How did the toilet get its name?

Another fun stuff for my readers, this time I found something awesome and something I bet everyone wonders once in a while. How did the toilet get its name?

Toilet seems an odd name for the bathroom’s chief plumbing fixture, but it makes sense when you consider that since the seventeeth century, “toilette” meant a lady’s dressing room. The chief purpose of the room was for cleaning up or changing clothes. The other business was done in an “outhouse.” When alavatory became attached during the early nineteenth century, the room changed its main purpose and not only kept its name toilette but applied it to the regal new sitting device. The beauty care and implements or “toiletries” assembled there were so named because they were placed on a fabric table cover called a toile. A toile, like a doily, is a netted decorative cloth.

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Personal Growth, the 8 Reflections of Your Self Esteem Level

Just about every single day, I hear all different types of people from all different walks of life, stating things that basically cut them off from all of their personal growth and their total abundance. Such things as: “No matter what I do, I can’t get ahead”, and “I can’t believe I am always going stupid things like this”. Hearing all of these things is a shame because all of this is completely unnecessary.

Let me just take a minute of your time and ask you to answer a couple of questions.

  1. As an individual, are you convincing yourself out of living your life to the fullest with a self-concept that you have created?
  2. With your self talk, who do you make yourself out to be?

Whether you know it or not, your self-esteem level sets your personal success bar for every single detail about you. Each decision that you make is going to be filtered through your overall self-concept. Your overall self-concept is considered to be the out-picturing of your overall self-esteem. Below, you will find the eight reflections of your self-esteem level:

  1. Your Friends
  2. Your Career Choice
  3. Your Income Level
  4. Your Primary Relationship with Others
  5. Your Car
  6. Your Home
  7. Your Vacations
  8. Your Hobby Choices and Free Time

In an instant, your entire life can be changed by changing what you believe in concerning yourself. You need to build-up your self-esteem and self-concept. However, in order to be properly maintained, your self-concept is going to require attention and even care. Always remember that it isn’t as simple as just stating that you feel good with yourself, and that’s the last of it.

Did you know that self-talk comes at a steady magazine page full of text each and every minute of the day? As you can imagine that is a whole lot of talking to yourself. In the event that you load your mind with a lot of positive input, it is going to be a wealthy bet that most of the self-talk will be in positive forms and it will foster professional and personal growth.

Personal development is very important to your overall health. If you continue to go on with your everyday life feeling down and out, upset about every little thing that happens, you aren’t going to be able to be the person that you were meant to be. In order to provide yourself with self-help, you have to take into consideration all of the things that make you feel the way that you do. You have to take into consideration, your good and bad qualities.

Why are homosexual men sometimes called fags?

Topic of the day for me to be honest. How come the word fags mean homosexual. I was in India last year and not many people know what fags mean, but looking back here in Canada almost everyone knows and people around USA too, so I was wondering how come the word fags means Homosexual. It took me few hours to research but I found a good answer from a book lying around.

“Faggot,” the cruel label for homosexuals, actually began as a contemptuous slang word for a woman, especially one who was old and unpleasant. The reference was to a burden that had to be carried in the same manner as baggage and harks back to the word’s original meaning.

In the thirteenth century, a faggot was a bundle of wood or twigs bound together, such as the ones carried by heretics to feed the fires that would burn them at the stake. Heretics who recanted were required to wear an embroidered figure of a faggot on their sleeves. It wasn’t until 1914 that the slang word faggot first appeared in the United States as a reference to a male homosexual, probably derived from the earlier reference to an annoying woman. The abbreviation fag surfaced in 1921.

There is a misconception that male homosexuals were called faggots because they were burned at the stake, but this notion is an urban legend. Homosexuals were sometimes burned alive in Europe, but by the time England made homosexuality a capital offence in 1533, hanging was the prescribed punishement.

The Yiddish word for male homosexual is faygele, which literally means “little bird.”

The English word faggot is derived from the Latin fasces via the French fagot, meaning “a bundle of wood.”

And there you go answer to one of the puzzling questions….

Where do we get the expression bang for the buck?

Our todays topic happens to be the old good expression “bang for the buck” have you ever wondered where that word came from? Well if you don’t know, time to expose it..

“Bang for the buck” means getting the most for the amount you have paid. The phrase is a Cold War military expression with sinister suggestions of atomic and other explosive devices. Before the Berlin Wall came down in 1989, the United States and its allies in the West were engaged in a series of confrontations and skirmishes with the former Soviet Union and its satellite states. “Bang for the buck” described how efficiently the American defense (and offence) budgets were being spent.

As poet and playwright T.S. Eliot wrote in “The Hollow Men” in 1925, “This is the way the world ends/Not with a bang but a whimper.”

What is the weight of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences prized Oscar?

I know lots of you love these Academy awards and Oscar awards kinda stuff. Today I thought I would share a cool fact, that being the weight of the Oscar awards Statue.

Recipients of the Academy Award, commonly known as the Oscar, always seem to be surprised at its weight. The Oscar was designed in 1928 by Cedric Gibbons (1983-1960), Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer’s chief art director. The statuette depicts a knight standing on a reel of film and holding a crusader sword. Originally, Oscar was made of gold-plated bronze. Today the base of the twenty-four-karat gold-plated britannium statuette is black marble. Oscar is 13.5 inches tall and weighs 8.5 pounds.

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The No 1 Reason Why All Those Books about Self Help That You Purchased Didnt Work

self help book

The very first thing that I would like to tell you, is that you have to understand that you are the one in charge of the life you live, you have always been in charge and you are always going to be in charge. For most people out there, including myself at times, this can really be a daunting thought. In fact, over ninety percent of people are going to play the blame game, because it is a lot easier to blame other individuals, things and places than it is to take complete responsibility for all of your actions.

If you were to take a look around, you would see this in a lot of the people lives that you are around. Can you honestly tell me how many times you have heard “it wasn’t me, it was him”? How many times have you heard someone blame their work colleagues or boss when they aren’t progressing within the work place? How often have you blamed your partner for holding you back?

The absolute best excuse for not achieving something has to be “it’s not my fault I’m not able to make it anywhere in life, I am the way that I am because of the conditioning I received during my childhood, and it was my mother or father’s fault. Once you have reached the point and time in your life that you can take complete responsibility for all of your actions, and accept everything that has happened in your past, all of your failures and success, and know that all of these come down to one person, you, only at that time and that time only are you going to be able to reach the half-way point in becoming just as successful as you desire to be.

You may think there isn’t any correlation between successes and complaining when in all actuality, there is a connection. During the time that you are complaining about all of the obstacles that you are currently facing, you are actually wasting so much time focusing on being negative that you are actually loosing all of the chances that you have to move forward. Instead of viewing all of these challenges as problems, you should think of them as being opportunities.

The vital part of any success or new life is action. When you look at the honest truth, there is only three percent of the population that purchase self help books and courses are going to take action in effort to actually change their way of thinking, so they are only able to achieve the success that they desire. Ten percent of the population will ready through the entire program, and then make a plan, but they fail to continue to apply it to living on a daily basis.

All of the rest may not even finish reading the course or book. So as you can tell, the #1 reason that all of those self-help books that you purchased didn’t work because you didn’t allow them to, you didn’t take the time to follow through with them and because of that, you have given in to the person that you are supposed to be trying not to be.

How did the word moron come to mean “stupid”?

Browsing through my book I found another puzzling question and something I am sure most of you would love to know as it is something we all ponder about. How did the word moron come to mean stupid?

Well here is the answer to this pondering question —

We have all been called a moron at one time or another and understood it to mean we’ve done something foolish. The reason is that in 1910 De. Henry H. Goddard (1866-1957) proposed the word to the American Association for the Study of the Feebleminded to describe an adult with a mental capacity (IQ below 75) of a normal child between eight and twelve years of age. A moron was, in fact, the highest proposed rating of a mentally challenged person. The two lowest ratings suggested were imbecile and idiot. These categories have been dropped by the scientific community and are no longer in use — except as an insult!

Moron is from the Greek moros, meaning “stupid” or “foolish.”

So there you go guys, that is what I stumbledupon through my piles of dusty books. More to come..

Most common words in the English language

I stumbled upon this fun stuff yesterday and I thought I should share it with you guys.

Do you guys know what are the most common words in the English language?

Well, the most common word used in written English is the, followed in order of use by of, and, to, a, in, that, is, I, it, for, and as. The most common spoken English word is I. The most common word in the King James Bible is the.

I got this little gem question from one of my books, I will share more of these stuff..

The Three Basic Steps of Understanding Anxiety Self-Help

Self-help tools can be used to control anxiety disorders. As an individual dealing with an anxiety disorder, the very first remedial step is self-help. It is very important that you understand that anxiety isn’t a mental illness, anxiety is merely a natural response to some stimuli that is alarming. However, once the body begins responding within a manner that is disproportionate, the anxiety assumes all of the dimensions of some type of behavioral disorder.

Overt alertness and unnecessary anticipation can disturb an individual’s normal life. The three basic steps to understanding anxiety self help are:

1.    First, there must be a self-realization of the present situation and there must be an early diagnosis in order to rectify this disorder. There are anxiety self-help quizzes on the internet that you can use to diagnose the disorder on your own. You may also determine a course of treatment that is in tune with the stage and the severity of the disorder. The majority of the anxiety disorders that are in the beginning stages are able to be rectified through several techniques of self-help.

2.    Secondly, one must understand that anxiety self-help is basically an empowerment of one’s mind. You can significantly improve your self-confidence by having assertive self-talks. Taking the time to make simple modifications within your daily routine can greatly contribute to the overall improvement of your mind’s well being.  It is also known that time management also helps individual’s to live a balanced life. Sharing all of your feelings with someone is a very important way to relieve all of your anxiety. Involvement within some of your favorite activities is another way that you can divert one’s mind.

3.    Last but not least, one must remember that in order to have a sound body and mind, it is recommended that you exercise regularly. Whether you realize it or not, relaxation training can soothe your mind and can free it from all of the anxiety that has built up. Muscle-relaxation techniques and breathing techniques can also be adopted in order to supplement relaxation training. Meditation also possesses the power to remove all of the unnecessary tensions that are haunting your m mind.

Once you understand these three things, you will understand anxiety self help. In order to relieve yourself from the anxiety, you need to try to find different ways that you can let that anxiety out. Believe it or not, when I need to let some steam off, I just go in my bathroom and start cleaning up.

There is nothing in the world like cleaning up as a method of relieving anxiety. By the time that you are don cleaning, you can’t even remember what was worrying you so much.

For more tips I highly recommend checking James Rick Blog, he has 3 ebooks which he gives away for free and it goes deeper into the topic. Check out his blog.