2 Physics Theory That Don’t Work

You might think physics is so useful, actually it’s not in real life situation. It is heavily researched but not as much as before, because lots of the findings just can’t be applied in real.

Theory #1 Force = Mass X Acceleration

It’s one of the most famous physics formula. Though it actually doesn’t mean anything. Friction just shatters this formula and makes it completely useless. It’s just impossible to calculate friction. If there was a variable for it, it would never be constant and nearly impossible to calculate. That’s why this formula is inaccurate and not used much in physics. Physicists do research on very small objects, such as atoms, in that scale friction doesn’t exist or is very small.

Theory #2 Light Speed

The speed of light is calculated to be 186,284 miles per second. Though this formula/ calculation has another variable to it. But normally there is something called air on it’s path. Einstein said that we should look at this theory assuming it’s in a vacuum. So basically the light that is traveling around you right now is not moving, exactly at the speed of light, probably a few miles slower.

3 thoughts on “2 Physics Theory That Don’t Work”

  1. Okay. First let’s tackle #2.

    This is not a theory that doesn’t work, because it’s well known that light travels at different speeds in different mediums.
    The speed of light in a vacuum is ~3×10^8m/s, and that is the fixed upper limit. It’s quite possible for light to travel more slowly, and indeed it does so – through the atmosphere, through air, and through water. The very fact that it does explains effects where objects appear shallower in water than they really are. So your point is invalid – nobody said light speed is the same everywhere.

    And now for #1. F=ma is a simplification, this much is true. But to say that “it’s just impossible to calculate friction” is nonsense – ask any university physics student and they’ll explain it. Whilst there isn’t a simple formula for it, it is completely possible. Also to say that “physicists do research on very small objects, such as atoms” is a massive generalisation and a huge insult to very many physicists around the world. What about Stephen Hawking – he deals with objects and forces on a scale we can’t even properly comprehend. We use F=ma because it gives us a rough idea of things, in the same way that you might estimate how long it takes to drive to the beach. You might be off by a small amount compared to the full time of the journey, but you’d be in the right area.

    Please, think things through before broadcasting them across the web for people who don’t know any better to take as fact.

  2. F=m*a is the basis – a kind of ground zero for physics(the pricipal of it) . And that is truenot only for mechanic for kinetic as well es for electric and thermodynamics and everything in between (waves f.e.)…. you are talking about measurement mistakes… thats all and bwt there are friction constants for many different happenings. the way you interpret this-there would be no circle (mathematically) since (pi) never ends -so its never possible to calculate with anything that is round… blahblahblah

    and light speed IS also the speed limit for elecro-magnetic waves, for example… and as you might know there are satelites around us-so its easy to measure how long these waves travell…

    pls stop talking about stuff you do not know about!!!

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