2 Rare Fruits You Must Eat

Since summer is coming(in some parts of the world), I decided to write a short article on some fruits you might want to try out. Specifically fruits that are exotic and are typically not seen in the common food market. They might be hard to find but are definitely worth the effort.


Rambutan’s are perhaps not the most exotic fruit, most people have had them at least once but don’t know the name. It’s the size of a small peach, bright red and with strains of the plant sticking out like a messy hair. Rambutan’s are normally sold in packets of a dozen or less. The inside of the fruit is a jelly sort of white edible which is the main fruit. Inside of that a seed is located. The taste most often is sweet and sometimes bitter depending on the cultivation location(Philippines, Indonesia and Nicaragua). Being somewhat a close relative to berries, they contain the same anti-oxidants.


At first glance looks like an ordinary raspberry but their location is what makes the distinction. These little fruits grow in the Northwest of America, where very little other plants grow. Like raspberries you have to peel of the fruit’s outer layer to eat it. It can be eaten raw or processed as jam like other berry. These can be found in bushes in Alaska during the short summer, collecting them from the wild is permitted but is quite dangerous. Bears have these berries in their diet so if they see a human collecting them he might also join the diet.

Both of these fruits are tasty and diverse, you can make juice or jam with them. They are also great anti-oxidants(great for your skin). Also with all the carbohydrates they make great summer fruits that refill your energy.