2 Of Most Exciting MMA Fighters

The sport of MMA has grown with each year and the amount of prospects has grown with it. Nothing builds a fighters reputation like exciting fights even more so than victories. This has often lead a debate among the hardcore fans whether the boring effective fighters should adapt their style to be more fan friendly. But in the end we can all agree this is a sport and you have to do everything you can to win. Most MMA fighters are exciting due to the nature of the sport but there are very few that go out of their way to put on amazing fights. Here are the 2 most exciting ones currently and of all time in my opinion.

Diego Sanchez

Winner of the original Ultimate Fighter, Diego Sanchez has had few of the greatest wars in the UFC welterweight division. His early battles with Karo Parisyan and Nick Diaz were some of the fastest paced fights ever at that time. His amazing cardio and ability to always come on top in scrambles are what makes his style so exciting. At one time he trained his boxing with boxing legend Oscar De La Hoya. Though in many ways Diego is still the same fighter since he won TUF, relying mostly on his energy to outlast his opponents. He now has had two stints in the UFC’s lightweight division, with the first one he had one of the greatest fights ever vs Clay Guida(another highly energetic fighter). In recent years before his move to lightweight, he had great fights with Paulo Thiago, Martin Kampmann and Ellenberger. All fight of the nights and two of them victories. What you can expect out of a Diego Sanchez fight is simple, fast pace action.

Wanderlei Silva

This man’s nickname should be enough to tell you what kind of a fighter he is. Known as the Axe Murderer and The Mad Dog, his style does those nicknames justice. The king of the soccer kings, one of the most brutal MMA techniques ever. Wanderlei Silva will go wild straight out of the bell unlike anyone else. Sadly his cardio isn’t great but he still goes wild nonetheless which tactically isn’t a great idea but makes for great fights. Nearly all his pride fights were brawls and a couple of his UFC fights have been good too. Since coming to the UFC he hasn’t looked the same(literally) but in his last fight vs Brian Stan he showed a fire that has been missing in his game for a long time. His fightstyle is basically swinging his fists at you and kneeing you in the face. Back in the day this strategy was pretty efficient but these days fighters are a lot more smarter. Still despite being on his last legs, Wanderlei Silva gives us some of the best fights in the UFC.