10 Reasons Why Men Want to Become Women

1. They can shop all day long. Men don’t have time for spending hours in department stores or in malls but if they become women even for just a day, they will surely have enough time to shop for as long as they like.

2. They can buy the latest fashion accessories. Most men are contented wearing their old watch but if they were to become women, they can purchase different accessories like earrings, necklaces, bracelets, beautiful watches, rings, hair clips, and many others.

3. Men will wear skirts and blouses. They can now wear the clothes that are exclusively for women. They want to wear skirts so that they can also show off their sexiness and their curves.

4. They will cry their heart out. When a guy cries, others will usually say ‘maybe he’s gay’ or perhaps you will hear remarks like ‘he really looks funny’. On the other hand, when women cry, it’s alright. When men are given the chance to become women, they can instantly express the feelings they kept inside by crying for hours. Society demands men to be tough and so it’s not acceptable for men to show intense emotions, especially crying in public.

5. They will buy bags. Most men don’t bring fashionable bags when they go out of the house. If they were women, they can buy the bags that will suit their outfit for the day.

6. Men want to give birth. Even women would surely wish that men should be the ones to give birth to a baby so that they can also experience the pain and pleasure that comes with it. This is the ultimate responsibility of women – to give birth.

7. They can now wear makeup. Women usually wear makeup whenever they go out and this is also the chance for men to wear colors on their faces. They can even spend a couple of hours in the salon so that they can enhance their looks. Men can also purchase lipsticks and other make up accessories.

8. They can wear sexy lingerie and tempt men. Men will surely look hilarious if the wore a lingerie but if they were women, they will get the feel of actually wearing a sexy and beautiful lingerie. They can tempt other men to spark attraction.

9. Men can easily take control of their feelings and emotions. You see, men are freaks especially when it comes to expressing their feelings or emotions. Most men bottle up their feelings because they are afraid of rejection. This is the perfect time to take control of your emotional well being as a woman.

10. You get to experience being courted by a male. Even in today’s modern times, not all women are liberated. Very few women try to court men because it’s not a normal situation. If you can become a woman, you will experience the feelings that come with courtship. Whenever you see a guy approaching, you can say things like ‘Oh my gosh, he’s coming, he’s coming.’

3 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why Men Want to Become Women”

  1. @Suzzanna
    i am a woman who was born a man and i have to say some of the points are a little shallow in regards to why men become woman. points one and two are very materialistic, yes i like to shop but thats not one of the reasons why i transitioned. I agree with point 6 but even after my operation, my lack of uterus, ovaries and womb makes it impossible for me to give birth :(.

    Some of the greatest things ive felt since becoming a woman is freedom from within me. Things like peeing and intercourse, they are some of the greatest feelings since my operation.

    But its not as easy as you make it out to be, transitioning is alot of hard work, pain and suffering but in the end it is worth all of it to be who u finally are

  2. when you were a man,did men always complain about you.no matter what?and did they accept you.Do they accept you now

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