10 Ways to Get Through Christmas With Your Sanity

1- Keep a running list of all the most important things needing to be done. Take time to make a list, this will help you immensely as the season progresses.  You will know exactly just what needs to be done, and how desperately it needs doing. This crucial step will ease your mind and keep you focused. Remember to keep your list where you do most of your work, maybe on your fridge in the kitchen, where you look each day, or taped to your mirror in the bathroom, but don’t let it floor you, seeing the amount of work ahead.

2- Do one item at a time. You will feel totally overwhelmed if you try to do too many things in one day. Space out the jobs, even list them for certain days, but keep some flexibility too, as there are always other things in your life which come up, which need your attention and there’s always tomorrow.

3- Decorate minimally. Many people think that they must decorate their home with too many things. You do not want to make your home look too cluttered, and you do not have to spend an enormous amount of money, to have your home looking presentable for the holidays.

4- K.I.S.S. This is a good saying, not only for the Christmas season, but to live by through the whole year. “Keep it simple stupid”. You can leave the last word off if you so desire, it still gets the whole concept across and keeps your life in proper prospective.

5- Do not max out your card. So many feel that they must buy the most expensive gift that is available, but usually the things that you have put the most thought into, by knowing the persons likes and dislikes, are the most important aspects of gift-giving. Your children will not necessarily like the most expensive better than the cheapest. They will love you just as much, maybe more, so don’t go on a guilt trip and buy, buy, buy. You do not want to be paying off your card all year long.

6- Have only a few friends. If you plan to have a party over the holidays, don’t make it the biggest and best around. Your friends will enjoy just being with you and will have a good time no matter what, so make sure you have people who know each other and get along well together, then everyone will be wanting to come back again and again.

7- You strapped for time, get help. There are so many services available today, and many will do a small party or a get-together for a decent price, if you keep the list of food simple, but delicious. Ask around and find the likely candidate who does the type of party you want to have.

8- Caterer for Christmas dinner. If you can afford it, and you want to have a very special dinner, without all the work, have a caterer to do the job. Maybe you know someone who will prepare the meal and bring it over on that day.

9- Your list is finished.

10- Enjoy yourself. Now that everything is done and your guests are all seated for their Christmas dinner, relax and enjoy your friends and loved ones. You deserve to have a good time too.
If you are not the entertaining type and are a bit worried about making your guests feel welcome then go here for some great tips.

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  1. I think I already read these tips in every woman’s magazine at the cash register. Make a list. Don’t overdo it. Geez.

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