2 Famous Destroyed Monuments

Monuments are titanic structures built to represent something important and last forever. However with war and decay, nothing can last forever. Even monuments of the modern age are facing the test of time, from the Taj Mahal to the statue of Liberty without preservation and proper care they would be far worse. As time goes by, the materials and foundations of the buildings get worse. There are not only natural factors that cause this, factors created by humans too such as pollution. Here are a few monuments whether due to natural catastrophes or human intervention, have fallen.

Buddha of Bamiyan

This was one of the most magnificent monumental statues of the ancient world. Being created as far back as the 6th century. The two statues of Buddha are craved into a cliff and inside those statues are dozens of caves with hidden art. The statues were in the Northwest of Kabul in an area known as Bamiyan. They were destroyed by the Taliban insurgents in 2001, because they represented false idols. The hate for the Taliban was fueled internationally by this event, Switzerland and Japan went as far as promising to help build it back. Since it’s destruction the Buddha’s of Bamiyan have taken a new symbol, that of oppression and religious freedom. The destruction did permit one great finding, as behind the statues were many caves previously never discovered. These caves had mural paintings dating back from the 5th till the 9th century. Researchers theorized that the paintings were done by artist’s traveling on the Silk Road. The Silk Road was a famous path from Europe to China, with may travelers on it daily.

Hanging Gardens Of Babylon

This one is a bit tricky since some historians believe it never even existed in the first places. Despite the doubt there are also many texts that state it was there. What are the gardens? Well it’s a man made structure but with waterfalls and gardens. With multiple levels, with each level having a different role.
It was said that the water didn’t touch the ground and moved around the terrace of the Garden by canals . The Garden was supposedly made by a king for his wife because it would remind her of her homeland . Though that certain king is in the records, the queen is not, it could be she was never officially married with him. Others claim that creating and maintaining such garden would be impossible with the technique of that era. The gardens were destroyed after Earthquakes during the 2nd century and no trace of it has ever been found.