What is the color of your Brain? Do you know it?

If I were to ask you what is the color of your eyes or your hair? The answer from you will be rather quick but what if I were to ask you what is the color of your Brain? Could you answer that? You could but your answer might be wrong or it might be right who knows but I asked 10-20 friends and most of them got it wrong, so I will share the answer with you guys today. I had to do some digging and searching.

The answer to this rather ambiguous question is PINK. The color of the brain is PINK. Blood runs through the vessels and thus the color is pink because of the external skinnish cover.

Next time you wanted to play around with your friend ask him what is the color of your Brain?

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What man made monument or building can be seen from moon?

Today I thought I will share something super fun and super interesting with everyone. What man made monument can be seen by naked eye far from the moon?

Any guesses? well if I were asked this question I might have said Great Wall Of China also or something similar but from my research it looks like I have got the wrong answer.

The true fact is that, you cannot see anything on earth from the moon.

You can see monuments and other artifacts from the space which is just 100km away from the earth, but moon it is impossible.

However, at an altitude of only a few thousand miles after leaving the Earth’s orbit, no objects made by man are visible. Further to clarify the fact, even continents are not visible at few thousand altitude.