Fun Facts about Green Tea

In an age where everyone is more self conscious about their health, supplements and super foods have become ever so popular. One of these foods is green tea, green tea is cheap and beneficial in nearly every single aspect. It’s first use as a beverage of any kind, medicinal or regular, is dated back to 4 000 years in Ancient China. Around the same time the herb was also used in other parts of Asia such as Japan, Thailand and Vietnam. At first it was used for medicinal purposes such as helping with constipation, helping some wounds heal and a few other small medical issues. But soon the tea was drank by pretty much anyone because of it’s naturally great taste and all round benefits. We can go on and on about green tea’s benefits and uses but here are some interesting facts about it.

  • There has been lots of researches by the FDA(Food and Drugs Administration) about Green tea and tea in general’s effect on cancer prevention. Though most results prove inconclusive, a small amount of the limited studies point towards generally a good effect of green tea on cancer. The research suggests it will lower the risk of some types of cancer.
  • This one date backs to Ancient China, green tea will lower your blood pressure if it’s high but this will only work if consumption is regular, regular in this case means at the very least daily for 30 days. There is also a new research by the Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics that green tea that despite being good for high blood pressure patients it may interfere with their medicine. Taking the blood pressure medicine with green tea is not advised.
  • A lot of people take green tea bags from the grocery store but the fact is that it contains a lot less antioxidants than buying a herb variety and brewing it yourself. A commercial green tea bag will have 3 milligrams of antioxidants while the herbs will have 150 milligrams, the difference is huge.
  • A lab research on animals showed that green tea slows down the effects of Alzheimer and Parkinson’s. Both disease will result in brain cells dead but green tea chemicals help stop the destruction and even in some case renew brain cells.
  • The anti oxidant and anti inflammatory chemicals in green tea also help with skin issues such as wrinkles, acne and it can also be used topically to heal sunburns.

Those are some facts about green tea, the internet would suggest green tea cures everything but a lot of it is false and the research inconclusive. Researching green is hard because of the amount of variables. The herb itself can be from a different genus, the brewing method, the bioavaibility of the chemicals(not all leafs have the same amount of compound) and therefore be careful about what you read about green tea as great as it is it doesn’t cure everything.

Fun Facts About Rice

Rice is a staple of human nutrition, it is one of the most consumed foods in the world. Just by numbers it is probably the highest because of the strong rice culture in highly populated countries such as China and India. Both those countries are also the main producers of rice thus it being so cheap and popular there. Rice is also one of the most ancient parts of human diet, historians suggest it being more than 5000 years old with first use being located in China. In China, the word for rice is the same word for food that’s how ingrained it is in their food culture. Why is rice so popular? It might have something to do with the variety of rice producible. Nearly all the countries that produce rice have their own variety, there is the Chinese black rice, Thai rice, Basmati rice from India and many more from a whole list of other countries.  Not only rice is so variable but it can be eaten along with anything, from veggies to meat to grains. In most Asian countries rice is the most eaten food, in Burma the average person will consume over 230 kg of rice per year. Because of rice’s popularity in densely populated countries it is the main food source for more than half of the earth’s population. Rice not only feeds people but it gives them work, for example in Thailand rice creates more than 50% of the labor workforce. Despite rice not being as popular in the West as in the East, it is growing in demand around the world because of it’s relatively cheap price and fulling appetite. Rice’s cultivation is fairly simple, it is harvested once a year and requires lots of rainfall. Rice seeds require lots of water to grow, rice growth requires lots of labor and water. Despite its labor intensive requirements rice is the second most produced food after corn(maize). Those were some fun facts about rice.

Fun Facts About Salt

If there was one thing that has changed the lives of humans most drastically, it might aswell be salt. The oldest usage of salt might be impossible to indicate but the first mass production and trade start around 650 bc. Since then salt has been used in everything, for food, for chemistry, for medicine, for gardening and much more. First thing to know is that there are two sort of salts, rock salt and sea salt. Rock salt has been a massive center point of history, where some of the biggest cities in antiquities were ones with salt mines around. In england, before the massive use of salt Liverpool was a small port town but with the discovery of a salt mine it went on and became one of the busiest ports in the northern west. So thats a brief summary of salt and how valuable it was. Here are a few fun facts about salt.

The table salt we eat is so fragmented that it may not seem like but salt is a rock and it has the honor of being the only rock humans eat. Of the rock salt only 5% of it ends being commercially produced. The rest of it is used for other purposes such as manufacturing glass, washing chemicals and lots of other uses.

Salt is also considered a spice but one of the only spice that has no smell. Spices are often used for taste but nearly always for smell. Salt definitely has a taste but no smell at all.

Salt can pretty much do anything here is why. Salt can remove watermarks from wood, it can repair a sponge, it can heal bug bites, clean stains from carpets, repair brooms and much more.

Salt is something that has always remain useful and valuable but surprisingly it’s price has remained pretty constant throughout history.

Salt is often mentioned in religious books and used in religious rituals. Salt is mentioned more than 30 times in the bible. Salt in some religions and sects is used for purification. Sometimes called holy salt.

Salt has also played a key role in winning battles, in one of Napoleon’s battles in Russia, he lost because his troop’s wounds wouldn’t heal due to a lack of salt.

Salt was used in sacrifices by Greeks and Hebrew tribes, if the salt would fall from the victims head it would mean bad luck. Which has become a sort of supersititions, dropping salt is considered bad luck.

Hope you enjoyed these fun facts about salt.

Fun Facts About Ancient Fashion

This isn’t about fashion of the current day but of a time long ago. Fashion has a tendency of changing very quickly, comparing fashion from 5 years ago is even absurd now imagine comparing fashion from centuries ago. It’s not something people think of when they are studying history but fashion has always been there and has had some quite interesting trends. Here are a few fun facts about ancient fashion.

One of the first pieces of clothing humans wore was footwear. Footwear was common among humans even long before they ever wore anything on their upper body. Footwear in the middle ages back a staple but not always for the right reasons. Footwear was used to protect the feet but also to show social status. As there were many different kinds of footwear, the most common was something less like footwear but more like current day socks. Also in medieval times and before that, shoes didn’t have right or left designs,  a pair of shoes consisted of two same shoes. Shoemaking has been apart of human life for a very long time, the first records suggest 10 000 BC.

On to a different kind of fashion, facial hair was more common in the olden days. A beard held much significance in many cultures, in some it meant wisdom and in some it meant honour. In medieval times, grabbing a man’s beard could result in a duel as this was a major form of disrespect. Other places dealt with facial hair in different ways. In Russia, any man who would have a beard was obligated to pay special tax’s to Peter The Great. They would then carry a token that said ” this beard has been taxed”. This happened in the 1700s but the first to introduce this ridiculous law was the infamous Henry VIII in the 1500s.

Anyone who’s gone shopping for shampoo and body wash will tell you there are an incredible amount of olive oil products. This trend started in Ancient Greece, where olives are abundant. Olive oil was used in nearly all baths in Greece due to the amazing qualities for skin care. Olive oil still remains one of the best sources for good skin care and refreshing baths.

Fun Facts about World Wonders

World wonders are the highest achievements of human creativity and human invention. They are so unique that most people will atleast dream to see one of them in the flesh.

World wonders are a things that keep changing since there are so many wonders on this earth. They have to be voted in and sometimes their beauty fades because of time or human activity. Here are a few facts about the world wonders that were and are.

Mount Everest is known as the sommet of the earth, the most treacherous mountain with the highest peak. But there is a time of the year where it is surpassed by it’s neighbour K2. During the spring, because of the heavy rain on the k2 area, k2’s peak because higher than Everest itself but this lasts only a few weeks every year.

The Taj Mahal, one of the most beautiful structures made by man and certainly the most beautiful in the east. The Taj Mahal was built as a tomb for a queen by his king. A sad structure but it has brought happiness to many who’ve seen it. In 1830 the taj mahal was scheduled to be demolished but after many attempts it eventually failed. Many believe this to be only a myth and not actually a true statement. But even in recent times there have been some murmurs of the demolition of taj mahal by some Indian Ministers.

The Niagara falls is one of the most astonishing sites in the Northern hemisphere. It falls short of being the tallest in the continent to the Angels Falls and not by a small margin. Angel Falls is nearly 20 times larger than Niagara. Truly a site to see. The Angel Falls is given the name after the US aviator, Jimmy Angels who was the first person to fly over it. His ashes were spread over the mighty waterfall. A while later, former president Hugo Chavez was about to change the name to something more indeginious but decidied against it.

The San Diego zoo isn’t just like any other zoo. It is a modern wonder in it’s own right.It was the first zoo to remove cages and install open door inhibitations for it’s animals. It also has the largest collection of animals for any zoo. Also for a long time the zoo was free for children under 16 which is no longer possible due to the zoo’s incredible popularity.

Talking of modern marvels, the Empire State building was one of the most expansive buildings ever, it costed 40 million in 1931 when it was first completed. It was made by more than 10 million bricks.

Fun Facts About Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt was once considered the crown of ancient civilisation even among the Roman and Hellenic empires. A paradise in the middle of the desert, it was said to be. It wasn’t only known for it’s beauty but it’s unique and exotic culture. It was one of the first civilization that was built by slaves, entire cities, entire monuments built by slaves. It had many interesting things about it, some thought to be just lore and not based on actual evidence. Here are a few interesting facts about Ancient Egypt.

The slave culture that is so present in Ancient Egypt was thought to be brought by the Greeks who crossed the Mediterranean. Unlike Ancient Greece, slaves weren’t only for personal use as house servants which was a common thing. They were used for much larger tasks, an organization would buy a huge quantity of slaves for accomplishing hard tasks. Such as building in the scorching heat of the Northern African summer.This was thought to be a much better use of slaves than just keeping them imprisoned or making them house servants. Although recently there has been a counter theory to this. That ancient Egypt wasn’t so heavily into slavery as some say it was. That the Egypt was built by free men. One good argument for this theory is that Ancient Egypt wasn’t necessarily known as a warmongering civilization. Which puts it into question how would all those people be slaves, as slaves are most often acquired through war. There is a counter argument for this even. Egypt is located in perhaps the most fruitful location of the continent and also near the divide between Europe, Asia and Africa. Which made it really resourceful and rich compared to the other smaller nations around it. Thus providing a gateway for slavery. Where there is rich and poor there is slavery of some sort.

If you have ever seen a hieroglyphic, you probably recognized a few of the symbols. There is the bird, there is snake, there is the dog. Yes Ancient Egypt had a fascination with domestic animals. They tired to domesticate all sorts of animals, tigers, vultures and even insects. Well not all of them worked out but at least we learned from their mistakes. Ancient Egypt were among the first to domesticate wild cats. The cat was a proud animal in their culture. some royal members would have their cats mummified and given a tomb. Some would have their tombs in the same place as their cats. Another ritual with cats was, when your cat died you would have to shave your eyebrows.

Ancient Egypt had a thing with removing hair. Most men would be shaved very young, it would make sense to have less hair in the scorching heat. But this held true for women too. In the fashion of the time, the most beautiful thing for a women’s head was it to be completely shaved. These wouldn’t be lazy shaves but complete total shaves to the scalp.

Fun Facts about Pigs

Fun Facts about Pigs

Pigs were once a different kind of animal entirely, they were called razorbacks and would hunt for food. After years of spending time in farms as livestock they become docile and lazy animals. They do have had some interesting evolutionary traits from scavenger to livestock here are some.

  • Pigs don’t look like much but they have been proven to be smarter than dogs and even some primates. Years of playing around hasn’t done much for their physical evolution but their brains have gained some extra cells.
  • Pigs are often considered dirty creatures because they stay on muddy surfaces and eat their own feces. Mud is usually cold because it is made thanks to the rain, this allows the pigs to cool themselves on it. That is why they are always rolling in it and spend most of their time. Pigs also eat their own feces but that is only because of the conditions in the farms they are kept. Farms they are kept at are very small and crowded hence why there is feces everywhere. Pigs will eat feces if they are surrounded by it but if the hygiene of the farm is kept clean, the pigs will also do their best to keep it clean. Another fun fact is that in India they have a thing called pig toilet, where the human will use the bathroom and leave his feces for the pig to eat. These are slowly disappearing nowadays.
  • Why do some religions ban the consummation of pig? Because not only are they considered dirty but they have many parasite and infections that humans can contract easily. That is why when cooking pork you must cook it really well so it is not raw. Influenza is one of the diseases they share with humans.
  • Pigs can’t look up to the sky because of their physiology.

10 Crazy Religious Facts You Don’t Know

Religions have practically existed forever and many crazy things have happened due to it. It has shaped our current modern world to some extent. Not many traditions have lived as long as the ones religion has created. Here are some fun facts about religion and its effect on the world.

  • Through the late 17th till the 19th century, most of Portugal was owned by the church despite being a kingdom. Exploration hadn’t only filled the coffers of the royal family but also the catholic churches of Europe. This fact also meant that Portugal’s colonies were the most religious colonies as well.
  • Every year there are hundreds of one day marriages in Las Vegas where right after a divorce follows. This is mostly because Las Vegas has the most chapels per miles/square. It is ironic that the city of sin has more religious structures than anywhere else.
  • Pope Adrian VI had a death that was…weird to say the least. He got a mosquito stuck on his throat and choked to his death, this happened while he was drinking from a fountain. Despite being a moderately decent pope, he’s death was rejoiced by Italians, he was known as a barbarian and there were parades for his death.
  • San Francisco has always know to be a hip and ahead of the curve city but one of its achievements is remarkable even for it. In 1982, a transvestite nun known as Sister Boom-Boom ran for mayor of the city and received a whooping 20 thousand votes.
  • Temples are dedicated to all sorts of religious meanings or objects but a temple in Sri Lanka takes the cake for best dedication. A Buddhist temple solely made for Buddha’s teeth.
  • In the Hindu religion it was once considered bad luck to marry a third time, so to avoid this misfortune Hindu man would marry a tree for the third wife and then burn the tree. This would make his next marriage his 4th, freeing him from misfortune.
  • Another Hindu tradition is to whisper to a cow what you want a girl or a boy if your pregnant. This is because cows are a scared animal in Hindu lore.

Those are some crazy facts about religion, hope you enjoyed.

Fun Facts About Cartoons

American animation has entertained millions around the world, from Walt Disney cartoons to Hanna Barbera cartoons. Some of these cartoons have gave us the most iconic entertainment characters of all time. Not only that but they have also stayed ageless, watching Tom & Jerry for a kid now or when it came out is still enjoyable. There are lots of little known facts about TV’s biggest shows, here are a few of them.

Charming Palestine Leader Yasser Arafat was a cartoon buff, he didn’t enjoy many other American things but he found a place in his heart for this lovable animated drawings.\

One of the greatest specials in Television history, How The Grinch Stole Christmas, has a fitting narrator. The man who played the role of Frankenstein, in the hit classic “Frankenstein 1970”, Borris Karloff, he was the voice of the narrator and mostly the only voice in that episode.

Disney has become one of biggest media conglomerates in the world but the man who was behind it all, Walt Disney, died before seeing any of his work come to fruition. Walt died miserably poor and unappreciated at the time.

Dennis The Menace, was a newspaper comic strip before it hit the big screens. The strip was well known and beloved but no one expected it to do well elsewhere. There have been countless tv adaption, comics and even movies. The show and strip are largely the same, following the trouble making young Dennis. The strip however has Dennis’s always dog companion by the name of Ruff and the shows by the name of Gnasher.

When the character of Mickey Mouse was being created, he was drew with only three fingers because drawing five and animating would have been slightly more expensive. During that era Disney was having trouble trying to breakthrough but soon they would with their three fingered mouse.
Bugs Bunny one of the most famous non Disney characters is a rabbit but with the attitude of a bug. Hence why he is always annoying the doc like a pest and named “Bugs”.

Hopefully those were some enlightening facts about cartoons for you.

Amazing Facts About Fruits

Fruits are one of the most important part of our diet. Knowing what they do and what benefits they bring is a great asset for anyone. They are somethings about fruits we do not know or at least we think we do but we don’t. Here are some little known facts about fruits.

Tomatoes are often thought to be a vegetable by the general consensus of the population but this is not true. Factually speaking tomatoes are fruits. The confusion arises because of cooks and scientists disagree with each other. Cooks treat tomato as a vegetable as it is used like on in many meals but scientist see it as a fruit as it biological is similar to one.

A lemon has more sugar than a strawberry or an orange. Lemons have 70% of sugar and strawberries only have 40%. This is weird because if one would go by the taste, you could assume strawberry is definitely more sugar filled.

If you’ve ever wondered why do you feel so hydrated after eating a cucumber, its because a cucumber is over 90% consisted of water.

If you have iron deficiency you should eat an orange with a meal that has iron. Orange is one of the best fruits to help absorb iron.

Avocado’s are a great addition to any tortilla but if your doing a diet or trying to keep low calories avocado’s might not be for you since they are the fruit with the largest amount of calories.

Bananas are one of the few fruits that don’t grow on trees.

Another interesting fact about Banana’s they are the most eaten fruit in North America. One would guess it would between the apple, orange or banana.

If you are eating pineapples, there is a good chance it is from Hawaii as 75% of the world’s pineapples are grown there.

One last fun fact, grapes explode when you put them in the microwave, no normal person should know that.