Beauty Sounds as Ugly, as Ugliness Sounds Beautiful

What is beauty, anyway? Are we talking about superficial beauty? The things people do to stay beautiful these days are insane. On the other hand, if you are not beautiful, people don’t give you the time of day. Wait, I just thought of something. Are the people that spend all their time and money on beauty, the same people that won’t give you the time of day? There we have it. We should just let the superficial people alone in their little bubbles. And the people who can’t get the time of day should buy a watch.

Let’s face it people. We have lost the true sense of beauty. The key word here is sense. Beauty is something we sense. We sense beauty through an object that gives us a heightened sense of awareness, that something great is in our presence. For example, take a rose. Most people think the red rose is beautiful. The deep red peddles, long stems, delicate leaves, and the contrasting thorns. But, what made us decide it is beautiful? It is merely the sense that the rose is something amazing. Aw! It’s beautiful.

So, now we know why everyone wants to be beautiful. People who are not so amazing want to look amazing. Funny thing though, in the end people usually figure out you’re not so amazing. Ugly people have the same problem. You know who you are. I know everyone keeps telling you it’s the inner beauty that counts. But that doesn’t make you amazing. It is not in beauty that we’ll find what makes us amazing. Yes, now I am going to tell you that we all have something amazing about us.

First, I want to tell you the nature of naturally beautiful people. Beauty is a gift to those who have a purpose. They have the natural ability to attract peoples’ attention, which should be used to benefit others. People look to them for leadership. Unfortunately, this is mistaken for self purpose and creates a monster. Few understand and are able to fight off those demons and are able to fulfill their true purpose. It is even more unfortunate for those who try to imitate a beautiful person. They are really lost.

Let’s get back to us all having something amazing to give. The amazing things that will have people take notice, and maybe even give you the time. Despite our outer appearance, as long as you keep it clean, we all have a purpose in life. Instead of trying to draw attention by the outer appearance that is unnatural to you, you will naturally draw attention when you are doing what you do best.

True beauty is not in someone beautiful, or hiding behind someone ugly. It is a person who respects themselves enough to know that they have something amazing to give to this world. It won’t matter what you look like on the outside. I mean you don’t have to be a super model. You do want to take good care of yourself, though. Good care for one’s self reflects self-respect, which is beautiful in itself.

Do not over do the beauty. And don’t use ugliness as an excuse. We all have something to give. Find out what it is for you and get to it. What is meant for you in this life will fall into place. It could be better than you expected.

To Neuter or Not To Neuter?

You have a puppy or kitten and you are trying to decide whether or not to neuter him. Let us look at your options.


If you are planning on breeding your dog, then obviously you will not want to neuter him right away. Keep your dog on a leash as it can breed with any dog while it is not neutered and there are enough unwanted puppies and dogs. If you take your un-neutered dog to a dog park, keep an eye on him so that he does not try to breed with another dog. If your un-neutered dog “humps” your leg or your friends’ legs, scold him. Train him that that is unacceptable behavior. It is quite the unwanted behavior. Once you have bred your dog however many times you want to, please get your dog neutered so that it cannot breed with other dogs.

If you are not planning on breeding your dog, you should get it neutered as soon as possible. Neutering is a simple procedure and does not make your dog less of a male. It will stop some aggressive behavior and it also protects your dog from many diseases, including some cancers, and elongates the life of your dog. So, it actually is one of the best things you can do for your puppy/dog.


Most people do not breed their cats but if you decide to, then obviously you won’t be neutering your kitten right away. But do not let your kitten or cat run wild while it is un-neutered as it will breed with any cat and there are enough unwanted kittens and cats. Do your best to keep it indoors until it is neutered. Once you have bred your cat as many times as you want to, get him neutered. Then, if you want, you can let him run wild.

If you are not planning on breeding your kitten, get him neutered as soon as possible. Neutering is a simple and safe procedure and can protect your cat from many diseases, including some cancers, as well as elongating his life. So, it is actually one of the best things you can do for your kitten/cat.

Neutering your animal does not have to cost a fortune. There are many spay/neuter clinics as well as vets that offer reduced prices for the procedure. To get a list of reduced priced services in your area, contact your local Humane Society or a shelter. There is also a spay/neuter month during which time vets that do not normally offer reduced prices, will offer them. Of course, you may not want to wait for that month to come along and you do not have to thanks to the kindness of other vets.

Prescriptions or Natural Remedies?

So, you are sick or you have a medical condition. Do you take what your doctor prescribes or do you try natural remedies, also known as homeopathic medicine?

What is your condition?

If you have a cold or the flu, trying natural remedies is fine and probably better than taking prescribed medications such as antibiotics because your body will become resistant to antibiotics which is not a good thing when you really need them.

If you have a lower respiratory infection, you can try natural remedies but since it can turn into pneumonia, you want to be careful and seek a doctor’s attention if needed.

If you have slightly high blood pressure, you might want to try natural remedies to see if you can control it. If you have exceedingly high blood pressure, I would go with the prescription.

If you have high cholesterol, try natural remedies like eating oatmeal. If you cannot control your cholesterol, then it is time for a prescription.

If you have HIV or AIDS, you will want to take the prescriptions that are available. You may want to try natural remedies, too, as long as they do not contraindicate with your medications.

If you have depression, try natural remedies first, like walking or talking with someone.

Depression has been proven to be a chemical disorder of the brain, so you may get to a point where a prescription is needed. That does not mean you have to stop your natural remedies. The two in combination are probably your best bet.

If you have cancer, prescriptions are the way to go. Unfortunately, you may get to the point where they are ineffective or have too many dissatisfying side effects. Then try natural remedies.
So what is a prescription?

A prescription is anything that is prescribed or ordered by your doctor. It is usually a medication or a treatment but it can also be a service or an over-the-counter product. Your doctor may prescribe counseling, for example. It is not a suggestion but an order. Or your doctor may prescribe a hand and wrist glove, to help with arthritis, that you can buy over-the-counter. Again, it is not a suggestion but an order.

So what is a natural remedy?

A natural remedy is anything that is “natural” and remedies the situation. It is not always a cure. It may just make the problem more bearable.

A natural remedy may be something you take, such as a vitamin. It may be something that someone makes in the form of food, such as oatmeal. Or it may be something that you drink, such as Echinacea tea.

A natural remedy can also be something you do. Sleeping, walking, talking, getting more sunlight, or helping others (to get your mind off your problems).

Which do you choose?

Only you can answer that question. You have to look at the severity of your problem. If it is something you think you can handle on your own, try a natural remedy. There are plenty of books on the subject. If it is out of your control, seek the education of your doctor and follow his or her directions.

Photo Album or Scrapbook?

You have taken a lot of pictures to hold on to memories. Now what is the best way to keep those memories safe and even share those memories with others?

Most people use a photo album of some nature. There are many types of photo albums with many different layouts. All of them will keep your pictures safe. Some photo albums have a place under the picture where you can write a comment. These are great for sharing your photo album with others and also to help you remember what you were thinking when that moment in time occurred. You can write about the photo or make a fun quip; anything that you want, but you have limited space. These are the best types of photo albums because they help to bring your photos alive.

Photo albums also do not take much time to put together. You just slip your photos in and you are done. If you are writing something, it may take a little more time, but not much. If you have duplicate photos, you can put more than one photo in each slip usually. Some photo albums even have a place for you to put your negatives.

A scrapbook takes much more time, and is also much more expensive, but you are able to tell a story with your pictures which makes sharing your pictures with someone else a much more enjoyable experience. First you have to pick your topic which is easy if you just went on a trip or celebrated a special occasion with family or friends. Then it is time to go to the craft store or a specialty scrap booking store. I find that a craft store like Michael’s or JoAnn’s is best.

You want to pick out a scrap book that will fit your pictures the best. They come in a wide variety of colors and sizes. The next thing you want is paper. I find that getting a mixture of colors is best versus the personalized scrap paper. It is easier to make it your own. You can get bright colors, pastel colors, or neutral colors. Think about what you are doing your scrap book on and that will determine what color paper you will want to use. Then it is time to buy pens. I suggest a package of different colored pens with a fine tip point on one end and a brush point on the other end. I would also suggest buying one silver pen and one gold pen. Then you want to buy paper frames for your pictures. You may also want to buy scissors with different cutting edges and special punch outs.

Once you have your supplies, you are ready to put your scrap book together. You do not need to buy a book that tells you how to do it. Make it from your heart. Each photo you use should have special meaning. You can use as many layers as you want and write as much or as little as you want. When you are done, you will have something you can treasure forever.

Comedy or Drama?

It is Saturday night. Do you rent a comedy or drama? Well, let us look at some situations.

You are a single guy, a bachelor we may say. I am guessing you are going to opt for the comedy. You want something to lift your spirits. Being alone on a Saturday night is not much fun for anyone. You will want something with a little adventure, nothing that borders on the family type.

You are a guy on your first date. You want to impress your girl. You will want to get a drama. It shows that you are not afraid of being intimate. Do not go for a tear jerker; that is not what you want. You want something that has couples in it, shadowing what you are doing. Your girl will appreciate you for it.

You are a married couple who just got through some bad times. Get the comedy. Add some levity to your situation. Get something with couples and singles, something having to do with relationships. Maybe you will get some tips.

You are a girl or woman getting over a break up. Get the drama – get a tear-jerker. Tears have been shown to release chemicals in the brain that help you to think more clearly. Maybe you will be able to see your situation in a different light.

You are some gals getting together for a girls’ night out. Go for the drama, something about women. You will be able to relate to it and it may bring on some interesting conversation after the movie is over.

You are some guys getting together for a guys’ night out. Get a comedy. Something that is a bit rank. You will have a lot of laughs and bond in your hysteria.

You are some kids getting together for a sleep over. Get the comedy. Get something that has kids in it so that you will be able to relate to it. It does not have to be family-oriented but should not be something rank. Enjoy the laughs and share your favorite parts after the movie and laugh some more.

You are an elderly couple looking for memories. Get the drama, something that is set in a different time. You will be transported to another time that shares the same difficulties that you may have experienced in your life. Compare notes after the movie about how you would have handled the situation or share memories of times that you have been through.

You are a young couple looking for a good time. Get the comedy – something about relationships. Enjoy how the couples get through their situations and maybe learn a tip or two for your future.

You are a single woman looking for answers to your relationship problems. Get the drama – something with couples in it. Maybe you will find your answers in the movie. If nothing else, you will clear your mind with a good cry.

No matter what your situation, a comedy offers levity and a drama offers a new look on your problems.

A Dog As an Indoor or Outdoor Pet?

So you get a puppy or dog and are wondering whether to have it as an indoor or outdoor pet? There are several factors to consider.

  • Training. Do you want to take the time to train your pet to go outside to go to the bathroom? Or do you want to forego the training and set up a doghouse outside? Do you have a fenced in backyard? If not, you are going to have to invest in invisible fencing and train your dog not to go beyond it. I do not believe in putting out a stake with a chain that lets the dog go to and from his doghouse to a specific perimeter of the backyard. That is just plain cruel but you can do it if you want. It is certainly less expensive and takes no training. Another point to consider about training for an indoor pet, is how consistent you are going to be about begging, staying down (not jumping), staying off the furniture (if that is what you want), or staying out of certain rooms (if that is what you want).
  • Type of Dog. If it is a small dog, it is better suited to be an indoor dog. If it is a big dog, either is fine. If it is an aggressive dog, unless you can control it, it should probably be an outdoor dog.
  • Habitat. If you decide to have an indoor dog, consider making a place in your house that is just your pets. It could be a cage or a dog bed but something where it can feel safe and not be bothered. If you have an outdoor dog, make sure you have either a doghouse or a porch with an overhang where the dog can feel safe and be sheltered from the elements. Make sure your dog has access to water at all times. If you live in a cold weather climate, make sure to bring your dog into a warmer place, like the garage, when the temperatures dip. It is not safe for your dog to be out in the colder weather, especially at night.
  • Children. If you have children, you may not want an indoor pet. Consider the ages of the children, the amount of care they are going to be able to offer to the dog, and also the children’s temperaments. If you have a child that is just going to bully the dog – pull its ears or tail, it may be best to have an outdoor dog. Most dogs do not take kindly to that type of behavior and may try to bite your child. If you have very young children, you may have enough to handle with them without having to train a dog besides. In this case, having an outdoor dog might be best. If you have older children who can help take care of the dog, consider keeping the dog indoors.

Ultimately it is up to you where your dog is going to be sleeping.

The Life of Left-Handed is Shorter than the Right-Handed, Is this True or a Myth?

During the early days of civilization, people used whichever hand can be used in finding food, climbing hills and mountains, building shelters, and even drawing pictures on the walls of their caves.  Anthropologists theorized that handedness was shared evenly between left-handed and right-handed thousands of years ago.

Ancient artifacts unearthed all over the world proved that Stone Age men created instruments that could be used with either hand, whichever was convenient for them.

A study which cited that the right-handed lived longer than the left-handed was based on scrutiny of records of deceased baseball players which took note of the age at death for right-handers and left-handers.  The kind of methodology however, has created doubts from many people up to this time.

The study failed to consider that there is a decline in the number of children forced to change handedness over the past decades, resulting in a much higher number of left-handed compared to 50 years ago.

British researchers made similar studies of numerous cricket players but their methodology was differently done which excluded the factor of forced handedness.  It was revealed that there was no difference in mortality between the right-handers and the left-handers when unnatural causes were not considered.

A mixed opinion aroused on the belief that lefties are more accident prone.  This was furthered supported by a Swedish study of military conscripts that showed no significant difference, except for motor vehicle-related accidents that have been attributed to right-layout inclination of driver controls.

Again a study done in 1980 by Halpern & Coren implied that left-handed people had an average life expectancy of 9 years less than right-handed people.  However, the data was not considered credible since it was based only on second-hand information gathered from the next-of-kin of recently deceased persons who were right and left-handed.  The findings of researchers revealed that left-handed average age of death was 66 and the right-handed average age was 75.

However, that second-hand survey data used in the Halpern & Coren study is not a reliable methodology and only a few number of sample sizes were used.  The research made by Aggleton, Bland, Kentridge, & Neave in the British Medical Journal does not agree on the theory that left-handed people die earlier.

But there are some evidences that left-handed women may have a shorter life span than right-handed women.  A recent Dutch study indicated that left-handed women had a 40 percent higher risk of dying from any cause.  They have a 70 percent higher risk of dying from cancer, and a 30 percent higher risk of dying from diseases of the circulatory system.

Left-handed women also had a 2 times increased risk of dying from breast cancer, close to a 5 times increased risk of dying from colorectal cancer, and more than 3 times higher risk of cerebro-vascular mortality.
But to-date no valid reason is given by researchers why left-handed women are prone to diseases.  This leaves the subject of life-expectancy of right-handed and left-handed people to some degree of uncertainty.

The Ravishing Beauty of Thailand That Makes it One of the Best Tourist Destinations in Southeast Asia

This land is called the “Land of Smiles” where people smile to welcome foreigners who come to their land as a sign of hospitality and courtesy.  Thais also smile whenever they could hardly perceive conversations in English. Thailand ranks as one of the world’s famous tourist destinations in Southeast Asia.  If you conduct a survey and ask people what are their top priorities to spend their vacation, you will be surprised to know that Thailand is always included in the list.

But why is it so?  What is the secret of Thailand that makes it a popular tourist spot?  The first reason is the exotic nature that provides a restive atmosphere with terrific view of the sea and healthy green environment.  The next reason may be the well-preserved history and culture of the country where many temples have been built everywhere to practice their religious belief.

In Bangkok alone, you can find a Monk Buddhist Monastery with Monks roaming around the city in their distinctive robes and shaved heads symbolizing the strong inclination of people to spiritual belief.  Another reason is of course the hospitable character of the Thais and the mouth-watering Thai delicacy which is becoming well-sought by Westerners.

Being known as a quick-rising shopper’s paradise, this also induces tourists to visit Bangkok to shop for branded items in open markets and stalls at bargain prices.  Bangkok boasts of Chatuchak as the world’s largest open market.  In fact, many business people travel to Bangkok regularly to buy good quality items at low price which they sell to their homeland for double the price.

If you are in Bangkok, you can drop at the Grand Palace and the Temple of Emerald Buddha to have a glimpse of the country’s historical and cultural heritage.  If you like to visit many temples of different sizes, you can visit Chiang Mai in the north or at Phuket in the south.  Don’t miss the UNESCO declared World Heritage temple, the Ayutthaya which is truly unique in design and ornaments.

Enjoy water activities at the world’s renowned Phuket beaches in the south where the sea is superb.  You can also try Koh Phi Phi which was the site of the movie, “The Beach.”  If you want some exciting thrill in the wilderness, have a trek to the scenic mountains of Chiang Mai and have some friendly encounter with the inhabitants of tiny villages.

Find it out yourself when you set foot on the land.  These are the secrets of Thailand which make it one of the most frequented tourist destinations in Southeast Asia.  You will then realize that there are many more attractions to visit in Thailand.

The Facts and Myth of Man-eating Plants

Have you heard of plants eating man?  These silent species have been featured in books, news, television and film.  History tells that native tribes wandering through unfamiliar sites in the jungle were weary and fearful of man-eating plants.

Wayback 1881, a German adventurer named Carl Liche wrote a story about his expedition in Madagascar where he saw a human being sacrificed to feed a man-eating tree.  Upon investigation, he was told that while the natives, called Mkodo tribe, were wandering through the jungle, they chanced upon a weird-looking tree.

The natives revered the tree and warned the German to move away.  They brought a woman close to the tree and in front of Liche’s eyes; the tree moved to grab the woman and ate her.  This story continued for sometime gaining popularity and fear in the 1924 book named Madagascar, Land of the Man-Eating Tree.

It was later found, however, in the 1955 book titled Salamanders and other Wonders, that the story on the man-eating tree in Madagascar were all fabrications including Liche.

Another story was published in The Flowering of the Strange Orchid that a man called Winter Wedderburn was fond of raising orchids.  He purchased an orchid plant which was rumored to have come from a corpse of a man who took it in the wild jungle.  But he didn’t care for it and continued nurturing the plant until it grew to be a beautiful, exotic orchid.

However, his housekeeper observed that the plant was growing weird and consumed fertilizers than the other orchids.  Nothing more significant happened until some flowers started to bloom in the orchid.  The fearful day occurred finally that after a week’s absence, the housekeeper found his master lying beside the orchid completely passed out.

The orchid rooted into his veins thru its strong, hard tendrils.  Up to this time, nobody knew if the story in the book is a reality or a myth.

An exotic plant called the Venus Fly Trap has what appears to be its mouth at the tip of its leaves.  Its mouth is designed likely to consume flesh in less than a second.  Being known as a carnivorous plant, its jaw reopens after a meal of meat has been digested.  There is still a doubt, however, why this flesh-eating plant has been a favorite pet-plant in home gardens.

Another flesh-eating plant, the Audrey Jr./2 has been used in Hollywood films, Broadway musical extravaganza and in children’s cartoon.  The Audrey Jr. was first seen in the Roger Corman of 1960’s B-movie titled Little Shop of Horrors.  The plant was believed to belong to the species of Venus Fly Trap as a hybrid.

Venus Fly Trap is the most well-known carnivorous plant found only in specific places, but pitcher plants are the most common which can be seen in various parts of the globe.  Among the famous carnivorous plants, the Nepenthes also known as Tropical Pitcher Plants have the ability to consume mammals.  Their traps are so large that dead rats, frogs, lizards and birds have been discovered to be within their body.

How to Enjoy Your 2 Weeks Holiday in Balearic Islands, Spain

The Balearic Islands of Spain boasts of a rich historic origin and beautiful sights.  Being in the Spanish coast of the Mediterranean, it therefore evokes endless beaches and truly breathtaking sights common in these places along the Mediterranean.  It is composed of the islands of Formentera, Ibiza, Mallorca and Minorca.  These islands have a long history that dates back to pre-historic times.

Tourism formally begun in the 1950s when the first chartered flights landed on the islands.  Tourism then greatly flourished that also brought progress and prosperity to the islands and its people.  Today, it is one of the most visited places in this part of Spain.  The economy of the islands rose with the booming tourism trade.

The smallest of its 4 islands is Formentera.  The island itself is attractive having good beaches and fine white sand and clear blue waters.  However, it is less developed than its bigger and more famous sister islands.  The 3rd largest island is Ibiza.  It is renowned for its gay and lavish nightlife that attract tourists.

The famous discos are found in the island as well as rows of bars, cafes and restaurants.  It also prides of a walled area called Dalt Vila.  Aside from its famous beaches, its inland landscapes are terrific, dotted with abundant pine trees on rocky lands.

Mallorca is the majestic island of the Balearic and also the largest.  The place is a gathering of the old and new.  Many historical landmarks are found on the island.  The famous ones are its enormous cathedral, La Seu, a lot of Renaissance mansions in town, old churches and an abandoned old monastery.

Because it is such a beautiful place, around 9 million visitors come to the place annually.  Its magic is its sun, sea and sound.  Likewise, its contrasting landscape is a perfect magical picture that visitors love to see.

The island of Minorca is the 2nd largest of the Balearic Islands.  This island is a port city that breathes through the Mediterranean.  Through its terrific and magnificent harbors, you can dine in good restaurants and have a fine view of the astounding Mediterranean.  Its restaurants are famous for fantastic gourmets that are offered at reasonable prices.  There are also numerous historical sites of pre-historic past.

The Balearic Islands is indeed a reasonable place to go if your vacation is limited for 2 weeks.  It’s not only a breathtaking site; it is also a place full of history.