10 Exciting Steps That Will Catapult Your Own Career Right Up the Corporate Ladder

Each and every individual success story is unique. Even though there isn’t any magic answer for pursuing your career all the way to the top, you may find completing these ten steps will give you a head-start on sending your career on up the corporate ladder. I know that you may think, “I have heard this all before” but I thought the same thing until I read these tips.

1) Take the time to reassess your career. Check to make sure that you career path is aligned well with all of your interests and priorities. Consider whether or not you possess or can acquire the education and experience to be successful. If not, you should consider making a lateral move and then work your way on up from there.

2) Define all of your career goals clearly. The only way that you are going to be able to map out your plan to reach your goals is to know exactly where it is that you want to go.

3) Come up with a development plan. Decide on the different steps that you need to take in order to receive your next promotion. Include all of the resources and due dates. Schedule all of these activities within your planner and then follow through with them.

4) Communicate all of your career goals with your management. In the event that you work within an organization which promotes the development of employees, you should communicate all of your goals with your manager and then ask for her or him to share their support.

5) Volunteer yourself to spearhead a totally new project. This will reflect initiative and will put you within a visible position and build up some new skills for yourself. This will also provide you with the opportunity to show off your leadership skills.

6) Remain within your current field. You should read industry reports and publications. Be very aware of all of the changing trends and then accordingly position yourself.

7) Obtain a certification or takes some classes. Use all of your knowledge on the industry to your advantage.

8) Take a leadership role, offer to be a mentor or even a junior associate within your organization, and then go out and apply for a local board position.

9) Network! You need to network within your community and organization.

10) Excel within your current position, as you may already know exceptional performance is going to speak for itself. You aren’t going to get ahead with mediocre performance no matter how many different steps you implement.

At first, I know that this may seem a little hard to handle but you will get the hang of things and realize that you are in complete control of your future.