10 Lifehack tricks to help you manage life better

Are you someone who is leading a life full of chaos? Do you sometimes feel that time simply flies away without you achieving much out of it? Do you feel completely stressed at the end of the day because you did more than what you can normally manage?

If the answer to these questions is yes, then you must look at something called lifehack tricks.

Lifehack is the technique that helps one organize life and remove chaos. With effective lifehack technique, one can make it easier to manage life and makes it more convenient. With lifehack tricks in place, you will lead a happier, more purposeful life. The number of hours in a day cannot exceed 24 and lifehack tricks will enable you to use this time more effectively.

In the section below we have listed some ways you can improve your life and control it better.

1. Time management

Time management is something that most people struggle with. We simply don’t seem to have enough time for ourselves. If we put in more time at work, then personal life goes for a toss. And if we spend too much time satisfying people at home, the boss doesn’t take it too kindly. A work life balance is a must for healthy and uncomplicated living. We must know what we need to do in the next 24 hours. Quoting Dale Carnegie – we must live in day tight compartments and not worry about the past or the future.

2. Stress management

Stress is a perspective that hampers us not only mentally, but physically too. Too much stress can cause burnout where we simply give up hope. Organizing life and managing time effectively can help us keep stress in check. We tend to worry all the time but most of them never come true.

3. Appreciating people

Appreciation is one thing that we must do on a regular basis. Normal human tendency is to criticize and condemn people. However, if we focus more on the error and not the person, we get to build better relationships with people around us. This helps us work with people around us in a better manner and it is easier to manage time, stress and work.

4. Increasing capability

This point reminds me of the woodcutter who appeared in front of a supervisor and asked for a woodcutting job. Since he looked strong, the supervisor took him in on a trial basis and gave him the target of chopping down 10 trees at the end of the day. The woodcutter managed it quite easily and was given the job. However, to his utter dismay, he discovered that the number of trees that he was able to chop daily started diminishing with each passing day. Then there came a time when he could only manage to cut two trees in an entire day. When he asked the supervisor the reason for this lack of performance, he got the response that he needed to shine the axe and nothing else.

All of us forget to shine the axe from time to time. We put in all the effort but due to lack or dullness of capability, we don’t manage to achieve our targets. It is a good idea to look back sometime and find out whether we need to sharpen our skills. Our advice: Upgrade your skills continuously….you will feel good!

5. Looking at long-term goals

It is always a good idea to look at long-term goals along with short-term goals. For jobs that don’t have much time to finish them off, short-term goals are good. However, when it comes to life, it is always a good idea to set up goals that we are planning to achieve in the next 5 or even 10 years. When we have the goal in place, we automatically tend to create a path for achieving the goal. Oh, yes! Write down those goals, it always helps.

6. Streamlining work

Streamlining work is very important for us to be able to get our work done on time and in the best possible manner. If we check our email after intervals, if we keep the workplace tidy and clean, if we set goals for ourselves and if we effectively delegate, then we have a more systematic work environment around us that makes life seem so easy to lead.

7. Getting automation done

For work that is repetitive, it is always good to automate and/or delegate it. That gives us time to look at newer and challenging tasks that always seem to come up.

8. Email management

Emails are one of the worst deterrents to effective working. We normally keep our emails open and whenever we receive a new mail, we leave everything else to check that email. It really creates a lot of disturbance and hampers the normal flow of work. The ideal way is to check emails after an interval.

9. Being innovative

Innovation is something that we need to do on a continuous basis. Innovation is a process where we create something better than what we already have. The core innovation process dictates that we have a team in place because innovating all alone could be an arduous task more often than not. When we want ideas to come in fluently, it is always better to run the proposed innovation process with other team members and stakeholders before arriving at the final solution.

Innovation helps us be braver in the organization where we have the courage to voice our ideas. With innovation, we tend to manage work and time better and it also gives us immense self satisfaction due to the fact that we created something new.

10. Organization

It is easy to be organized provided we have the mind for it. From personal to professional life, if we have a flow in whatever we do, life becomes much simpler. Of course, there has to be some buffer for contingencies. Priority lists and to do lists help immensely in organization.

When we diligently follow one or more of these tricks mentioned above, we can rest assured that life is simpler and easier to lead.

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  1. I’m sorry. I don’t understand the woodcutter/axe shining metaphor. I completely understand the concept of upgrading our skills – there’s always room for improvement. In that light, if you could help me understand the woodcutter story that would add to my knowledge. I’m 35 and over educated. Would you please do me the favor of explaining it to me? I am sincere (and slightly embarrassed) in this request. Thank you.

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