible. But don’t take it seriously because this will not occur in your lifetime according to scientists.

Newton’s 3rd law indicates that mass and energy are interchangeable, just like when you fall to the ground from a tree. If your body mass is not so heavy, you might as well survive. But if you fall together with your stout friend and you push her ahead of you to the ground, it will be very pitiful for her because she will carry all the impact of your body mass combined with her mass resulting for serious injury on her part and only some bruises for you.

That sounds good for you then for having a stout friend. Now you know that having a slim body figure is not only for health and appearance; it is also for survival.

Six Simple Tips to Lose Weight Naturally

Many people feel that being obese is a curse and one can be a laughing stock among other people, particularly when they find themselves being gazed for their ugly tummy wherever they go and whatever they do. There are a number of advices and programs available to help one reduce their obesity. The efficacy of each program depends on a number of factors. Nature is one thing that is common to everybody and everywhere. Anything and everything related to nature that is done in a natural way will be beneficial to all people. Let us discuss herewith some natural ways to deal with the problem of obesity.

It is a well-known fact that excess fat content in the body is the reason for putting on weight. In addition, we know that burning more calories than we eat is the best way to reduce the weight. But how many of us who are obese and want to reduce their weight have followed this simple rule and reduced the excess weight in a natural way?.

Let me once again revisit the golden rule for reducing the excess weight. The rule is: Burn more calories than you eat. The logic is that when the body uses more energy than it takes in, it depletes its fat stores. Energy is provided to the body through the food we eat. Therefore, by exercising control over what we eat on a daily basis, than on how we eat or how many times we eat in a day, is more important.

There is no short cut or crash course method for reducing the obesity. It needs to be carried out in a methodical way over a period such that we lose weight naturally, safely without any side effects, and permanently without any risk of putting on more weight after abandoning the methods.

The following tips will be helpful in achieving this target:

1. Never fast

Some of us think that cutting down on the meals or fasting will help in reducing the weight. This is not correct and can prove to be dangerous sometimes. Fasting might lead to lowering of blood pressure and may lead to heart related problems. Any weight loss gained by way of fasting cannot be sustained long enough and once you discard fasting, the probability of putting on weight is more.

2. Eat breakfast, and do not skip meals

Eat more often to avoid a completely empty stomach, which can make you overeat at your next meal. Instead of skipping meals, it is better to eat four or six small meals or snacks, with a space of 3 to 5 hours between each meal.

3. Don’t deprive yourself

Many of us tend to curb our instincts in a conscious effort to reduce the weight. It is better that you have small portions of our favorite food, which may be high in calorie content, once in a while so that you don’t get frustrated and end up binging.

4. Drink plenty of fluids – especially water

Drink water and lots of it every day. Diet sodas and mineral water are ideal choice of fluids than just water. Fluids not only quench the thirst but also reduce the appetite. Lesser appetite means lower intake of food. Fruit juices are also categorized under fluids but can add more calories. Hence, be choosy in choosing the fluids. Coffee and tea are good. If you can take these beverages with artificial sweeteners and low calorie creamer instead of milk, that would be ideal.

5. Watch out for low-fat foods

Cutting fat from your diet makes sense as fat is the most concentrated source of calories. Be on the lookout for low-fat foods such as dairy products. Also ensure that foods claiming to be low in fat content or not supplemented with sugar, which, in turn, will not yield any results. Again, do not attempt to cut all the fat out of your diet. It has been discovered in research that people are able to stay on diet longer and are better able to maintain their weight loss when their diets allow at least some foods that contain fat.

6. Downsize your portions

The quantity of food we intake, either at home or at a restaurant, needs to reduced in a conscious effort. When eating at home, check the portion size of the food you enjoy eating and reduce the content by about one-fourth or one-fifth than you normally eat. While eating at restaurant, reduce the temptation to clean up the plate. By doing so, you can see the difference in your waistline over a period.

By following these six simple steps, which have yielded definite results to many people, one can reduce the weight safely and naturally.

Do you want to go Shopping on the Moon with Robonauts?

Have you seen a robonaut? One of the most amazing things about traveling into a completely different environment which can be reached only thru imagination is done thru words and photos. Space travel is the most interesting and imaginative thing that could happen to an individual in his entire life.

Stories and proof of landing on the moon would not have been exciting and convincing without the words and pictures shown to the world by the astronauts. They provide us with the most unbelievable experience that no one would achieve in his entire life because their stories are based on real occurrence that could never be followed by anyone.

However, travelling to the moon is not conducive for humans because of their fragile bodies which are not adaptable to the kind of environment in space. With extreme temperatures in the space and without the atmosphere of the earth to protect the astronauts, space travel can take its toll on human beings due to extreme radiation of the sun. The only way for the survival of astronauts in space is by the use of bulky-made space suits that amounts to $12 million each.

However, space suits are not suited for emergencies just like in a situation where the space station is damaged by a powerful object and requires an immediate repair. The process of repairs would take an astronaut many hours by performing a space walk.

Because of this problem, NASA is convinced to produce a robotic kind of astronauts that can perform more difficult tasks in space without the use of space suits and oxygen. These robots called robonauts which can imitate the movements of a human being, are designed to help humans in difficult tasks in space.

Robots have been part of space programs in the past and they provided incredible help in gathering images in the space. The planet Mars has been explored by robots and rovers such as the Mariner IV, which took photos of the red planet at a closer distance. The Pathfinder rover robots enabled scientists to muster realistic details of the surface and atmosphere in Mars in 1997.

The latest robotic astronaut is designed to look like a human being and move like humans. It is made up of a head, with 2 eyes, flexible arms and 5-digit hands. The robot’s head is equipped with 2 small video cameras that convey messages and visual images to the astronaut who is in charge of manipulating the robonaut.

There is a neck connected to the head allowing the head to move in all directions. The central unit of the robot which connects the arms, head and a leg is found in the torso, which also houses the control system. Only 1 leg is attached to the robot just to support the activities of the hands.

The arms are equipped with 150 sensors each and their range is longer than the ordinary arms of a human being. The robot’s hands are powerful that exceeds the movements of an ordinary hand of humans.

In the weightless environment of space, the robonaut’s ability to lift 9 kg of an object is already an astounding strength.

Credit Card Debt Problem Can Drain Your Financial Resources

The use of credit card plays a significant role in these modern times and many people think that it as a must for everyone in making business transactions. However, for the good things it has brought to many people, there are also a lot of disadvantages that people encounter in using it. Once you fail to settle your monthly payment indicated in your statement of account, the interest charges will accumulate and could drain your financial resources.

Are you having this kind of problem on credit card? Has it reached the maximum limit that you can no longer afford to pay the amount stated in your statement of account? Are you bothered by the rising accumulated interest charges that cause your financial troubles?

If you do, the best remedy to solve the bad effects of using your credit card is through proper spending habits and joining the credit card debt consolidation program. By doing so, the agony of having credit card debt can be prevented and thus eliminate financial woes in the long run.

In the process of credit card debt consolidation, all your credit card debts will be consolidated in different high Annual Percentage Rate (APR) credit cards into one low APR credit card. By doing this, a corresponding reduction in APR will lead to lower credit card debt growth rate. This scheme is regarded as the most important benefit derived from credit card debt consolidation package.

This process can reduce inflated interest charges on your credit card debt. You will be shifting your account from high Annual Percentage Rate (APR) to a low APR to eliminate your outstanding debt. To attract customers, suppliers offer 0% APR for an initial period of 6-9 months upon joining their credit card debt consolidation program, or a few months after the new credit card is issued to the buyer.

Apart from joining this scheme, you must control and manage your spending habits. You can do this by staying away from buying temptations. This way, your credit card debt will be reduced and eventually reach zero level. You can do this by avoiding special offers and promotions that could stimulate your spending habits. Do not bring all your credit cards with you especially when shopping. This will prevent you from taking attractive offers which may come your way.

This will control and regulate your expenses thus enable you to focus only on necessities since you have a limited access to credit facility. Set a fixed monthly budget on purchases, and buy only within your budget and within your credit limit on the credit card. This way, you will not only be burdened by heavy payment of your account but also maintain good credit standing with your supplier.

Certainly, credit cards offer lots of benefits and uses to people in this modern era, but there are also problems involved that could arise if they are not properly handled and controlled. Keep track of all your transactions listed in the statement of account. The best solution for these problems is by adopting the credit card debt consolidation package.