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The 2 Key Influences in Personal Values Development

Each and every choice that you have ever had to make, and each and every decision that you’ve regretted both come back to bite you by setting several of your core beliefs, which the majority of people label as their personal values. Take into consideration that all of your values weren’t developed over the period of one night and even though the outside influences are known to play a rather important role, the majority of our values have been determined by our very own perception internally.

Throughout your life, you have heard, seen, felt and experienced certain types of conditions and situations that have been able to help in shaping your beliefs to what your beliefs are today. All of your values are considered to be the foundation to your overall being and they are subconsciously a very important part of the life you live on a daily basis within one way or another.

In general, most individuals don’t choose all of their values purposely; the majority of them are subconsciously learned as children before they reach the age of ten years old. All of the studies have shown that the social surroundings of a child are the heaviest key influences source when it all boils down to personal values development. Children have a tendency of learning the majority of their behavior from all of their older siblings and parents, however as they begin to get a little older, they may also be influenced by all of their friends, coaches, teachers and even some of their favorite sports stars or actors.

It’s all of these social interactions that can have both a positive and negative influence over the overall development of our own personal values. The second key influence within personal values stems from all of our life experiences, as each individual makes their way through life, they are able to take all of their negative or positive experiences and discard or add them from your current belief system.

So, not only do all of your personal values influence all of your choices, as you continue to grow older, all of your choices are going to influence your values. There has been research conducted that has shown that all of our values can be changed by all of the people that we surround ourselves with through the association process. By taking the time to pay close attention to all of your values, you are going to be able to become a lot more self-aware, you are going to be able to make decisions that are ethical and you are going to be able to prioritize all of the things that could really matter a lot to you.

Now that you know the two key influences within personal values development, you will be able to have a focus point for all of the areas that needs improvement.

What is the largest living thing on earth?

When you are asked, “What is the largest living thing on earth?” the
first thing that inevitably comes to mind are whales but you cannot be
more wrong.

It’s a mushroom.

And this mushroom is not even a rare one. It is likely that you have
already encountered honey fungus in your own backyard in an old

But for your sake, just hope that it won’t grow as large as the one
found in Malheur National Forest in Oregon. This is because the
mushroom there covers around 890 hectares and it is estimated to be
between 2,000 and 8,000 years old. You won’t see it completely though
because most of it is found underground in the guise of a large mat of
mycelia. The tentacle-like mycelia spreads throughout the tree rots
and kills the trees. It peeps up from the soil in the form of
innocent-looking honey mushrooms.

The giant fungus in Oregon was originally thought to be separate
clusters that grow throughout the forest. However, researchers have
discovered that it is actually the world’s largest organism found
under the soil.

5 Busiest International Airports

Thinking about what to write today, I came up with a great post for everyone. This time something out of blue, I thought about it for a while and I think everyone will like it. It is good to know these little things as it doesn’t hurt. And I love knowing things, I am a curious person after all and I know everyone loves to know answer to these crazy questions.

So today its all about airports, the 5 busiest international airports (passengers wise). By the way one of them is my favorite spot, for many different reasons which I cannot disclose here, but anyways here is the list in order —-

1. Atlanta (Hartsfield)  in the USA – Over 80 million passengers per year

2. Chicago (O’Hare) again in the USA – Over 70 million passengers per year. “btw I can tell you its really a busy spot”

3. London (Heathrow) in the UK – Over 65 million passengers per year.

4. Tokyo (Haneda) in Japan – Aroun d 60 million passengers per year. “I love tokyo most beautiful city I ever been to”

5. Los Angeles (Lost Angeles) once again USA – Almost 57 million passengers per year. “It’s my dream to visit LA one day”

By the way if you ask me which airport name appeals to me the most? I must say Heathrow. I love UK its been 8 years since I last visited UK but its one amazing place.

My dream is to visit LA one day. I mean LA has a feel to its name itself lol..

Thats it for today..

Little religious guy thinks he knows it all?

Something I want to tell you my readers I am not a religious kind of guy. I believe in some stuff but I am more in to science and technology than old stuff. One thing that always happens to me is that most of my friends try to prove me wrong that there is GOD and there is heaven and there is hell. I am always having debates with friends and family but something that amazes me is that most of my friends who try to make me believe in God, don’t know anything about GOD themselves lol. So if you are someone like me who is always getting into being religious or atheist here is a good question to ask your religious friend I bet he will be lost. And then you can go on your rant..

Question to ask —>

Name the seven last Plagues?

Answer to expect —>

1. Soires

2. Sea turns to blood

3. Rivers turn to blood

4. People scorched by intense heat of sun

5. Darkness

6. River Euphrates dries up

7. Earthquake

I bet you, most of your friends will run away after you ask this question, I have more of these stuff, so sign up for my RSS feed or bookmark me as I am always adding my daily rant and random stuff. Comments are always welcome, be friendly though.

Enthusiasts and Collectors

I love collecting stuff and I am crazy enthusiast of some random stuff, but funny thing is most people don’t know what you call a collector of flags? or a collector of coins. Today I will share some of the most common ones, if you want to know more then just leave the area of interest in comment and I will get back with answer as soon as possible.

1. Umbrellas               –           Brolliologist

2. Flags                       –           Vexillologist

3. Wine                        –           Oenophile

4. Stamps                    –           Philatelist

5. Phonecards              –           Fusilatelist

6. Postcards                 –           Deltiologist

7. Matchbox labels       –          Phillumenist

8. Share certificates      –          Scripophile

9. Teddy Bears               –         Actophile

10. Crosswords             –          Cruciverbalist

11. Cats                         –         Ailurophile

12. Animals                    –        Zoophile

13. Books                        –       Bibliophile

14. Archery                      –      Toxophilite

15. Coins                         –      Numismatist

16. Cigarette Cards          –      Cartophilist

17. Bell-ringing                –     Campanologist

18. Cars                             –    Automobilist

Looking at it, only automobilist is the word that kind of sounds good to ears and all the others seem weird. My wordpress dictionary shows me error for  most of these terms I guess the in build dictionary of wordpress is not good enough :) time for a change I reckon.

The seven seas

I know that some of my readers know me and my GF love watching Bollywod Movies, I know some are crappy but most of them are good movies and fun to watch. To be honest I am so fed up with Hollywood movies, for me hindi movies are a lot funnier than hollywood. Although I must say the translations are done very poorly that is what my friend from Delhi tells me but anyways back to the post, if you guys/gurlz watch bollywood movies, you must have noticed something that is, indian movies got lots of songs, they are full of songs, even serious scenes end up with songs, which I think is fun and something creative but what I have realized is that most of their songs talk about love. And what is funny that its always something like this “I will find you even if you go seven seas far”, I will come after you even if it takes seven seas. Now what is seven seas? Anyone knows it? Well here is the list of seven seas which I think the bollywood songs talk about.. If you like it share it please..

1. North Pacific Ocean

2. South Pacific Ocean

3. North Atlantic Ocean

4. South Atlantic Ocean

5. Arctic Ocean

6. Antarctic Ocean

7. Indian Ocean


The Seven Deadly Sins, do you know them?

Common phrase used almost every single day, but the funny thing is that not many know what are the actual seven sins are lol? Yes you would be amazed to know that hardly anyone knows them. Today I thought I would share it with you guys. I know some of my readers are smarty ones but this is for those ones that either dont care or don’t know about it. To be honest I didn’t know the seven sins until last year either. But anyways time to list them. I have included a picture next to each, just for fun.

1. Pride

Moving on to next one —

2. Covetousness

Comes the next one —

3. Lust

After comes —

4. Envy

And moves to —

5. Gluttony

One that most of are always sinful of —

6. Anger

half of population is suffering it —

7. Sloth

My favorite is Sloth lol, it kinda suits me, I am a lazy guy. Hahahaha any comments or thoughts?

The longest English word

There are lots of long english words, but not as long as few which are even pain to read. But you would be amazed to know that most of these words are commonly used in world of medicine. I always wonder where these words came from? And why are they so long? Have you ever wondered? I mean they could give it a shorter version like for Deoxyribonucleic acid we have DNA in other words Deoxyribonucleic acid short form is DNA.

But its not the case with every other long english words, here are some of them –

1. PNEUMONOULTRAMICROSCOPICSILICOVOLCANOCONIOSIS (45 letters; a lung disease caused by breathing in certain particles) is the longest word in any English-language dictionary. (It is also spelled –koniosis.)

Can you read that word? I can’t I mean I tried to, but I get stuck after microscopic. If you thought that was super long and hard to pronounce then check out these ones which are good contenders :)






English can be a fun language but at times it can be scary.