10 Technologies that will Change the World as Soon as Someone Invent Them

Nowadays, technology is on the rise but did you ever pause a moment to think about those future inventions that could create a big change on how the world face everyday living? If this is the case then you should understand that there are now new technologies that will surely be a big impact in terms of culture, medicine, and business sector. Read on and be amazed.

  • Epigenetics – People should not worry so much about cancer because there is a way to detect the condition early. Thanks to Alexander Olek who was able to invent tests that will detect cancer by means of measuring even the slightest DNA changes.
  • Diffusion Tensor Imaging – There is now a new brain-imaging method which was invented by Kelvin Lim which will help understand schizophrenia.
  • Cognitive Radio – No need to worry about wireless traffic jams because Heather “Haitao” Zheng is on the search to benefit from unused radio spectrum.
  • Universal Authentication – In the wish to pursue online ID system, Scott Cantor is looking at the possibility of making the internet a safer place.
  • Nanobiomechanics – By means of measuring tiny forces that are acting on cells, a person in the name of Subra Suresh believes to be able to create fresh understanding about the diseases.
  • Nuclear Reprogramming – In the wish of solving the embryonic-stem-cell debate, there was finally a man in the name of Markus Grompe who envisions a better method to derive the cells.
  • Comparative Interactomics – Through the making of maps about the body’s multifaceted molecular interactions, there is now a newer method to find drugs. This is invented by Trey Ideker.
  • Pervasive Wireless – Since all wireless gadgets can’t get along with one another, this new invention will solve the misery.
  • Nanomedicine – Nanoparticles was created by James Baker in order to help guide drugs straightly into cancer cells. This discovery is expected to lead to safer treatments.
  • Stretchable Silicon – By means of teaching silicon new-fangled tricks, John Rogers is exhausting all means to reinvent the manner that people would make use of electronics.

These new technologies will surely create a big change on people’s lives. This is great because medicines will be readily available, medical sickness can easily be cured; technological advancement will have unity will one another, and a lot more. Truly, we should be grateful for these people behind each invention because if not of their patience and wide imagination, we will forever dwell with the hard part of life. Soon enough, people will discover newer things that will again create a new impact on their lives. This only proves that science and technology is a vital part in living especially in this world where problems and dilemmas never seem to leave people alone.  So continue your scientific skills, who knows if you can be the next person who can give the best invention of all? Good luck in your scientific flair and continue lighting up the flame of advancement.