Why doesn’t glue stick to the inside of the bottle?

Life’s little conundrums really get you thinking don’t they? Yesterday at work I sat and stared at a bottle of Elmer’s School Glue, trying to figure out how in the world that glue doesn’t stick to the inside of the bottle. I mean really you pour it out of the bottle onto something and it will stick that to pretty much whatever you stick it to, but it pours out of the bottle as a liquid and you don’t have to force it of the sides of the bottle.

Well finally I got up and went and got another bottle of glue from the back to see if it would be any different, and it was, the glue was stuck to the side of the bottle! And so that made me sit for another twenty minutes trying to figure out why in one bottle of glue doesn’t stick to the inside and in another it does. Finally, I stopped thinking and just looked; the bottle that had the glue stuck to the inside of the bottle was opened! And at last I had my answer, AIR!

When you squeeze the glue onto paper or whatever it is you happen to be gluing, it makes contact with air. So the water molecules start to evaporate and therefore the glue dries and sticks to whatever it is on. INSIDE of the bottle as long as it is closed air can not get to the glue, so the water molecules stay where they are and continue happily flowing amongst each other. However, once somebody leaves the bottle unscrewed or even open entirely the air gets to the glue and dries out all of the water molecules and that is when we end up with an almost brand new bottle of glue with a big giant opaque clump inside that just will not come out.

So from now on remember to turn the top on your glue bottles and let life’s little conundrum play itself out as long as it can. Because nobody is happy when you need a little bit of Elmer’s School Glue and when you go to squeeze it out you feel that big hard lump in the middle of your bottle, especially not those happy little water molecules that got evaporated. But if you do happen to forget to turn that top and you end up with a Elmer’s bottle with a rock of dried up glue inside, it can always be turned into a maraca with just a few not so gentle taps on the table to get the glue unstuck from the side of the bottle.

Why do they sterilize the intravenous needles for lethal injections?

Why do they sterilize the intravenous needles for lethal injections? Everybody wonders. I know I did. I mean they are trying to kill the person after all; I would not think they were really very worried about the inmate getting a Staph infection or even AIDS. The inmate will no doubt die within about 15 minutes of inserting the needle, right?

Well did we all forget that when we go to the doctor, he pulls the IV needle out of a package which contains one STERILE needle? Needles do NOT come desterilized, the only way to desterilize a needle is to open it and use it or put it in contact with dirt or body fluids or a virus or bacteria before actually using it. So they guards have no intention on actually protecting the inmates body from harm, it just happens that that is how the needles come.

And maybe you caught onto that, I said guards, the execution team is most likely not made up of professionals. Most states Lethal Injection Procedures state that it merely be a person that has been trained, is competent, has practiced and is prepared. They do not explain what the training must be or how they are determined to be “prepared”. They also do not have a educated anesthesiologist to administer the anesthesia and make sure that the inmate is completely unconscious before the harmful drugs are administered. And most of the time the person injecting the drug has no knowledge of the drugs they are using to euthanize the inmate.

So if you really sit down and think about it, if they are not worried about the inmate having proper care, even in execution, why would they worry about the needle being sterilized? It would be a real conundrum to me why they were sterilized if I did not know that all intravenous needles were mass produced and single packaged.

A question that seemed unanswerable is now answered, all it took was to sit down and think about it. Okay and maybe a little bit of research was thrown in, But at least you know my facts are accurate and I did not just write the answer to your query on a whim of what I think. I’m intelligent but I’m not conceited. Just remember next time that nurse accidentally blows your vein trying to put in an intravenous line, at least she is an educated nurse and knows what she is doing, and what she is putting in your body.

Why do we have Round meat and square bread?

Trying to make a bologna sandwich the other day, I put the mayonnaise on the bread then went to put the bologna on the bread and got so aggravated that I gave the whole sandwich to the dog. Why on earth would they make the lunch meat round when they know good and well that the bread is going to be square? I mean really who wants to have to go around their sandwich and bite off the overlapping pieces of lunch meat, not to mention that at every corner you just get a big bite of bread.

Well after a little bit of research, yeah it ticked me off enough to sit down and learn why they wanted to torture me that way, I found out the reason why. Because that’s the way it’s made. I know that sounds like the typical, because I said so answer but it really isn’t. The bread is produced in a rectangular bread pan because it is much easier to mass produce that way. And plus could you imagine trying to get a ROUND loaf of bread to sit on a shelf at the store, hello can we say almost impossible. And as far as the lunch meat goes, not all of it is round, some have been made into square pieces and others are simply shaved off the thigh or what have you of the meat. But, as for the ones that are round, there is logic behind it. Most of them have been deboned from the animal and shredded, and then put through a meat processor that wraps it into a link type deal. You know like sausage links are in that skin and they are round, same concept. The machine they use to package all these meats puts them into their round shape.

So next time I get so aggravated at the lunch meat producers and the bread loaf producers I guess I will have to stop and think how aggravated their jobs would be if they had to make things the way I want them. Not to mention the cost of production would go up because they would have to buy all new machines and pans and everything to make everything the way I want it that the price of bread and lunch meat would probably double. So I guess I will just have to deal with things the way they are now.

Why do we say Money doesn’t grow on trees?

“Mom! Can I have some money, please?” “No way, you know money does NOT grow on trees!” Now I am pretty sure that just about everyone has been there and heard that. But I just don’t get it, why do they say money doesn’t grow on trees when actually it is made of paper which is made from trees. So really doesn’t money grow on trees?

I mean they harvest all the forests around and chop down every tree to make paper out of it, right? And then they take that paper to the money press, and yeah they add a few things like green color dye, and some denim to make the bills sturdier and long lasting. But, those dollar bills you carry around in your pocket did originally start as a tree.

Now this definitely does not mean that next time you ask for money and your parents tell you no because it does not grow on trees that you should reply like a smart alec and tell them, “yeah, but it starts from trees.” That will probably get you know money and some extra punishment. Just keep in your mind that for once, you know, your parents are at least partially wrong.

I guess literally there is not a money tree out there that just sprouts off twenty dollar bills or even one that grows one dollar bills. But from a technical stand point, like I said, paper is a major ingredient in a bill of any amount. Just because they add green color dye to make it look like money, and denim, yes just like the denim your pants are made of, to make it able to withstand more wear and tear does not mean that it didn’t come from a tree to start with.

Bald soap or shampoo?

Going bald? Well there is one possible positive to that. If you are bald or heading that way you can use soap to wash your head and save money on shampoo right? That is what I would think.

Well I did a little research to find out if bald people (by choice or not) used soap or shampoo to wash their shiny domes. And it turns out that it’s about a fifty fifty shot. Some people use plain soap and say that the skin on your head is the same skin that is on your arm so why not just use plain ole soap. However some people claim that they use shampoo because the skin on your scalp is different from the skin on the rest of your body. I also read many claims that whether they use soap or shampoo they have to use one with a moisturizer in it. They say that even though they have no hair, they still get dandruff. And I imagine they would, especially when they first have that bald little head of theirs because that skin is not used to the environment, like the sun, wind, and rain so it would go through a little bit of a change period.

Those that are bald by choice mostly chose to use shampoo. From what I found out the little stubbles of hair left after shaving, or that are starting grown back in hold in a residue from a bar of soap.

I also found out that they make a special head wash just for the bald people of the world.

So it seems to me that it is all on personal preference. Soap works fine for some and others have to wash with shampoo. But it seems to be a clean sweep that you must keep bald heads moisturized.

Chances of getting struck by lightning

How many times have you heard somebody tell you, “Well, you have a better chance of getting struck by lightening than that happening!”? Usually after someone says that you forget about doing whatever you were going to do because you figure your chances of getting hit by lightening are pretty low. But how often do you actually start to wonder after someone tells you that, “What are my chances of getting hit by lightening?” If my chances are real low then whatever it was I wanted to happen probably will not happen. However, if my chances of getting struck by lightening are pretty high, well then so are my chances of getting what I want to happen.

The actual current statistic for your chance of getting hit by lightening is one out of two hundred and eighty thousand. That seems like a big number but out of all the numbers it is really low.  And just in case you were curious your house has a one out of two hundred chance of getting hit by lightening. And that is a really low number, so you might want to be nicer to your house because his chance of getting hit by lightening is one thousand four hundred times higher. And your house doesn’t have any safe place to hide from a lightening strike, as a matter of fact, your house protects you during a thunder and lightening storm.

So, if you think about it one out of two hundred and eighty thousand is pretty high chances, if you compare it to your chances of winning the lottery which is probably about one out of a million. So next time someone tells you that you have a better chance of getting hit by lightening stop and think, maybe it’s worth it to do what you want. If the risk out weighs the positive outcome then you probably should forget that idea. However, if the possible positive outcome greatly out weighs the one out of two hundred and eight thousand risk that everyone seems to think you have for everything, go ahead and do your daring trick or take that on that daunting tasks. Because NOW you know what your chances are of having a positive outcome if everybody else has been right when they told you that you had a better chance of being struck by lightening.

Radio Effect – Why do we turn down the radio?

You are driving along the road on your way to your new friend’s house for a little get together and it’s the first time you have been there. You turn on the street they live on and you are starting to look at the numbers on mailboxes. You are getting closer to the house number they told you and you reach over and turn down the volume on your radio. Now why did you do that, why on earth does that help you find that house number? Do you think that if you pass it, your friend’s house is going to yell at you, “Hey, back here you passed me!!!”? Well, it’s not. And we all know that, yet a lot of us still reach over and turn down that dial to find an address, why? Well, I’ll tell you what seems to be the only logical answer. Concentration! That great new song is on the radio and we are singing every word, so if we turn it down we aren’t thinking about what the next lyric is and we can concentrate on finding 102 Bowser Lane. That is the only logical reason I can come up with. However, we can multitask pretty much anything else, right? I mean at home I can cook dinner, do homework with my son, and keep an eye on the baby all at the same time. Yet I STILL turn down the volume on the radio to help me find an address. Some people I can understand only can do one thing at a time *ahem males ahem*, just kidding, but I do know people that can only single task, they either surf the web or talk to you they can not for the life of them do both. And yet some of those people do not need to turn down that volume knob to find their destination. So although concentration is a valid and logical reasoning behind turning down the radio to find the place I am going to, it still does not completely explain to me why I need to concentrate only on finding that one little number on a mailbox and only finding that little number.

So are you one of the ones that turns down your favorite song on the radio to find your final address or can you leave it blaring and still find that little number on that mailbox by the road? And either way are you a multitasker or not?

I have answered one of those seemingly unanswerable questions, but it only brought up another one, why can I multitask everything else in my life except having the volume on the radio and finding my friend’s house”

What does break a leg mean?

Hey, break a leg out there! Now how do you perceive that? If you are not really into theatre and acting that much, you may take offense. But in the world of acting it really means good luck. Why would you say such an awful thing to an actor or actress that you wanted to do well? Shouldn’t you be telling them, “Hey, I hope you do great out there!”?

Actually, there are a few theories as to why people often say this cliché before an actor or actress goes to perform. The most widely accepted theory is that it is actually considered bad luck to wish an actor good luck, so obviously wishing bad luck, such as breaking a leg, is really wishing good luck. You get it? Another theory is based on the fact that the Oxford English Dictionary lists 57 definitions of the word break, just as a verb; one of which is “to deviate from a straight line.” Therefore they say that the term, break a leg, means to break the straight line of the leg by bending at the knee to bow or curtsey. Another form of this theory has to do with the fact that in older days the audience used to tip the actors and actresses for their performance by throwing coins on the stage at the end, and the actors and actresses must then “break a leg” to bend down and collect their earnings. And still another theory is about the curtains, yes the curtains. The side curtains are called legs, and anytime an actor or actress passes through a curtain, it is referred to as “breaking the curtain” so when they come from behind the side curtains they are “breaking a leg.” One of the less believed theories is that the saying was inspired by John Wilkes Booth, Abraham Lincoln’s assassinator. After he shot President Lincoln he then leapt to the stage to try and run and broke his leg on impact. There is also a theory that it is said to refer to a very famous actress, Sarah Bernhardt, because she had but one leg. One more theory is that it is said so that you will go on stage and get your big break in your career. And last but not least is the believed origin of the term. In Germany they say “Hals und Beinbruch” to their actors and actresses which means break your neck and leg, and it is thought that this saying was taken and butchered from the Hebrew blessing “hatzlakha u-brakha” which means success and blessing. And since both German and Yiddish were often used in the Jewish contingent of the US theatre it is quite believable that this is where that ever so confusing term “break a leg out there!” comes from.

ATM Machine and PIN number

So I went into this little taco joint the other day and ordered a taco salad and an order of chips and beans with a cherry cola, the cashier says “That will be eight dollars and eight four cents.” Wow, that’s cheap I think, so I go to hand her my debit card and she tells me that they don’t except cards but there is an ATM machine on the other side of the restaurant. I stop and think to my self, ATM machine, what in the heck is an automatic teller machine machine, this lady is off her rocker. (I bet you thought I was going to say I was upset they wouldn’t take my card!) No, it really bugs me when people don’t use their brains and stuff like “PIN number, and ATM machine” come out of their mouth. They need to slow down and realize that PIN is an acronym for personal identification number, and ATM is an acronym for automatic teller machine. I find that I start to look down on a person’s intelligence if they tell me to enter my personal identification number number into the automatic teller machine machine. Wouldn’t you?

I bet you are sitting there thinking about how often you have told some one you were going to use the ATM machine, or that you would not give out your PIN number. And for a little while at least you will consciously stop your self from using those terms.

Another thing that aggravates me is when someone does not care one bit about what you are telling them, so they proceed to tell you “I could care less!” Ummm, hello!! You just told me you cared, so why aren’t you listening to me? Because I hope that you have enough intelligence to understand that tell someone you could care less, means that you actually care, no matter how miniscule the amount of caring is, you still just said you care. The correct response would be “I could NOT care less” therefore insinuating that you actually do not care one iota and as a result of not caring in the least bit, you could NOT care any less than you do at this moment.

I guess the point of this little rant and rave article is to get people to slow down and think about what they are saying before they actually say it. Because, at least to me, it knocks down your intelligence level when you don’t really know what you are saying.

Apartment Confusion

Apartment for Rent: 2 bedrooms 1 Bath. On second floor. No pets or smoking. Please call 855-3333.

How can an APARTment be on the second floor? Doesn’t the word apart mean away from others. It just does not make any sense what so ever to have apartments and have so many of them stuck together.

Well the truth is that they are apart. Yes I know that they are all stuck together with no yard in between. However, they do not share any rooms. Each and every single apartment in the apartment building has its own bedroom(s), bathroom(s), kitchen, and some even living room and dining room.

So technically they are all built together in one single building. But they are all separated by walls which allow them to be “apart.”

Some words just do not mean what they say. This word happens to mean what it says but also not mean what it says.

I don’t think the word apartment is quite as confusing as the word flat. Which is the word they use for apartments in the United Kingdom. I mean the apartments are not flat; they are actually three dimensional, with four walls that separate the ceiling and the floor.